Dexter Season 7: Eatin' Lil Debbie's Snacks


6 [S]Days[/S] Weeks! Till the premiere :rock:




Cant wait!!!

However i did not like how the story went last season with the whole Gellar and Travis thing. Some areas contradict themselves, and i think it was a on the fly kind of thing near the end of the season.


It says September 30th. Getting me all excited n shit.


OOOOoooh This actually got me excited. That 2 minute preview actually made Deb look like a real Detective.


you mean 6 weeks?!?!!


Damnit I did post this at like 1am. I missed the tiny tiny text that said “begins september”


I thought season six was mostly really terrible to be honest and don’t get me started on season five. But I will be watching season seven out of some strange obligation I feel I have to uphold. I just want to see a series I feel is past it’s prime end already.


Almost every series goes longer then it is supposed to unfortunately. If people keep watching, they will keep pumping out episodes. Even if those episodes do not make any sense. That or they just have a fucking terrible ending like Sopranoes.


Yeah maybe I’m part of the problem. Maybe I’ll go outside instead of watching season seven of Dexter. :wonder:


Doakes would say “Surprise, Spoilers Motherfucker”



^ god i cant wait!!


6 started great then the mumble jumble hurry up offense storyline screwed it all up.


It’s going to suck. This has a 50/50 chance, for real, of being any good. Dexter only had three good/great seasons: 1, 2, and 4. Everything else had a steep drop in quality. I’ll probably watch if I have absolutely nothing else to do, but I also don’t fuck a give.


I have zero complaints about the season 7 primere. The beginning is phenomonal, and that PREVIEW.

Also, u notice just how imcompetent Miami Metro is compared to the cops in Breaking Bad. lol


little spoiler in this post dont read if u get too butt hurt after reading one, too lazy to learn how to use a spoiler tag:

lot’s of good shit. looked promising here’s to hoping that the quality keeps up. plot holes at this stage as long as it’s not detrimental to the story line and that it keeps going in a unique and interesting direction,especially with the shit that happened in the previous couple seasons. but in the spirit of not exposing spoilers i’ll wait a bit cuz i did have one main querp with dex’s kill. if it doesnt then i hope TNA keeps up. sorry to the super cop but i hope he is promptly replaced with latina cop and a nice mutual frisk down between her and babysitter happens only to be handcuffed by laguerta and deb plentty of power trip exchanges between them while all those ukraine strippers equipped with chains and whips there could be some female cops vs ukraine strippers sagas with a nice makeup saga at the end. i still dont watch the “next time on dragon…” i mean, “next time on dexter…” spoilers cuz that shit does a good fuckup for the story line.


How the hell do you get past airport security with syringes AND commit a kill in the airport. Come on now that’s bad writing.


Hmmm deb’s “solution” in the previews for next week seems lame




Eh just because season 5’s ending was bad, doesn’t mean the season was bad. It was a solid season.

Season 3 explored an interesting issue for Dexter, I don’t see why people attack it so much. It was slower paced, yes…still pretty interesting.

Season 7 looks like it will be pretty great.


I thought it was a great premiere, I’m glad Deb has gotten over it like the previews made it look. Looking forward to episode two.

As soon as it happened I thought the same, but Dex asked Deb if he was okay and she responded with I don’t know, I thought phew he’s alive. But then they showed the flag over his body