Df.hk connects reliably only when combo is started with UDK



I have been trying to link the df.hk after a bnb corner comb, j.hp,st.hp,sb, df.hk or lp,lp,mp,sb,df.hk. Now even in training I might be able to link the df.hk, once in 25 tries, however if I start the combo off with UDK then go into something like mp,sb,df.hk then df.hk seems to magically connect easily, by a factor of 10 atleast. I do not really see why that should be the case, is there a game mechanic that explains this.


Yup! The thing about comboing df.hk after sonic boom in the corner is that df.hk is a SLOW move! At point-blank range, sonic boom does not give enough frame advantage to combo the 11f df.hk after it hits. In order to get it to combo, the sonic boom has to travel for a few frames before it hits the opponent, allowing Guile more recovery time.

So, example.

In the corner, point blank, s.hp xx boom leaves you with roughly 6-7 frames of advantage (rough guess), making a link into sweep or s.hp really easy, but the 11f df.hk impossible.

In the same situation, if you do UDK > c.mp xx boom, the two prior normals will push you further away. This means the boom has to travel for maybe 5 more frames before it hits the opponent. This turns that 6-7f advantage into 11-12f advantage, causing the df.hk link to become possible.

Make sense?


Wow! Awesome explanation!


I do not think it is the spacing. When I do j.hp, cr.lp, cr.mp, sb, that puts me in almost the same distance as the UDK combo but df.hk is still next to impossible to connect.


The only reason it doesn’t connect is either spacing is too close, you used the wrong strength of sonic boom, or the opponents hit-reel animation causes their hurtbox to just barely evade Guile’s foot which should not happen much since we received the High Kick hitbox buff in USF4.

You can usually tell if it is possible to land High Kick based on how the sonic boom connected with the opponent. If it hits instantly when you release it, it means you are too close and the frame advantage won’t be enough for High Kick to land. If you can see it hang for small distance before hitting, there is a good chance High Kick will work. You need to play a balance game between spacing, SB travel time, and High Kick startup.

J.hp, st.hp, SB, df.hk works but you have to space the jump very carefully. Again, if you are jumping too deep, the boom will connect too soon and High Kick wont connect. The reason why UDK works out often is because it is pushing you back to a spacing where the following actions will probably setup the High Kick spacing properly.


Dang this is too much work to get the dfhk to land.

Can you fadc into dfhk?


You can but it doesn’t really change what needs to happen for dfhk to connect. You still need to hit your opponent to a specific range so that when you cancel to boom and FADC forward, the boom hangs in the air while you are dashing. If it hits immediately, dfhk will not work because you’ll still be mid dash. Try point blank 5lp, close 5hp, lp sonic boom, FADC, df.hk. I only ever practiced it on Rolento but it should work fairly consistently though it’s not that practical. (I actually started with xup j.lk but probably has the same result…)