Yeah so this show is up. Actually it’s been up for a about a week and a half. The winners of ABC along with the other contestants and judges were announced as well. The show turned out really cool. If you want to check it out just follow this link. Or go to www.dfpradio.com and just click the Audio Tab at the top. You want to listen to the December Japan Show for the ABC #12 spot.

(I sent out prizes, did you get them? PM me or just post me here. Thanks.)

il check this out when off work, but…where the fuk is my interview, son!? i kno i got 3rd but damn we should got a segment disscusin how i got robbed…again[/symbol of sarcasm]

I guess I do owe you one… alright lets setup a time… We can have a SRK spotlight with Shatterstar on dfpradio.

I’ll be sending you the $$$ in full today, but no I didn’t get anything yet :D~

is dfpradiao really ready for me…? oh, WE’S GON SEE!!! :rofl:

LMAO @ bonus jenet figurine

thanks dude!

:tup: just heard it

:rofl: Oh we shall! You know I’m gonna have at least 2 Install questions for you right?!

Thanks for listening dood! BTW your avatar is FIRE!

@woof: Yeah, I’m glad you liked it… I had some extra ones. Since the theme was T&A. It was fitting to throw it in.

aww shyt. i can just sense it all now…

hahah thanx monkee got em like last week i think all i gotta say is tits.

thanx again! :wgrin:

DFP USA has dropped another gem of a show. It has been a slow start, but thats kinda the way the year usually starts off for us any way! This show we have a girl called Gyrl on the show! Yeah, crazy isnt it!!! While it seems that we normally are a little heavier on the video game side of things, we switched it up a bit to give you a little anime variety. Check out the new show here.

(Click The “radio” link at the top of the homepage to get to the show listing!)

i got you on them shirts but itll be a good minute.

That’s right 2 different DFPRADIO shows posted within the same week. And we are recording more at the moment.

DFPRADIO USA: Wow! There have been a gaggle of shows posted within a week? Sorry, this is my fault and now I?m gonna make it even worse! I prematurly posted a ?filler? show because nothing had been posted in a minute. But, I gotta post our newest show because it has time sensitive information for this weekend. So, incase you hadn?t notices our Upcoming Events feature on the side bar and you haven?t been listening to the shows (shame on you!), it says that Diagacon is coming up this weekend! This show we touch on the oversaturation of the anime and video games markets, it?s a quick show with some hot tunes, and it?s fun for the whole family!

DFPRADIO JAPAN: We took this show to the Southside of Tokyo an exchanged words with Masked UH from Famitsu Magazine. As always, The Masked UH dropped some serious knowledge bombs reguarding the Japanese gamers, game market in Fuji Fuji Land, and his new segement in Famitsu Magazine with the Director of Killer 7, Suda. This segement will cover violent foreign oldskool and new skool video games entitled Area 51!

In addition will talked about
Idolmasters, Gundam Muso, and vintage systems that the Masked UH hordes! (For real! The man lives in a fricken museum of cool stuff! I will post the pictures later) This is DFPRADIO!

Seriously, the language content in this show is a bit hanus. So if you are under age?. ?What are you doing young scamper?? And if your at the office, you might wanna turn this one down a bit. Unless your boss is cool!

good shyt as always Monk.

Installed? :wonder:

Not that one but…

Anyway, as for the radio show… I took what you said into consideration and we need to set a time up this weeken for the interview… As long as you have skype…we good…

Ok so the 2-24-07 loads up in quicktime and only loads about halfway…

Edit: nvm there it goes


:rofl: :rofl: NEW DFPRADIO JAPAN SHOW:rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, Yeah, I know it?s been a minute since we posted a JAPAN show but here it is! As usual, we are providing you with the top sound of video games, anime, J-POP/ROCK/HIP-HOP, and 80?s cartoon jams. But in addition, this is the special MS Paintz version of DFPRADIO. So sit back and relax. Let DFPRADIO radio groove you into a fresher mode babe! Head on over to the audio page to jam on it!

Click here for a list of shows!

The skillz of woof! Thanks homie!:



The Smurfs in French:looney:

That’s Le Smurfphey!

HOT DAMN! We got 3! Count’em 1, 2 , 3! New shows on www.dfpradio.com!

  1. FRX Aftermath - DBD and the Team EMS tournament organizer supreme Shinblanka talk about FRX highlights and the future plans for Final Round!
  2. DFPRADIO USA #45 - DBD and Frank G’s Deliver that DFP goodness!
  3. DFPRADIO JAPAN #46 - Snakes vs. Zombies: Redsix, Criminal T, and Scott Popular head down to Shibuya to talk with Masked UH of Famitsu DVD Magazine/ GAMELABO magazine, Shinji Kojima director of Biohazard, Kojima director of MGS, and SUDA51 the director of Killer 7! Click here to read the exclusive VIP interview with SUDA 51 and view some pictures from the event!

For more info: head on over to www.dfpadio.com with the quickness!

P.S. Yo’ don’t forget to check out SRK’s J4YX2 gamer interviewas well, because YOU could be next!:rofl: