Dfw Summer Tournament 6/10/06

EDITED- I changed GGXX Slash to Third Stike teams, took out tenka to cut down time and i dont think anyone would want to play it and changed neowave to KOF2002

What - Street Fighter III 3rd Strike(singles),Street Fighter III 3rd Strike(Teams), Marvel vs Capcom 2, and King of Fighters 2002 (if there are 8 or more players enter)

When - June 10, 2006 Saturday @ 8:00pm, Registraion start @ 7:20pm

Where - Six Flags Mall
2911 E Division St Suite 350( in the arcade room)
Arlington, TX 76011-6737
(make sure you park on the east of the mall)

How Much- $3 registration fee and $10 per games, $10 per team for 3s teams and KOF will be $5 per person.

Prize- 1st-70%, 2nd- 20%, 3rd-10% and for a bonus my brother will be here on vacation and will put money out of his pocket toward the pots.

Info: If you need anymore info call me at 817 584 4478 or pm me

Count me in for Tenka, Neo Wave, 3s…hell yeah…since now people have access to NW via Xbox hehehe

dude, $8 is such a gay number; make it $10. mo’ money in the bank, and will get a couple more random out-of-towners…unless you want a shitty pot for the 3rd-place winners… :rofl:

Your bro can still toss in money, but just make the fees $10/game.

ok, i changed it but the snk games will prolly be $5.

Sure, I’ll donate $20.

omg hope marvel will actually play this time around.

My thoughts exactly…

And neowave? why not kof2002? (sorry lukas)

02 > neowave

KOF 98! No really if you pick an old KOF title 98 is where its at with runner up being NW. NGBC?

U dont want to do that, thats waffle house money…:encore: :karate: :razzy: :annoy: :sweat: :lol:

Ill sign up for NGBC for sure…

Shit maybe we can do both a NW and 02 tourney…Ill run the NW tourney…

And the NGBC one if needed…

Just seeing how FR9 went down in NGBC has me hella stoked to play it…hehehehe

I hear yah guys…NW is an acquired taste…As many said the main thing that went wrong with NW is that many compare it to 2k2…big mistake…its a different game on its own…

Geese rapage is ready LOL!!!:looney:

Maybe we will all be on the same boat when XI hits…oh boy…can’t wait…the first tourney Linh throws for XI…

Come on up Aaron so we can have a fun GMC in NW…My team vs. your Billy, Geese, Choi team.:lovin:

I dont play with those fools except choi on occassion.


be more positive! :wonder:


4-man tournaments FTW! :rofl:

KoF 02’ > KoF NW seems to be the general consensus at the moment.
Either way, finding 8 people for a KoF tournament is near-impossible. :confused:

Sidenote on KOF XI…

OJ is wtfpwning me with random kula LDM’s… :sad:

i need a snapback! :mad:
Gato is sexy. <3 :lovin:

Either that, or PS2 nerf = Ha! :lovin:

Linh, clean up the first post, so people can understand your shizzle; it’s not really understandable.

It’s basically:

**$10 Entry Fee: **

  • 3s
  • MvC2
  • GGXX/# whatever

$5 Entry Fee:

  • SSTenka
  • KoF Neowave (currently, although I see some dissenters who call for 02’…)

…too bad KoF XI won’t be out by then… :sad:

…right? :confused:

**EDIT **

*…damn. looks like it comes out on 6/22/06. * :sad:

Well but I am trying to get out of towners to come support and play also…

NW is pretty hot now actually with it just hitting XBOX…

So Im trying to key on that frenzy and get its players to come play…

Oh boy when XI gets in my possession…hahahaha.

add Garou, 3s team tourney, and AE, and I’ll show up with a bunch of out of town people

I’m there for Marvel.

Hell, since it’s at Six Flags I’ll bring my wife to.


Six Flags Mall = run-down mall for the last few years.

There is a Six Flags over Texas roughly 10 minutes away if it helps.

sorry, I kinda knew that, what I meant was "I’ll be close to six flags, so I can dump her(and maybe a friend) off at six flags.

by friend he means me:rofl:
“its ok casey play all the marvel you want”

You wife stealing bastard.

But seriously if I can play all the marvel I want, that seems fare.