Dfw Summer Tournament 6/10/06

here are the results-

Third Strike-

  1. alex (:rofl: )
  2. Chris dat (kara parry)
  3. Jonathan (Jonlo)
  4. 2DTony (ddr garrrrr… whatever)
  5. Phong (Dreaded Fist)
  6. Eric (Daytoend4dayz)
  7. John S. (???)
  8. Linh (HUSTLINH)
  9. Jorge (Destroyer559)
  10. Long
  11. Jason (Evil Dictator)

Third Strike Teams-

  1. “G 2 teh C” (Jason-Evil Dictator & Chris dat-kara parry)
  2. “Pho Q Part 2” ( 2dtony & Binh- binh972)
  3. "Downback "(Alex-:rofl: & Kevin-Kensou) I sure learned how to block thanks to kensou LOL.
  4. “Piping Hot” (Eric-Daytoend4dayz & John S.
  5. “Burger time Allstar” (Linh-HUDTLINH & Jorge-Destroyer559)
    5.“Ken is Gay” (Phong-Dreaded Fist & Jonathan-Jonlo)

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. jake (jake)
  2. 2dtony “runaway bastard”
  3. Linh (HUSTLINH)
  4. Mitchell
  5. Twin
  6. Reggie
  7. Baron
  8. Nestor (forfieted)

Looks like DFW had better things to. LOL BASTARRRRRRDS!
hope everyone had a good time even though there was a small turnout and thank to the houston people that came out and played.

d00d my sn has been upgraded to ANIMATED GIF
fucking A …maybe time to sleep now

i guessed wrong too much.:tdown:

guessing is bad! ;p

It was fun playing with you guys! I Hope to see some of ya’ll at the Houston regional.

makoto is a guess.

gg’s to houston and austin. Glad you guys chose to go to the tourney instead of a-kon. see you all at regional!

Good shit to my boy Alex!

LOL!! @ team downback I approve.

A Teachin Boys How to Block production my friend.

character usage.

gg’s to everyone who played!

Next tourney should have XI in it!!!