DFW, TX III Strike Results

Here are the results for the dallas tourney 12/10/05

1st- Toan Nguyen (totaltoanage)= Chun li ,- take that Blake

2nd- Phong Nguyen (Dreaded Fist)= Ken

3rd- Logan Sharp (ADMOF) you won you’re entry money back and a dollah =Ken

4th- Jason ??? (???)= Akuma

5th- Eddy Cancino (Orochiryu)= Chun li - take that again Blake, LOL

5th- C-wash AKA Terrorist repersentin Al quaeda- Ibuki

6th- Blake ??? (White Rice),John’s long lost older brother(john is my co-worker)-
Makoto and Ryu

6th- Eric ??? (Daytoendaldays)his handle sounds like Daytona 500 to me. LOL- Hugo

7th- Phoung Huynh (Draeger aka Viet-Cong)= Urien

7th- Linh Nguyen (HUSTLINH) My stick wasnt workin right, LOL= Chun li

7th- Mike Vo (Who? Mike Vo) I dont know your handle sorry bout that = Ken

7th- Nathan ??? (Fray)- Makoto

Sounds like it was fun…Toan with the Chun beasting again…seems to have gotten his revenge…No Yun Phong???

Sounds like fun…good shit guys…


Linh this sounds like it was fun…hold one in January as like “Houston Regionals prep/TShodown etc”

I wanna play all these new people too…Jason etc…and Logan and others…

Sorry I couldnt make it guys… Eddy you played? Awesome man!!(Me wonders if Eddy played Marvel)

I guess Toans got cash for 3s and Marvel now eh??? *Smile on his face I’M SURE)

yeah. I hadn’t play yun in awhile , didn’t feel comfortable so I just stuck to Ken.

pshh… man if me and dark geese woulda showed up, it would of been alot different i bet…


Losers Final Logan vs Me

Winners Final Phong vs Logan

Grand Finals Phong vs Me.


Joey man we will have our day…or days ahead trust me my friend…the time will come…but we must stay the course…and reap the rewards set ahead of us…

And I didnt mean that Logan was a new guy…I meant like the Jason and some of the other people that may have been new to me maybe…I know Logan aint new…

that much I know…team 3dollas…amodf…a part of Buks ole crew.