DFW's 2 vs 2 3s tournament

Here are the results for the tourney.

1st) Team LET ME CRAZY - Lay (SUGARLAND) & Alex (?) Yun & Makoto

2nd) Team PHO Q - Tony (2dTony) & Toan (totaltoanage) Ken & Chun Li

3rd) Team PAD WARRIORZ - Lukus (Dark Geese) & Tony (HOKUTO SHINGO) Chun Li & Ken

4th) Team FUNKY FOOT - Jason (?) & OJ (DIRT KIICKER) Gouki & Ryu

5th) Team BUD ICE - Demarcus (THE RIPGUT) & Thai (KINGDOM) Dudley & Ryu

6th) Team CRACKHEADS - Linh (HUSTLINH) & Eddy (OROCHI RYU) Chun Li & Yun

7th) Team CHOKESONDICKS - Kyle (WULV) & Acie (E-BORTION) Makoto & Gouki

7th)Team SHENANIGANS - David (FASTY MCNASTY) & Jorge (DESTROYER556) Ryu & Chun Li

It was fun having a team tourney, hope everone did. GOOD SHIT EVERYONE:tup:

Tenka Results

Tenka results-

1st-Tie between Dark Geese (Iroha & Amakusa) and Team Dan-(Gedo,Nicotine, Shizumaru right??)

Tenka was played Round Robin with the best records being both 4-1 and we both just agreed to split the cash…

That tourney was fun as hell though…time for my much anticipated break…Yay!!! lol.

6 people total for Tenka? Nice.

splitting the cash in a 6 man tournament

don’t you crazy kids go spending it all in one place, invest that shit


Hahaha…it was invested in a McDonald’s #3 Supersized and some beer…

A well investment…lol.

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