DFW's 2 vs 2 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Tournament


What- Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (2 on 2)

When- April 15th, 2006 @ 8:00pm, Registartion starts @ 7:00pm

What- 2v2 3s, MVC2, & SST
Where-Six Flags Mall
2911 E Division St Suite 350( in the arcade room)
Arlington, TX 76011-6737
(make sure you park on the east of the mall)
How Much- $5 per person

Prize- 1st-70%, 2nd- 20%, 3rd-10%

If you need anymore info PM me or hit me up at 817 584 4478


Tell’em linh, No Drama at the tourney! Lol


Who wants to be on my team?~!!!


hey I need a team!


hey you wanna delay this a week or two? Houston was thinking of coming up for it. Kisses.



All right…Linh can I bring my TV/Ps2 for Tenka casuals also???

You are the boss you decide!


Well, i know its up to me but, im gonna have to ask DFW on this one.



What Only 3s? How about the other major games man I would to have a 2 on 2 tourny in all the games!

Hey just consider it.


yeah, delay it…
Hey linh, you and me on a team!

Edit: Huslinh…check your pms!


Houston wants us to delay it for one week. JUST A WEEK, BABY!

Also lets have a tenka tourney. If it’s teams, I call JW.


well, i guess but imma add more games to it any suggestions?


delay it two weeks…darnit I can’t go on easter week…wee…oh well have fun


I hate Logan. ;_; I am outted for mcgay. better call up jersey for the team


If you could Delay it to April 22 omg I would love you! Please!!! If that could happen I would like to be on your team Gak =D.


WTF, do yall celebrate easter or what. goddamit


ok im thinking of adding in marvel and tenka, what do yall think? I wanted to add kof but i know no one will participate except me and eddy LOL


Sounds good to me…

And me Linh you know I will participate in the KOF tourney!!!


marvel and tenka sounds good. singles or teams for those?

team tre.ger ftw

no same characters on the same team?


i was think singles for marvel and team for tenka if there enough participants or if yall have any suggestion please tell me now so i can edit the info


add cvs2