DFW's (Dallas-Fort Worth) Tournament @ the Cointech

WHEN- May 26, 2007. Registration starts at 3pm and tournament will starts at 5pm

WHERE- 2911 E Division St Ste 411
Arlington, TX
(located inside the arcade)

WHAT GAMES- MVC2, Third Strike, Third Strike(2 vs 2), CCC2 ST(Thought I do something different).

HOW MUCH- Registration = $5
MVC2 = $5
Third Strike = $10
Third Strike(teams) = $10 per team
Virtua Fighter 5= $5
Super Turbo = $5

PRIZE- 1st-70% of entry fees
2nd-20% of entry fees
3rd-10% of entry fees

NEED- I need 3 TVs and 1 Ps2, if you are the fisrt to help me out with this, the registration will be free.
Phong- 1 ps2
Johnny- 1ps2
2Dtony- 1 ps3 and copy of VF5

ill bring a ps2… and games… so you got me there linh.

also why no ggxx… i think that would be more fun than 2 3S tourneys… especially with all the hype of ac comming out people need to get hype.

and is that the arcade again? i dont go to arlington much so i dunno.

yeah Linh I’ll bring my ps2. Where’s the cointech? Is that the arcade inside 6flags mall?

I know that it is in 6flags mall, so it is a good chance that it is the arcade…

I’ll try to show up with a copy of the game, but I’m making no promises

yea its the arcade

Linh: Can you get a popularity check for VF5? :slight_smile: I’ll bring my ps3 if people want the tourney

who all want to add VF5?? vote or die. lol

VF5. add it. and fuck AE, man foreal, toss that shit and make it at least GGXX/ singles…


well ill add in VF5 but i dont think slash would be in cause of the past few tourney people tried doin it but never enough entrants, but on VF5 i dont know, its worth a try on that.

do a kof 11 tourney! wasnt the last one you did turn out ok?
also all games should be 5 dollars.

I wont be able to make it again…Why…

i think the only reason kof 11 did good last time was because we had bunch of random ass players.

dont even know why lukus is going to evo east, hes not placing top 8 in anything. i would not waste my money on shit like that. he didnt even go to evo south

Hey can we have a side game of big 2(killer)? popularity check? who wants some of the Viet card shark?~

Linh big ups on running this thing I think the prices are right.

Hmmm… I might attend this…

I would say put in VF5 even though I’ve only played it once but I wouldn’t enter.

Though I agree with adding XI.


I wouldnt mind AE but I think 3rd strike singles should be 5. The teams are already 10.

wtf @ SF:AE

no ones even touching that shit since CCC2 has ST on it. Please sub out that AE crap for ST. If you don’t have it, they were selling it for 10 bucks, walmart and target both.

EDIT: I’m 90% sure I’m there if ST hits the lineup… I’ll probably still come regardless but seriously…wtf AE.

oh yea totally forgot ccc2 even existed.