DFW's (Dallas-Fort Worth) Tournament @ the Cointech

Yeah if it was ST I would totally have entered instead of AE.

Anyways I won’t be able to make it; so yeah…

ok, its ST instead of AE

well, considering that you suck at SF2, no wonder you would bash it! :arazz:

besides, most of us hate using CE Bison and the like. :wonder:

Slash can kiss my balls.

if anything, it should be the other way around. :wonder:

then CORRECT IT!!! CCC2 ST!!! :arazz:

…problem is…who’s bringing their copies? :confused: :confused: :confused:

+50 awesome points, I’m there for sure.

EDIT: If you really need a copy of CCC2 I can bring mine, but they are going for 10 bucks now in target and wal-mart as I said before.

I should be there for the first time in nearly a year =D.

ill bring a ps2 linh if you still need one.

you can use take the disk out and ST will still play with the music and everything, so you use it on mutiple machines. I think the only thing you cant do is pause the game and change your config during the win quote screen. It freezes the game, but you can during character select and the versus screen.

Hopefully people will show up to this. Last two tournaments I’ve been too, 4 people showed up for Marvel both times. Go to this, people!

I’ll come to this just to see thai


I’m definitly there for marvel.

I’m sure that there will be more ppl for marvel. oh and hopefully jake doesnt choke under pressure right eddy?

yeha marvel is always got a pretty good number as well as third strike.

hey you should seriously think about running a ggxx tourney… with all the good tournouts at snf lately and people playing it… i mean look at phong hes gettin pretty good.

if i have to ill run it my self as a side tourney…

I hear ya! I mean technically you and i won at least one a match right?
LOL :wgrin:
i aint one to talk tho’, i got beat by buk :sad:

Linh, Change Your First Post To Include Ccc2 St! Not Ae!

Might get more people to enter that way to. (no sarcasm) people see the lineup and come or go based on that, some SRK’ers are to lazy to read on.

linh’s known to be a tad lazy. ;o/

Since it seems like lots of outsiders want to go to a random dallas tourney now, it might be better to get everyone to go to texas open instead since that’s more of a regional set up. Last TO had like 15 27" tvs and quite a large turnout for just dallas people even though I noticed quite a few dallas people missing. Was about 20ish for 3s and 15 for marvel. Smash/tekken/doa/vf5 had a shitload of players there since it’s originally a 3d tourney but they expanded the last one to 2d.

I’m not sure what the deal is now on the next one because ICE and Frank are kind of reluctant to run it but I’ll ask them about it sometime soon. It’s supposed to be the weekend after this tourney, like June 2nd or so.

O i didn’t know if they were gonna do another texas open since I didn’t see it on the dfwgames website. I guess i’ll chill out and see what ice says. I’d rather go to dallas and play in a tourney anyways. Houston has changed to much and dallas has console tourneys. I didn’t buy this adapter to look at it.

Jake: what are you doing man, why promote one tourney over another? If the next TO is held at A-kon you think they will have the same number of tv’s? and we all know how well using all those tv’s at the last venue went.

shakes head