DG is bored so he will make avs again

Ok, I’m starting a new thread since the old one is full of stupid shit like this.

Anyway, I’ll do normal sized or premium…apparently you have to be premium to have an animated av now so I won’t do normal sized ones with animation. No team avs either because they’re fucking stupid.

make me another pink dudley blue urien avy cause i love the old one and im still wearing it

What about group or posse avs?

~ aLee:
Alright, check back here tomorrow.

~ TG:
Yeah, I meant I just didn’t want to do those stupid ones where people ask for the same 3 MVC2 chars over and over.

UH OHS! It’s time to make the ultimate av. That would be the scene from Goodfellas where Deniro wants to kill Maurie. :smiley:


Can you make of me an av that is good like Fuck a Chunkz? It should be called “team chunk”


ok first ryu punches thru the wall and grabs megaman by the leg and says im the capcom hero u faget and then goes shin sho ryu ken!!! and megaman flies through the ceiling, comes down, hulk catches him, but then thanos stabs him in the back with the infinty gontlet and throws him into the lava, and then it flasehs mechacnaisavegnge in eevery color k thank u

Kensavenge has now attained the ability to posess other posters. OC was his first victim, and Mechanica was taken soon after. Please keep a safety helmet on at all times to prevent him from possesing you as well.


^^^ I stared at that for about 10 minutes until I realized it did nothing.

My sense of humor is a bit daft. Terribly sorry.

Yeah, what is that? A goose? :confused:

Uriens diaper

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH… Some people have the eye to notice what simple things are without seeing the whole picture. I don’t:sad:

I wonder if it’s comfortable to wear that. Or much less fight in it.

Could u make an Urien av for me plz? Use his default colors if u can plz.

It’s a thong. Relax and accept the string.

~ aLee:


~ Akutabi Gamma:


Damn nice! Good stuff.

Quick change the name on aLee’s to Shim Sang Joon before he sees this :smiley: