DG's Avatar Request Thread


DarkGiygas’ Avatar Request Thread

Avatars will be posted in this post, 15 max, so once new ones get made, the old ones will have to go. Get yours while they’re still here.

Some of my other stuff is at my deviantart page in my sig.


can u give me a 100x100 av for another site??

with this pic

i want it blackcolor scheme, and… the name is


not hadouken king



Hadoken King:


thanks a ton :slight_smile:


Bump. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Can you do one for another forum for me? It can be up to 155x155 and the bytes dont really matter because its a big number. The name would be Kid Wu, not like its on SRK.

What I would like is the background to be an AMerican flag, if possible waving in the wind, and then have the captain americas below on there. If you feel both would make it look bad feel free to “freestyle” on it. If you can fit it have it say The Greatest Country in the World. Thanks if you take the time to do this :cool:




need chipp avatar heres the pic.I want cock boy on it.I want it for these forums.


that is an ill pic of chipp


Kidwu: I did 2 versions, 1 animated, 1 non-animated. Tell me if you want anything changed.

Cockboy: I’ll put you on the list.

Kidwu 1:


Kidwu 2:


that’s nice as hell DG… how do u peeps make thos boxes?



Can you make the first ones The greatest country in the world a little darker for me, maybe just in black font, so it stands out more? Thanks




Cockboy: I made an animated one but it came up to like 47k, so I had to do a non-animated one.


Thanks a bunch :eek: :cool: :smiley:


Can you put this picture (keep the animation) and the words GET CRUNK! in it?



It’s really huge (70k) if I keep the animation in it.


Hey man, if you would be so kind as to whip up something with these FF6 bosses I’d appreciate it. Doom on the left, Goddess in the middle, Poltergeist on the right, and a dark colour scheme would be nice. I’d like you to put my name, and the words “The Trinity” somewhere too. If you’re busy don’t worry about it, it’s not life or death :).

P.S - Sorry for being so picky :stuck_out_tongue:


X-Death: Here. Tell me if you want anything changed.


Nice stuff DG. As always.