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Just something I wanted to add that will go into effect with either JuareZ WarZone or Raging Storm MidWest- There will be a trophy handed out per tournament to the overall best player of the tournament, thus this means the person with the most tournament victories or the overall best player.


Me, Khannibal and Xorxe Yagami are going to work together to bring a killer tournament to Mexico City next year. Mexico City is at the heart of KOF for everything:

98UM, 2002UM, KOFXII, KOFXI, OG KOF 98, OG KOF 2002 etc etc. and Khannibal has told me that if Kula and Osmani know he’s gonna be there they will show up.

Mr. KOF (John), if there is ever a tournament you wanna get your passport for…THIS ONE IS IT.

Will keep you all posted.

My eyes are definitely open for this one. EMIL SHOULD SHOW UP FOR THIS ONE AS WELL

He won’t show up lol.

Also FYI just so everyone knows, I will not be making change at these tournaments.

I will not be associated with making change at these tournaments.

I will not put my life in danger carrying around a bunch of cash just to make change.

Please make sure you understand that.

What you need to do:

  1. Bring the exact amount for the tournaments (Registration, Venue Fee etc)
  2. Go get change somewhere else
  3. Contact my staff members to see if they have change for you. If they do that’s on them, totally independent of what I am doing.

EDIT: These are also tournaments in the works right now that I wanted to give you guys a heads up about-
Mexico vs. Panama 2010 in Mexico City, Mexico-**

From what I hear Panama’s best 2k2 players can go head to toe with Kula and Osmani. We shall see!

**The Panamanian National 2010-

In addition this, I’m trying to get Asian players and/or Buchecha over to JuareZ WarZone or the big tournament planned in Mexico City next year.

What up Dark Geese! Good to see you still doing your thing with/for the SNK community. Keep doing your thing man! pz out!


Whats up JeRon? Good to see THE Greyhound Warrior still around!
EDIT: **JuareZ WarZone, Raging Storm MidWest, and Raging Storm El Paso are less than 2 months away, iand we’re expecting a good handful of SNK players at this event. Please show support by posting if you plan on attending.

Still awaiting word from Hammer in regards to JuareZ WarZone, and completing the tshirts for Raging Storm MidWest as we speak, they will be completed post-Xmas. Here is a recap of the JuareZ WarZone stuff for the time being:


DG: The hungriest player i know. :pray:

I try I try lol.

Updated the first post with the East Texas Bi-Monthly #1, which will continue to change per month hopefully.

Edit: Also for those attending or thinking of attending Raging Storm El Paso 2010, please check the thread as a major update has been added to the first post.

In addition to this I have added Battle of the Beach 2010 to the list, this is a tournament that will take place in Tampico, Mexico the beginning of April.

EDIT II: I have just added Summer Showdown 2010, another El Paso Major! Also Raging Storm SoCal has just been added so West Coast heads represent!

Anyone the Miami area want to help me set up a snk tourney?

You have enough people for a good turn out?

I can’t answer you though. I know nothing about setting up and running a tournament.

Yes dammit why did you have to spoil my plans already!!! Dammit… :rofl:

If you would’ve waited just like 30 minutes more…I would’ve posted up a youtube video talking about…


Yes only thing left to confirm is the venue then that’s going up too… It’ll join myself, Sazae, DevilDigimon, possibly MixupMike, possibly The Wil in a SNK Major that includes a lot of other things.

RS Miami would in turn be the SouthEastern SNK Major. (So that means Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Miami etc, expect to see you there!)

So you had to go ruining all the fun…

Just kidding. But I’m not kidding about Raging Storm Miami…I’m as serious as a heart attack. I’ll come back with a youtube video in a few talking about it it’s uploading right now.

Date is April 23-25th, 2010.

Heh, I might actually be able to make it to that one. Hopefully my skills improve by that time.

Well consider it done here’s the video briefly mentioning it:


Plus this is my Christmas update for the time being, I apologize for the camera being too close, I forgot to unzoom it when I went back to talking again. There will be another update in about a week.
EDIT:** Everyone feel free to chime in on this particular thread in FGD please:


It is actually cheaper for me to fly to Miami than to drive so as long as the date stays right I have zero trouble getting there. I’ll bring along whatever hardware I have and get the Neo stuff being played right.

Yeah the date isn’t gonna change so you are fine there. Anything you bring would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Just posted up the information for Raging Storm MIAMI in the first post!

yOU Serius!!! April 24th is my birthday! I will be there! I will request that week off!

I’m serious…

4 sho! damn homie, im estatic. I got to practice up

Raging Storm Minnesota has been added. Oh yeah something I think you all should know about- I’m talking to Lecter right now and he once again confirms Alexis is #1 in CD. Juarez, Mexico in KOF 2002. The local they had in December guess who won? Alexis.

Esteban got 4th. But Emil says they lost because they dont know how to use alternate guard LOLOLOLOLOL.

Well Lecter says ALEXIS WILL PLAY VS. ESTEBAN AT JUAREZ WARZONE…So yes they are gonna play for youtube and for the DVD to end it all about who’s better right now Alexis or Esteban…you all hear that!!!


Why on Earth would you add more tournaments when there are few dedicated SNK players in Minnesota as it is? I understand that the notions of competition and compensation will shake a good amount of people out of dormancy, but how exactly is adding another venue in the Greater Midwest going to help with the incredible lack of people as it stands?

( As an ancillary, by the way, if you know of pockets of people that play, would you happen to know of a few in the Chicagoland area? I would love to lay into some folks from my own backyard for once. )