DG's Request Thread v.?

Since people (aLee) keep whining about avs, I’ll start another request thread.

**- Try to provide all pics / sprites that you want in the av.

Other avs I’ve made: http://photobucket.com/albums/v127/DarkGiygas/

Whee! Can you do non-prem? Cuz I have a request…

Here’s the pics:

See NappyJin
Explore NappyJin

So yeah, just those two pictures, do whatever you want…I’d just like it to have my name somewhere on it.

Thanks in advance.

Can you hook me up with premium? Thanks.

Wait wait, make me an Ack fan boy avatar.


NappyJin: not really much I could do with those pics :confused:


k dg les go you know what i want so make it!

Can you make me an Akuma one either going of the one ive got now with either of these sprites in the front

See Robert Hines See Robert Hines

or one using these pics

See Robert Hines See Robert Hines

so that Dan cries after the taunt, just fill in the background however you want.

Yeah, I kinda figured there wouldn’t be too much…Thanks, though.

The fact that you did anything with em at all is appreciated:)

:lk: You just got that avatar your wearing from Nas right?? Its impolite to get one and then go and ask for another one right away. I’m not trying to chew you out just letting you know the “rules” around these parts.
edit: Jeez. I came to ask DG a question and I got side tracked. Anyways DG I was wondering if I could use that Av you made awhiiiile back for 24. The “Bauer Gear Solid” one. Puhleeeeaaasseee!!!

CHUNKZNESS OF…meh I’ll just shut up.


yeah i know, its not for here though.

:lk: Ok. Next time try to make that more clear. So you won’t get people getting on your case.

well i plan on keeping this one i just to know if
See Robert Hines
could be added to it

or somone tell me how to work with frames, becuase i cant put in there without making the whole screen flash white.

You can if you or someone else has it saved. It got deleted from my harddrive a while ago.


**FRACKUN AUWESUME!!! Thank You DG!!!:looney: :looney: :wonder: :pleased: **

finally i can have it back again lol

Yo, if you could make one with oro doing his EX super throw at chun li’s back, that would be awsome. As far as the backdrop, I’m not too worried about that. Thanks!


Also, the oro sprite seems to be significantly larger than the chun one, so re-sizing may be nessisary. Thanks again.

if at all possible could i have a non prem with this girl from one of my shameful little girl games? i would also like my name in it if possible


Yo, DG wassup, bro?
Requesting a new av using this image. I want a Dong Hwan av. If you can make an animated GIF one where there’s electricity ‘buzzing’ at the foot he’s lifting with some good decorations, I’d be greatful, or just make it a normal av with electricity at the foot he’s lifting. Don’t add my username, but add a line if you can, thanks!

ill do these requests tonight (chicken, boleslaw, akutabi), sorry for the delay

sorry for the wait