Dhalism in A3, top tier?


I’ve heard that Dhalism in A3 is top tier, but the reasoning behind it is that he counters Vism well. But that seems to be all the reason that I’ve been able to hear.

So exactly how does he counter Vism? How does he fair when he’s up close (against characters that do well when close, like Zangief for example).


He counters V-ism because of his teleport recovery, meaning a lot of normal VCs don’t work on him. The teleport can still work against him because he can be reset because of it.

Sim’s priority is one of the best in the game. His normals beat out A LOT of shit and his zoning game is just amazing in this game. Considering that most characters have to fight him in close, it makes it really hard for them to actually do so. Even in close, the priority on his normals make it hard for a lot of characters to stay in that range. His close cr. FP stuffs a lot for counter hits and gives him the ability to start up his zoning game again.


let’s not forget his uber airthrow, which beats probably everything in the air.


Are there any links of a good Dhalsim player out there?


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Dhalsims the best because of range on his limbs, priority on his normals, great anti-air, ability to teleport out of VC’s and tough situations, VC teleport combo madness. He doesn’t really seem to have any large disadvantages in any matchup. And he’s great in all -isms.

Only problem is he’s kinda goofy looking.

Shouldn’t have to many problems against Zangief, I’ve never knew any Gief players that have truely known what they were doing, and I’m glad about that. Maybe someone who’s have good sim vs gief exp can tell you.


Dhalsim vs Gief is heavily in Dhalsim’s favor, except it’s almost random. Dhalsim basically has all of the tools to keep Gief out, for an almost indefinite period of time. However, if he makes a mistake or guesses wrong, a few hits from Gief can turn the match around, very quickly (especially consindering Gief will almost always have meter). On paper 'Sim wins 7 matches out of 10 IMO.


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