Dhalsim Advanced Strats and Tactics

well, here it is, a GOOD dhalsim thread. since i usually like to learn a character by reading through old threads and finding useful stuff before asking questions, i’m gonna start off by posting all of the worthwhile strats for dhalsim i’ve read and then i’ll add links and random frame data and combos and all that fun stuff later. all of this is buktooth’s old stuff from his japan log/random tip of the day thread, so i’m taking no credit for ANY of the stuff in this post.

-Out of all of his characters, Iyo’s Dhalsim is the toughest to dissect. If I had to compare it to another character, I guess I would describe Iyo’s Dhalsim as Guile-lite. The air defense isn’t nearly as solid as Guile’s, but Dhalsim has an actual anti-air super and damaging super combos to punish rolls with. In short, while Guile keeps you out better, Dhalsim punishes you much harder for trying to get in. As far as the keeping out aspect is concerned, Iyo seems to mostly throw a ton of fakes and then some far low jabs and standing shorts; moves that are safe if rolled through or jumped over. He then feels you out for a bit; if you’re jumping or rolling he’ll punish it, and he’ll keep doing so until you stop. Once he’s confident that you’re going to stop trying to roll/jump, he’ll then start tossing fireballs at you. Like Guile, once Dhalsim safely gets a fireball out at full screen he’s at a huge advantage. You basically just have to block it, as Dhalsim can counter on reaction everything you do to attempt to avoid the fireball. If you decide to block the fireball, Iyo throws another one and sees how you deal with that. If you notice, Iyo very rarely throws out fierce or strong limbs, only if necessary to keep you at the desired full screen distance.

If his defense isn’t working/he has you in the corner/he needs to make a comeback, Iyo has a lot of attacking tricks with Dhalsim that are pretty slick. He has two that are really noticable: the first has you block something in the corner with frame advantage, which is pretty much any close Dhalsim move. He then will mix up either a punch throw (with b+fierce, which is important) or b+rh into yoga flame if you do anything to avoid the throw. If the rh into yoga flame hits, he gets a level 3 yoga inferno juggle for some crazy amount of damage. His other attack option is short slide into option select b+fierce headbutt or throw. If he gets the throw, great. If you do anything to avoid the throw, you risk getting hit by the 2 hit headbutt which is easily bufferable into super on reaction. His newest trick I’ve seen is against people jumping back in the corner: RC yoga flame as anti-air, then juggle level 2 up flame, cancel to regular up flame, then level 1 up flame. It does some sick amount of damage like 75% or something.


  • I don’t remember the Dhalsim stuff too well, but I’ll give you guys the basic gist of it and you can experiment with it for yourselves.

  • Dhalsim’s air defense is almost as tight as in A3, it just requires a lot more knowledge of what button to use at which angle and in which match-ups. I saw b+jab, b+strong, b+forward, b+roundhouse, and slides all being used in different situations. It does sound like a lot of work, but if you guys read Omni’s log, it should give you a pretty good idea of how good Dhalsim can be.

  • This point is going to be irrelevant to 95% of CvS2 players out there, but Iori is a good counter to Dhalsim. It took me hella games to figure it out though. :smiley: Iori’s j.roundhouse trades with all of Dhalsim’s anti-airs in Iori’s favor if you have the right angle, which is interesting since I saw Dhalsim completely shut down Sagat’s, Chun’s, and even Blanka’s low jump! Anyway, once Iori gets in, RC rekkas in his face all day. Dhalsim’s jump is way too slow to get over it (the standard way to counter RC rekka), and his roll is slow enough that you have to do it fairly early to counter it.

  • Apparently Dhalsim’s fireball has really good recovery. Sometimes I would be in the corner and Iyo would just throw non-stop jab fireballs at me. I’d roll through one (with Iori!) and still get punished for it. Weird. To get out I’d have to jump straight up (and hope he throws another fireball instead of roundhousing me out of the air) and then deal with whatever he did next. Kinda like a ST situation.

  • Dhalsim’s low strong is a really good tool. It sets up throws that are REALLY hard to break for some reason, it has tons of links, and low strong, back roundhouse, fireball is a good, safe guard crush pattern.

  • I’m not sure what Iyo knocks you down with, but he follows it up with a roll that results in a really deceiving cross-up (or was it a fake one? I don’t remember…). He then does low strong into whatever.

  • A trick that seems to work everytime is to do a point blank short slide, then 2-hit close fierce into super. The point blank slide looks unsafe, but apparently it’s got enough frame advantage for the close fierce to beat out whatever they try to stick out. And since it hits twice, it Gives You Time To See Whether It Hit Or Not (inside joke) before you super.

  • Tigerknee teleport is pretty good. He’ll teleport out of the corner with it, and you’ll reflexively run up to him and try to punish the teleport with a combo. He then comes down with a fierce and combos YOU.

  • The distance game is pretty similar to Cole’s Dhalsim when he used to use him… jab fireball, watch for a reaction and punish it, throw another jab fireball. Very hard for some characters to get around. Low jump strong is a really effective keep-out tool, too.


I’m gonna expand on what Ratio1BeatDown said earlier on Dhalsim.

The short slide into option select b+fierce is one of the cooler Dhalsim tricks that I see Iyo doing. Basically, slide just a bit out of point blank range and hit b+fierce. If you get a throw, great. If you tech a throw, good enough. If you get a counter hit b+fierce, you can buffer it on reaction into a super since the headbutt is a 2 hit move. Very nice.

Most aspiring Dhalsim players try to use his long limbs too much and end up getting killed for it. Of course, you should use his range to your advantage… but mainly to counter something on reaction or in anticipation. Poking blindly from afar with limbs isn’t recommended.

Anyway, the point I was getting to was that Dhalsim’s short ranged moves are often overlooked. Almost every single one of them is really fast, has a ton of priority and offers a large frame advantage. Case in point being Dhalsim’s db+fierce: Lots of priority, very fast (5 frames), and lightning fast recovery… the whole entire move finishes in 21 frames, which is less than most medium strength moves. Less than Cammy’s infamous far fierce, even. The move also imparts a sizable +8 frame advantage! When hit up close (set ups on this another day), Dhalsim can link a low short slide into super really easily afterwards. DB+fierce, short slide into Yoga Inferno super does a very respectable 7800 damage in N-Groove… though buffering the super off the short slide is a little tricky. Buffering the Yoga Stream super off the slide is much easier, but does about 1000 less damage. A-Groove Sim can link a CC after the DB+fierce also, and all Sims can take advantage of the huge frame advantage for some nice pressure games afterwards.

From slightly farther out, continually spamming on the db+fierce makes a good wall strategy similar to Sirlin’s A2 Rose mashing on low strong. It beats most anything, is nearly impossible to punish and builds meter quickly. If your opponent tries to challenge it with a move and gets counter hit you can easily link a lv3 yoga stream super afterwards, if closer you can link a yoga inferno super.

anybody else who seriously plays dhalsim and has some good advice, please post.


-i’m not too sure why people say dhalsim’s fireball is so fast. it’s 56, 57, and 58 total frames from jab to strong to fierce, with 14 frames of startup for each one. ryu’s are EXACTLY the same in terms of frame duration and startup.

-down back fierce into short slide is a 5 frame link since down back fierce yields +8 on hit or block, and short slide comes out in 3 frames.

-i noticed iyo will do short slide, then standing lk into yoga fire. interesting pressure string, not entirely safe, but still solid.

-when somebody wakes up and blocks your yoga flame, you’re at -5, so it’s not completely safe, but most people don’t know that. i’d rather do the short slide option select on wakeup anyway…

is anybody finding this useful? if not, i’ll just stop posting all this dhalsim info.

ANYBODY have footage of iyo playing his C-groove team of C-dhalsim/maki/r2 rolento? i’ve only seen him play in N-groove.

Hey Popoblo, I am actually enjoying reading your info. Good stuff & I’m glad you copied & pasted Buk’s info. Please keep it up. I will try to add more, but I got a lot going on in my life lately.

Yes, C-Sim rocks, that’s my guy. I’ve never seen footage of Iyo unfortunately.

Standing lk is a good poke that snuffs a lot of other pokes & comes out fast which is probably why he uses it. I’ve found myself using it quite a bit lately in poke strings.

His hop dash is really fun to use too especially since his walk is slow.

Edit: Man, small jumps are really annoying against Sim.

The Gadgy

i look forward to your tips and comments since you were pretty much the only one who posted intelligent stuff in the old threads. and i meant close standing lk into fireball, not his far one, in case that was unclear.


most players think dhalsim’s AA game is weak, but it’s the exact opposite. it just takes a deeper understanding of which normal/special/super to use in what situation.


Thanks! Ya I knew you meant close s lk since his long range moves don’t combo.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s one of the main reasons I haven’t even attempted writing much about him. I don’t like to write a lot & his strategies & moves would be better documented on a vs xxx character basis. And you well know there are a lot of characters, so it’s kind of a pain unless you post a few tips here & there against a certain character(s).

This is also why it’s hard to play him & you don’t see many people using him. You can’t just easily start playing him cause he takes a lot more practice then say Blanka.

Than not only do you have strats per character you have differences in grooves, styles, close & far range combat, & player abilities(not everyone you play will be Calipower or Buktooth, etc). Some people try to hit Sim’s pokes, some don’t. There’s just so much, & I never wanted, probably like others as well, to bother writing all that crap.

Gadgys dhalsim is dope, I was JeffHizzle at the tourny (the hispanic guy with the du rag). You were playing on pad right?

Yup, I was like the only pad player there, haha. I remember you, from Killeen right? The final matches between Ashley & Buktooth were awesome, weren’t they? That was the big highlight of the evening I thought.

Yes I am from killen, and yeah those finals were dope. Ashley beat everyone 2-0 in winners , except for me and gus,lol. He’s the king of random.

*Do you play on a stick at all?

I guess I could, but I would miss a lot of stuff. Last time I played competively on a stick was at Einstein’s arcade for Alpha 2 & a little bit of Alpha 3. I’ve never played 1 game of cvs2 in the Arcade. I’ve never even seen a cvs2 machine actually. I started playing cvs2 when it came out for ps2 & then xbox & have always used a ps2 controller.

Well, I live an hour away from austin, if you’re ever down for some gaming pm me, I usually go to fubarducks house to play.

Ok I think I sidetracked this thread enough, lol. As for Iori being a direct counter of Dhalsim, based on what I read I don’t see entirely how. After a blocked set of Rekkakens can’t you just teleport away? And does Iori’s j.rh trade with Dhasims slide too? I’m a little skeptical, but I never played the match amd my dhalsim isn’t the greatest, so I’ll let you all discuss it. I was really surprised to see dhasim was at -5 after a yoga flame, I assumed he was at an advantage, like Raiden or Yuri. Still a great move though.

How must one avoid rushdown with Dhalsim. Thatz my only problem with him.

delete your other thread please, and be more specific. who is rushing you down? what kind of pressure strings are they using? low jumping shouldn’t be a problem since dhalsim’s AA game is so tight.

a general answer to your question would be to use down back + fierce, all 3 slides, or RC fireball depending on the situation.

Well I have one trick I do against too much jumping is to antiair with back+jab XX upwards super level 2 or 3. It’s really hard, ie. you must be really fast, but, yeah it combos.

Chun Li beats Dhalsim badly. That’s not fun that one.

Just about any everyone rushes my Dhalsim. I really suck with Dahlsim, but I would love to learn with him in this game. But for the most part, Blanka is the one who rushes me down all the time. How do I stop him?

Depends how good the Blanka is, give an example of the type of pressure that you have trouble with, and I’ll try to help. There’s a big difference between say P Blanka and A Blanka, too, all Blankas are good but what groove are they using? What groove are you using? I think C and A are Sim’s best, personally.

With Dhalsim against blanka you gotta stay within the range that he can only jump over you/ cross you since this is your best and most reliable anti air range (s.mp from underneath blanka). Also from this range your db.fp and Db.mp are most effect and will stuff alot of Blanka’s shit (sometimes slides, his c.fp, only thing from that range that will kill you is his sweep. If blanka starts jumping in from a bit more than the safe distance your only choice is to RC yoga flame of some sort or you can occasionally get away with the B.Hk or Headbutt (rare though).

Dhalsim is more about avoiding AA situations rahter then stopping people from jumping at him. You gotta zone them and make them scared to jump by Roundhouse them back down early. In the instance that the get all over you one of Dhalsims best options is his slide. Like if you see a cross up coming occasionally you can slide under and punish with a throw, and re-setup your ground game. Another good tool is his Tiger Knee’d teleport as you can throw in a back fierce on the way out of it and add a nice mix up game after knock downs (Kick throw then tigerkneed teleport, b.fp land yoga stream or whatever has got alot of opponents ahah). Dhalsim is really good with mixups with his drills on opponents that are on wakeup.

Vs Honda

Dhalsim does pretty good against honda I think. Fireballs zone well and against rc happy headbutters dhalsims slide can go right under and he can punish in certain situations. Like if you are in the corner and you see a headbutt coming you can slide under and punish once he hits the corner and you recover from your slide. Also empty ultra slow jump ins screw up his AA game with his ability to teleport away at the last second. Sometimes when randomly jump around whiffing down hard kick drills Honda will try to headbutt me and alot of the time dhalsim just hovers over and drills on top of him if you wait and float up a little bit longer then drill down (same goes for psycho crushers).

more dhalsim stuff to come (sorry for going on and on ahah)

Good stuff Ratio1, Dhalsim is used a lot in Canada I have noticed.

RH drills repeatedly also builds meter.

Back+jab is another anti air that’s pretty important. If all else fails, this is the one that often works in a pinch.

A lot of Sim’s strategy from the old games still works in CVS2. Like that slide under Honda thing, from sf2. Or just the slide under as antiair, that’s WW-era as well. Funny how the sprites change but the stuff still works.

I think Dhalsim needs to look out for rolls a lot as well. Back+short is a good poke to stick out when you’re unsure because it’ll beat a lot of sweeps from far and it’s fast enough so you can punish a roll or block in time, etc.

yea I’ve seen a few Sim players…and I always sucked with him. My basic crappy strategy is throw a fireball, and if they jump in, do F+HK hoping to hit them early on. If they block, just throw another fireball…I don’t know…I see Sim as a good player at a far distance…he’s not the kind of guy that I want to jump in and get aggressive

help vs these people:


What’s a good AA vs Blanka/Sagat? RH beats me cleanly.

Also I have also noticed B+HP is a good air to air depending on the angle. I was doing these on accident a lot (haven’t played in MONTHS) and i’m allways counter hitting.