Dhalsim Advanced Strats and Tactics

Well if parry or jd are not available…

Yoga Stream or Volcano work great as aa against any character. In general if a character is on top of you, use sb lp or sb mp for aa. rc flame is good as well if you can do it. Use sb hk against a lot of low jumps.


Slides work great for aa unless it is against Sagat’s j lk which sb lp or sb mp will double hit I believe.

S hk & s mk are good aa from a distance or even c hp when he lands.


A lot of Sak’s will try to jump over you early after their poke strings. Be ready for it & use sb lp or sb mp to prevent the crossup.

S hk & s mk are good aa from a distance. Don’t slide as aa.

No normal aa will work against Sak’s diagonal kick & it will just bounce off a Yoga Stream. Best to rc flame, hit her on the way up, or defend/runaway.


Don’t slide as aa for him either unless you’re sliding under a jump & attacking or throwing from the other side. Sb mp works sometimes as aa, but not at certain ranges for some moves. Supers always work.

From a distance s hk & s mk won’t work too well except on the way up which will only work if the Blanka is very predicatable & jumpy. Other than that use pretty much the same aa as Sak. If you can time it right you can aa Blanka with the upwards flame.

When no aa works, you can’t rc flame, or just to mix it up, use his long limbed jump attacks like j mp, j hp, j mk, j hk, spear & mummy. Each can be used in different situations & at different ranges. One example, jump up or back, & if you’re about to land & they jumped, try j hk.

Other than that, would need to know what groove you & your opponent have & what else they’re doing to annoy you.

I’ve lost confidence in the RH as well. I would say that in the worst cases, back+jab is definitely Dhalsim’s best option. It usually doesn’t get beat clean, in that it trades at worst usually.

Any advice against these characters?

Chun Li - this seems so unreasonably difficult
P-Blanka - not sure why I always seem to lose this one

I also think using the air tele to run away is often the best chance in really bad matchups.

Chun, Chun, Chun, what a pain in the ass that is. I believe that’s one of the worst matchups in the game. So first thing is to move Sim away from her so they don’t have to fight.

If you must though, there are a lot of moves that you shouldn’t use at all. Like most of the long range moves, unless she’s grounded. Mummy doesn’t work very well either. Don’t waste your time finding an aa, there are no normals that will hit her. Good Chuns will know this & jump at you a lot, as they should, so expect it. Your choices include upward flame, rc flame, super/cc, jd, parry, roll away, & teleport. Play a runaway game hopefully getting some hits in every now & then. You’ll mostly be using his short range moves, but use a lot of spears when attacking also. But don’t get annoyed if you lose because he’s supposed to lose that fight. Also if you win against Chun, you are required to mock your opponent.

Against P Blanka, Sim may fair a little better depending on how good the Blanka player is. If they like to parry a lot, that’s good. You don’t want Blanka all up in your ass cause his jump-ins have too much priority. So if he’s trying to jump & parry your aa, you’re better off since Sim has a multitude of aa’s at his disposal to trick the parrier. And a low-jumping Blanka is a nightmare for Sim. Hopefully you have meter or use one of your groove abilities well.

When attacking lk slide is nice since they have to parry low & since it sets Sim up for things like combo to flame, super, or throw setups. You’re probably better off if you can get on the offensive against Blanka. Playing defense won’t work too well unless you’re clear on the other side of the screen.

:clap: thank you gadgy. Your damn annoying sim is dead next time he faces chun :razzy:


another thing C-dhalsim can do against chun is chicken block her crossup. it pushes him back a little bit so she can’t follow up with SBK trap strings, plus it puts him into his slide ranges.

but what can dhalsim do against bison? scissor kicks, crouching jab, and crouching forward are really difficult to get around, especially scissor kicks. any tips against bison?

Actually I don’t have any tips for Bison. That’s another bad matchup & may be as bad or almost as bad as Chun. Bison has so much priority eliminating much of Sim’s moves & double-hitting sucks since he does a ton of damage. If they do the scissor kick close enough you can punish like any other character. Many Bison’s will eventually end up with a scissor kick that Sim can hit & combo to super on. But Sim has a limited range with his close pokes as you already know, & that really hurts against a good Bison. I don’t think Sim can do any retaliation against a scissor kick that’s spaced properly. I believe you can double hit with the scissor kick using a sb rh, but I wouldn’t recommend doing random sb rh against Bison. Many times after I block a scissor that ends out of Sim’s close range, I’ll jump back & see what he does & counter as needed.

the problem with dhalsim against bison is that bison can nullify dhalsim’s fireball game with RC psycho crushers or even RH scissor kicks from full screen (into CC into ggpo). dhalsim is really solid close to mid-range with his 3 slides, but scissor kicks go over both. i remember watching iyo vs aojiru or something and his bison made quick work of iyo’s dhalsim.

and against honda, what can sim do against RC hands? his slides can’t go under them because they reach ALL the way to the ground. unless honda is dumb enough to do RC headbutts all day, dhalsim doesn’t do as well against honda either IMO.

Roger “fucking” Williams or anybody else, any tips on these 2 problems?


Man, I dunno, I don’t play against RC’s, Honda sounds like a real bitch though. I’d probably jump & try to hit him on the head with j fp or something. Or fight fire with fire & use RC flame.

Have anyone ever considered or ever seen Dhalsim in S-groove, I can see where level yoga flame might come in handy as a anti-air, and if your near corner you can dodge counter with the mp knockdown, then catch them with a level 3 yoga inferno before they land. Opinions?

i’d personally rather just have level 2 cancels, airblock, and roll cancelling in C-groove. i’m sure you could make him work in S-groove, but it’s definitely not his best groove.

What about a Dhalsim in K-groove? Does it work or is it just totally out of bounds?

I think down/back fierce link level 3 on reaction is really good, I’ve done way better recently by using that strategy.

Antiair I generally only 2in1 the level 3 upwards super off a jab, I stopped doing the strong cancel, it’s too unreliable. Jab is 100% guaranteed for the level 3. Level 2 take a fast cancel.

If Honda is getting in and RC slapping, jump and teleport away when you can. Just stay the hell away from Honda. Any FBer against Honda is a test of patience, Honda is just too good overall - just just plug away and stick to a gameplan that works.

A great thing to work on is running away forever, and keeping your airblock/tele option by only sticking out an air move when you know it’ll hit. Like a long range fierce ro forward when you’re descending. When people get close, teleport backwards or towards. Also mix up jumping towards them and either

-fowrard drill, connect with the body

  • RH drill short of the body whiff, OR deep in the body
  • no drill just jumping back+forward (can crossup)
  • fierce drill (most agressive move, good air to air)
  • jump, then teleport to a random side, to avoid anti air atetmpt. this is SO good cause you get to start the pattern over when you get out of the tele and get a new option to do…

this basic jump in mixup can be done offfensively or defensively ie’ do it jumping in any direction and mix regular with super jumps. This just becomes second nature the more you are familiar with Sim. He’s a hard character to get to work but he becomes intuitive with time. It’s hard to stick w/ him when you lose in the bad matchups. So easy to just pick Sagat or Blanka instead each time. It takes way more work to win with him at times but soemtimes you get some realy really easy wins too. people walking into st. RH and stuff over and over, jumping all day…hit by cr. fierce - super, or thrown over and over.

patience is the key.

Is there any advice for N Sim?

go watch iyo vids, seriously.

Links would be appreciated if you got 'em.

the go for broke hub using direct connect is your best bet, and the that thread is somewhere in the fighting game discussion.


so what can dhalsim do against P-groove? it seems like P-groove has the initiative big time when they jump in because dhalsim’s AA’s are kinda predictable in certain situations. any advice?

i’ve kinda been messing around w/ dhalsm in the user spot. in C-groove, he gets the damage boost (which is huge) plus having a level 3 ready is nice for all his attacking gimmicks. he’s a great battery, but he’s also good as a user IMO. too bad he’ll run into chun the most as a user.


Sup Popoblo,

I find mixing up the aa’s helps best against P. Let’s say you got someone that jumps in a lot which is pretty common cause people love jumping on Sim. Take Ryu for example. Not including supers, you can hit him with s rk, s fk, jump-fp mummy, upward flame, sb rk, & slides respectively at different points of Ryu’s jump. This is against his far jumps, so sb sp & sb jp would not be used. I would just mix it up & not use the same 1 twice in a row. You can also mix-in a short slide to throw for aa sometimes too. Many air attacks will wiff when Sim slides. Then they land & you throw.