Dhalsim Advanced Strats and Tactics

Figure I’d revive this thread, best one.
How does Dhalsim fare as a battery, since aforementioned Chunners and Bisons aren’t really seen as batteries, users sure though.

Figure he’d do pretty well as a battery in the three main grooves that function that way, C/A/N.
Don’t think his CC is worth it (gotta find it) compared to his C-Groove cancels but hey.

Since a lot of people in this thread seem to complain 'cause of his aa game not being easy…

Vs non-low jump grooves wouldn’t another safe bet if you can’t anti-air be tigerknee teleports away to the opposite site if they jump/superjump towards you? Then you get your free poke on recovery and floating down, land and throw fireball, react?

whats the best groove to use for this character? in everyones opinon

I dunno really but I’d probably say it’s C-Groove based on all that’s in this thread.
He’s not really a rush-down style character, so I don’t see how he can effectively rush in K-Groove, though he does have the tools to handle people who get too close and ends up pushing them back out again that’s not his game.

After C-Groove maybe it’d be A-Groove. Activation could help him out close up in a pinch vs people who’re trying their damndest to get in, especially when you’re doing a good job keeping them out.

I’ve only seem him used in C and K. In K he doesn’t really get anything useful imo since he can’t store meter, but I’d say he plays similarly in every groove

His AA game isn’t super complicated, I have it down pretty well. People are just lazy and want a universal AA. I use him in N-groove and he is too dope, he keeps me interested in this game still.

If you do that & try to hit them it’s likely the jumper’s attack will stupidly hit Sim’s leg/arm from the other side. F*** dat. Stand your ground & play solid defense.

I’d say any groove is fine but i would most likely choose A-groove! or C-groove! but other than that it really depends how you use him and observe the opponent and just use Dhalsim’s most benefitial attack when the time is needed! besides, it’s all about timing!

Okay, a couple of questions:

I play Dhalsim in C-Groove as a battery (the rest of my team being Cammy, R2-Sagat). I fair okay, but my competition’s not always great, and sometimes I get really beasted. Some general questions first:

  1. What are good ways to pressure after a blocked fireball?
    I find s.HK is what I fall back on most of the time, especially against taller characters. It’s got good priority, good reach, good damage, and so forth. I don’t really have many other moves I use though. It seems like anything else I do, either isn’t that effective (mid punch/kick pokes) or can be punished on reaction (anything involving jumping). What are other good follow-ups?

  2. What are his BnBs, generally?
    I know that basically any b+attack can be canceled into a fireball and sometimes a Flame, and I can inconsistently hit confirm db.mp and db.hp into super, and I can do a ton of crazy corner shit with full meter, but what are other combos I should know?

That’s about it for now, lol.

the best way to pressure off a blocked fireball is not really to do anything. instead just watch what they want to do. if your fairly certain they’re gonna sit there again, throw another fireball, wait. if they jump anti air, if they move forward poke, if they sit there, another fireball.


really like this thread, inspired me to start using C-groove sim. Very helpful for this Sim newb. was watching Iyo play, how does he catch people with the short slide into b.rh to fierce fireball…he’s so tricky.

Question…anyone got some setups for supers? is there any other good Sim players i can watch to learn from?

I think this is is better played by because he can dodge on reaction to the rc sicssors. Right in the distance of where bison likes to sicssors you can dodge , run-> slide, and d.lp. If the player starts to roll the d.lp then I think a quick run-> bS.hp will either grab bison or headbutt him ( I believe that this move has crazy priority and that d.lp recovers really fast). Mixing this up with level ones can stuff some of bisons rolls.

The key here is that S - sim can dodge without pretense and not be punished making bison alot more nervous about doing sicssors. In a roll groove you would just roll into being thrown or roll on reaction and still in the same position. Now dont do this too much because bison will eventually use his ground slide to react to your dodge.

also using run might be able to let sim get into the “unsafe scissors kick zone” faster and safer then dodge.

yoga bitches!!!

i enjoy playing dhalsim casualy,but not if i’m serious about winning. dhalsim is EXTREMELY difficult to get wins with against good-great players. i’ve seen some good dhalsim players, like iyo,and dream theater,but they seemed to only break even against AVERAGE kyo’s, AVERAGE ken’s,and AVERAGE anyone for that matter.

  if anyone is serious about using dhalsim they need to find ways to land a maximum yoga stream super. this super is very hard to avoid when placed properly. it will sometimes catch players coming down on top of dhalsim's head.

this is his only chance against good players. n-goove dhalsim is a good choice because he gets access to level 3 super at a decent rate, the same for c-groove. just never put dahalsim first up on a team,beacuse he needs a fair amount of super meter going into a match.

Iyo is in a while other league than Dream Theater… Everyone he plays is far above average.

While supers can definitely help, Dhalsim is all about keeping the enemy out and being patient. His best 2 grooves are C and A.

Im actually interested on A-sim, but I need to know how to deal with Guile…many guiles here are semi turtlers and thats kinda annoying for me, does dhalsim has a way of punishing sonic booms like on ST where he could do sanding HP and punish?