Dhalsim AE review

so I played today sim today at CF while Arturo(sabin) was recording the matches. feels like dhalsim is going to be vanilla status.

-standing fierce damage nerfed (feels like vanilla)
-back short and standing short feel slower
-crouching strong is fast and can be used as OS tech, hit confirmed to b forward extra,extra
-b Strong feels a little faster and maybe improved hitbox
-super damage def. nerfed, but not a bid deal
-standing roundhouse has a Little less damage
-overhead might be some-what faster
-drills like super but fierce drill feels slower

yang and yun are going to blow up sim

5 videos were uploaded on YouTube - teamspooky’s Channel

  1. YouTube - teamspooky’s Channel Sakura
  2. YouTube - teamspooky’s Channel Yang
  3. http://www.youtube.com/teamspooky#p/u/2/Re1P3L048Uw Hakan
  4. [media=youtube]2ELoyWp3w3g[/media] Yun
  5. [media=youtube]0y7TNa7lVvw[/media] Gouken

Thank you Adnan. At this point I don’t know who to believe on Sim’s back short, as there are mixed info being thrown around all over. I hope Sim turns out to be better than we think, because I agree that it seems Sim is pretty much the same, but needs more work and more time to finish off the opponent due to dmg nerfs:(

Edit: Good matches, but the direct links nr 3, 4 and 5 all link to the Yang video!

Man, just watched those vids and the normal nerfs hurt. Was Super Sim really so strong he had to be downgraded to Vanilla? I can understand the Super damage nerf, but the EX Flame and normal nerfs are :shake:

I don’t think the lk’s being slower is as much of a big deal as the normal damage nerfs. It already took forever to kill 1050+ health characters, now it’s gonna take like 3-4 more pokes per round.:confused:

fixed the links,

I dunno man, I been playing quite a bit of AE for a few days running so far and 4lk feels the same as before. I can definitely feel his damage nerfs though so it just takes longer to win.

We shouldn’t be complaining as our character fundamentally feels and plays the same. It could’ve been a lot worse where nerfs are concerned. Check out some of the other ‘top tier’ characters in Super and even middle of the road ones so we should count ourselves lucky.

Plus we got something to help us when we are cornered.

In Super, when you are cornered and u get in a 4lk, a mashed srk can hit you out of your pseudo-block string or at best you get to push them back a bit with 4mk but they are still standing and in your face. Now if you get in a 1mp you can immediately follow with another one into EX flame for a valuable knockdown and breathing room.

There’s nothing wrong with vanilla Dhalsim anyway as that version of Sim would’ve been decent in Super. Most of us here played vanilla a lot longer than Super so it won’t take long to adapt.

Thanks Adnan.

Personally, I won’t cry over some damage nerfs… A buffed b. Strong is nice! The change to b. short could be an issue but I won’t really know until I play AE.

So have you guys noticed any changes regarding his throw range?

In Vanilla, Sim’s throw range was notoriously short. This was changed in Super, and I believe this is one of the better buffs he got in that game.

So hopefully it remained untouched.

ok so day 2 with dhalsim and i think i won probably 30 matches today, since 5 wins are max; it takes me an hour to play again since there are about 50 people waiting in line.i really think that back strong is much better, i mean i was wiffing b forward then b strong godlike. i am starting to think that maybe b short has a little slower start-up since i cant even b short when in the corner or under pressure.

Hakan is not an easy match guys, a load of guessing. The bison match-up is feeling easier since the corner pressure is different and you can crouch standing roundhouse WTF.
guile match up feels different, now if you are at a fireball war with guile. You are going to gain meter much faster and guile’s ultra 2 has a slower recovery so punishing it is somewhat easier now.
zangief, ok his spd range is farther but the green hand without knockdown is GodLike, u can just tele back and if he green-hands again, ULTRA 2.
Blanka match up is somewhat different, slide reaches half screen and is pretty safe but then again you can ultra 2 blanks balls now, blanka players will probably play very offensive now.
Balrog match is easier now from what i have seen since random headbutts are unsafe and overheads are looking harder to link for rog.
I am feeling that the sagat and thawk matchup will be harder and yun, yangs divekicks are very weird to anti air, i mean b strong looses to it but db fierce is not bad. More updates hopefully tom guys later.

Thank you for updating us Adnan!:slight_smile: How does OS tech with down back MP work against the twins?

Thanks for videos, Adnan.

Look at db.mp range! It’s amazing!! --> http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/1628/dbmp.png

Could you test if:

  • at that range db.mp combos with flame EX
  • db.hp, db.mp xx flame LP/EX works.

Thanks in advance!

I noticed everything adnan said is true. yes gore, db.hp, db.mp lp and ex flame works and it is a easy link, this is now my BnB after an iat. it feels like ex flames range is better for punishing people that abuse long range focuses(dudley,akuma,cody,dhalsim). Yun and Yangs divekicks are really good and alot of times would cleanly beat os crouch tech or back roundhouse, and trade with ex upflame. Their divekicks are not instant so if you do an antiair move as soon as they leave the ground, like os crouch strong, at certain ranges they will get above it and land big damage combos. Yun and Yang, right now, seem like a hard match because they have easy ways around projectiles, U2 through fireball fullscreen, divekick hitbox trades alot, and their divekicks will hit you with an invisible hitbox if you slide under, but as time goes on i’m sure these matches will be figured out. One random thing i noticed is after a knockdown i did a meaty back jab overhead on a yang who did wake up ultra 2 and the overhead stuffed the ultra cleanly and it counted as a counterhit to easily link the short slide super. also if yun/yang palm a fireball do not poke with fp because the hitbox on that thing lasts forever and it will knock you down, and give them a free jump in.

Hey Dhalsim players, I recorded a few matches of BLG FilipinoChamp playing at Milpitas Golfland today. He played against a lot of NorCal talent including Pierre, Hoodaman, Lamerboi, LPN, and Scunscion before ending on a 27 win streak when MGL closed. Sorry I can’t comment on Dhalsim’s changes because I don’t play him, but you can tell his st.Short is slower.

[media=youtube]TNB0-uRhm2E"[/media] <-- Sorry for the weird angle on this one.

I saw Haunts and the rest of the iPW crew recording some HD matches, so stay on the look out for those soon.

Thx for those vids, man. Why you so gdlk Champ?

I’m really liking what I see so far! I really have to get down to CF!

dhalsim is exactly the same…
fierce does vanilla dmg which is 80 from 85 thats nothing tbh

Isn’t there a new possible combo with cr. strong to ex flame?


0:29 - what combo was used to punish the ex dp?

@anderson - cr.strong x2 > exflame is not much of a buff B.fierce > exflame is so much better in Ssf4 (250 dmg)

Do you mean B.Fierce > exflame was removed?

A buff that gives Sim a 2x cr. strong link ( xx Exflame) is pretty significant… no?

B. Fierce xx EX Flame probably still works fine.

The problem is that the damage on EX Flame was nerfed to 120 damage (it was 180 in SSF4).

sims new bnb imo is db. fierce db strong normal/ex flame still not as good as ssf4 but better than nothing. Sim players got off relatively lucky compared to the other chars.

also, db strong is godlike, its the new b. short