Dhalsim Challenge Mode



Having real issues with Dhalsim in challenge mode - Normal Level 3 - 1
medium kick into yoga flame. Checked Youtube but no challenge videos. Anyone have any advice? I just must be timing it wrong, this is killing me :xeye:


It’s a tough one, it’ll take you while.

First of all, it’s a close mk, so you have to go from b.mk to the yoga flame, half the battle right there. The good news is that you can qcb the flame, so that reduces the motion a little bit. Hang in there, it’s tough but it’ll come to you.


Yeh im having the same problem , i found some videos before on geif and im sure they’re some for every character but the titles were in jap and i dont remember were i found them :frowning:


ah great, thanks for the help EthDem. I will keep at it!


I was having the WORST time getting that move down, it felt impossible. Then I went online and watched match vids and saw that that is pretty much part of the bread-and-butter combo for Sim, (teleport, Fierce, Mk, flame). It took me a while to nail it down but now I can do it 75% of the time. Just go to training mode and practice, you’ll get the timing down… It’s VERY gratifying to be able to combo with Sim!


Best motion:

:l:+:mk: (wait for for hit spark, as it hits)> :df: :d::db::l: + :lk:

  • You don’t need to hit forward the stick.


finally did this. why is it so unnecessarily hard? on hard trial 1 you have to do that same combo into his super. i couldn’t get the super to connect right away and eventually just gave up because one out of twenty tries i can get the first part to come out let alone connecting a super afterward at the speed of light.

ok i found an unbelievably easy way to do this. b+MK, fd>b+LP. yep that’s it. make sure you do not press down or down-back. after the back+MK, you go to down-forward input and then IMMEDIATELY to back+LP.

so just to clarify it’s:
:l:+:mk:, :df::l:+:lp:

these new “easy” motions don’t coincide with the old sf motions. it’s very stupid and they should explain that these new “easy” motions are the only way to play this game


I wasn’t aware there were new easy motions - was this actually intended by the developers? Is it possible that by inputing df -> b, you are actually hitting d and db on your way to back? Training mode allows you to see input data, so I guess that would be the best way to find out. I will need to try this out when I get home.


i play a stick with a square gate so at least i can tell you that i most definitely didn’t press down-back during that combo. i’m certain i didn’t need hit down either. i tried it some more today and it comes out easy as pie now. seriously


Awsome didnt realize it could be made so simple struggled with this one for some time myself


Ok, having trouble with Dhalsim’s Heavy Punch -> Yoga Fire -> Yoga Inferno. Stage 4-4.

I’ve gotten Heavy Punch to Yoga fire, but not sure what I was doing right, 95% of the time I fail. I’m holding Back then HP, hold HP as a negative edge and continue from back to half circle forward and release. It works when I’m standing away from Dan, but when I’m close enough for me to hit him, the Yoga fire doesn’t come out, all I get is 2 combo hits from my Back Heavy Punch. Any tips would be appreciated … thanks.

:l: :hp: :db::qcf: then release :hp: ?


Yeah this really worked out well. I can do it pretty consistently now if I just think about doing this motion. It seems in training mode no matter what I do its still registering a :d: input in there after the :df:, but I don’t think thats avoidable and I’m definitely never in the “down” position on the joystick.


hmm, interesting. i wonder if the games engine automatically does it for you. maybe it’s not as simple as just :df:,:l: so the computer just fills in the blanks? i wonder if that’s how they programmed the “easier” inputs to work. maybe that’s why supers and srk motions get mixed up sometimes?


Actually, it hold back + HP (1 hit) > mash fireball motion with HP. Works every time.


So it would be. :l::hp: (only allow one headbutt) then with inhumanly fast motions :qcf: :hp:? Ok, I got it to work like that … that is what I must have been doing when I got it to link unexpectedly … but I can’t say “works every time” lol. I’ll keep practicing. :wgrin: Thank you.

edit: I found that when I go to do the Yoga Fire motion, if I double tap Heavy Punch after I :qcf: I can connect it much more often. I don’t like being sloppy with button presses, I guess I have a timing issue with HP.


this mk to yoga flame broke my controller… not that i broke in trying to execute the move, i broke it against the wall in frustration.


I’m having the hardest time trying to connect the c.HP, c.HP, c.lk challenge. Any tips would be nice.


Use b.cr X is the obvious thing I can think of for now. I think its theyre links so you have to time it pretty well. There are a few tricks you could use for timing, the easiest I think is the pulse bar at the top. When you hit your opponent, a pulse moves from the timer to the end. When it hits the end, press the button and your move should link (if its linkable). Im pretty sure thats how it works. Another tip I saw somewhere was think of it in music timing of 4/4. That one is hard if youre not musically talented though, but if you listen to a metronome or something you could get it.


c.HP, c.HP need strict timing since they’re links. when you go for the c.LK you need to hold down-forward so he slides or else you’ll never connect with it. the timing from the c.HP into c.LK needs to be slightly faster than c.HP>c.HP


For the last trial, it’s c.HP, c.LK, super. It looks so easy but I’m having the hardest time having the super connect after the c.LK. Is there a secret or do I have to do it REALLY fast?