Dhalsim Combo Discussion



Hey Guys, I was just wonder if you guys could help me out a bit with some combos for Dhalsim. I know a few punished but I seem to be only using the same two all the time.
b.HP xx m.Yoga Flame
or b.MK xx l.Yoga Flame.

I find myself only using the b.HP xx m.Yoga Flame when I catch a shoto whiffing an uppercut ONLY. I haven’t really found any other use for this because you have to get right up close. I guess the only other time you would use this is if you get a hard knock down and want to do a mix up with an Instant Air Teleport (IAT). But that is the only use for this (of course with the fierce from the IAT first then b.HP xx m> Yoga Flame. If I am missing something and should be using this a lot more, please, let me know. I find myself fishing for a b.MK xx l.Yoga Flame only when someone gets in on me but the main goal is to get away.

I guess my main question is, is there combos I should be focusing on the most? I know that there is a combo cb.MP > cb.MP xx l.Yoga Flame i think it is? If it’s wrong please let me know as I just saw someone else execute it (Example: http://youtu.be/3fpKP78NAgE?t=30s) But I’m not sure what moves hes using, and if what he is using is good to use almost ever or if it is just a waste. Should i only be using b.MK xx l>Yoga Flame? it may be cb.LP cb.MP or is that cb.LP cb.LP and then L.Yoga Flame? Regardless, id like to discuss combos here and if anyone has combos that I should be using and if you can give a situation or two on when i can perform said combo. I feel b.HP xx m.Yoga Flame is strong but so unsafe. Atleast the b.MK xx l.Yoga Flame pushes them out pretty hard when their right at range.

Thanks for the help guys.


Found a few, anyone know of any more and when to use X combo and any other combos that could really help? Lets build on this guys. Help noob sims like me out and even add in videos if you can.

b.MK xx L.Yoga Flame xx Super
c.LK xx Super
b.HP xx M.Yoga Flame
cb.MP xx cb.MP xx M.Yoga Flame
IAT xx jb.MK xx b.MK xx l. Yogflame xx Super
cb.HP xx b.HK


For close-range 5f punishes you can do db.MP, b.HP xx MP Flame.
Double db.MP xx LP Flame works good as well and hits more consistently than the previous combo.

Always remember that the damage goes like this (from most damage to least)
b.HP xx MP Flame (5 frames)
b.MP xx LP Flame (6 frames)
b.MK xx LP flame (5 frames)
sb.MP xx LP Flame (5 frames)

Since b.HP is 5 frames now it’s easier to connect it after a IAT, jb.MK


Here’s a list of juggles midscreen after a EX Flame. Basically you can do s.LK, s.MP, or s.HP. And if HP works you can do one of the weaker follow ups if you’re afraid you’ll miss it, unless otherwise noted.

Decapre: LK
Ryu: LK
Ken: LK
E. Honda: MP
Ibuki: LK
Makoto: LK
Dudley: MP
Seth: MP
Gouken: MP
Akuma: LK
Gen: MP
Dan: LK
Sakura: MP
Oni: LK
Elena: HP (not MP)
Yun: MP
Juri: LK
Chun-Li: MP
Dhalsim: HP (not LK)
Abel: MP
C. Viper: MP
M. Bison: LK
Sagat: MP
Cammy: HP
Dee Jay: HP
Cody: MP
Guy: LK
Hakan: MP
Rolento: LK
Poison: HP
Evil Ryu: LK
Guile: MP
Blanka: Nothing
Zangief: MP
Rufus: LK
El Fuerte: LK
Vega: MP
Balrog: HP
Fei Long: MP
T. Hawk: MP
Adon: MP
Rose: HP
Yang: MP
Hugo: MP


That’s funny you posted this. I actually ran my own tests today. Made a video too. I was able to hit s.LK on Dhalsim though. Everything else was pretty much the same. Also I guess I wasn’t going crazy when I couldn’t juggle Blanka.



on dhalsim, it’s probably because he may have tested them by doing b.mk or b.mp cancelled into ex flame. they push dhalsim too far back to land the s.lk . since you used b.hp, it pushes back the least so it was able to hit.

as for blanka, if you’re at point blank you can do b.hp xx ex flame>b.lk. against a lot of characters using dhalsim’s shorter limb moves can actually net better damage. against juri at point blank he can do b.hp xx ex flame>b.mk instead of just s.lk.

also since b.lk and b.mk are cancellable you can do teleport or a flame immediately off them. dunno, might be useful

oh by the way, s.hp can actually land on hugo, it just seems to depend on the spacing. db hp>b.mp xx ex flame, juggle s.hp for example. i wonder if this might be the case for more characters?


B.HP xx MP Flame does more damage and does not spend a bar.
Really, this EX Flamme buff is really useless…


it’d be much more useful if they nerfed the damage of ex flame from 120 to110 of just 100, but otherwise i’d say it is worth it against any character that can be hit by s.hp after ex flame. for the ones that s.mp or s.mk works against it’d depend more on the situation since it only does 10-15 more damage than using b.hp xx mp flame.


My original plan was to test lk slide to ex flame since it’s one of the most common ex flame situations, but getting it to counter hit would be annoying. In real matches point blank or raw ex flames are rare, so i just decided to use b.hp. Short limbs hit from midscreen?


This EX Flame buff works for -4 on block punishes, so you can s.LP xx EX Flame (wich always combos) and then juggle with anything.
But I guess the previous EX Flame from AE2012 would basically do the same damage right?

I don’t know, Capcom likes to screw with us. I can already see the USFIV v2015 patch notes

  • Nerfs: Lots of damage lost on most of his normals and specials
  • Buffs: Hard Yoga Blast startup reduced by 1 frame


I just saw a torimeshi hit dudley with hp after ex flame. I think it has to do with the fact that he did off a teleport combo (j. bhp, b.mk x ex flame ~ hp)

Combo @ 5min http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCXl6i6rdbk


Dhalsim has a character specific combo that is actually his max damage punish without spending any bar or Ultra.
db.HP -> sb. MK or MP xx L. yoga flame (MK version doses 238 damage and MP does 243)

This works on almost everyone if done in the corner but only works on some mid screen

MK version works on - Gouken, Makoto, Dudley, Guy, Dee Jay, Cammy, Sagat, Abel, Dhalsim, Juri, Yun, Blanka, Zangief, T. Hawk, Elena, and Hugo

MP version works on all of them except - Cammy, Abel, Zangief, and Hugo

db. MP -> sb. MK xx L. flame (213 damage) is another good punish that works on everyone and does more damage than sb. hp xx m. flame.
If you connect super at the end, the sb. HP combo will do more damage but it wont do more damage than the character specific combo connected to super.
The character specific combo has been around since the vanilla but Iv’e never seen anyone do it, typically Dhalsim players always punish with the b. HP combo. db.HP and sb.HP are both 7 frame start up so sb.HP is never the best option unless its a character you cant do the character specific combo on and you want to connect super.


b.hp is 5 frames in ultra fyi


yep. it seems that on big hitboxes like dudley and hugo (and surely more, i haven’t checked yet) that regularly can only be juggled by s.mp you can do combos that cause a lot of pushback and hit them with s.hp instead. the combo i mentioned with hugo (db.hp>b.mp xx ex flame, s. hp) also works on dudley. however the teleport combo doesn’t work on hugo since he’s not hit by the very tip of ex flame.


I forgot about that and thought it was a useless buff but now I realized he has even better max damage combos.
db.HP -> sb.HP -> M. Flame (257damage)

I just tested it on Cammy and Ryu so I’m assuming it works on everyone that the other character specific combo works on because it didn’t work on Ryu but it hit Cammy and the mp version of the other character specific combo doesn’t work on Cammy.

You can also combo the sb.hp from db.mp so you can do - db.MP -> sb.HP -> M. Flame (232 damage) works on everyone


not really, even just juggling with s.lk does 4 more damage, while on characters that can be juggled by s.mp and s.hp it does significantly more.

punishing rose’s h spiral which is -4 on block with s.lp xx ex flame in ae2012 is only 150 damage, while in usf4 punishing it with s.lp xx ex flame, s.hp is 194 damage. i’d say ex flame juggles in the long run will probably be worth it, just requires minding a lot of character specific and spacing stuff.


its not even about the damage it’s more the fact that they get push back out to st.mp range, and that is pretty huge for sim


If you want to use EX flame, doing b.HP is not worth it because the first headbutt hit does less than b.MK.
If you really want to use EX Flame, the most damaging normal in this situation would be b.MP, wich you can combo from db.HP/dn.MP but it’s an 1 frame link and very spacing dependent.
Safest bet would be db.MP since it hits far and doesn’t pushback that much.

I can see potential in juggling a cornered opponent and doing resets (like post-Yoga Inferno resets)


db hp>b.mp is a 2f link. also it depends on the situation too which move you want to cancel to ex flame. b hp causes the least pushback out of his cancellable normals so he can juggle stronger stuff after ex flame for a lot of opponents. you can punish any version of zangief’s green hand with b.hp xx ex flame, juggle db.hp, instead of s.mp. same goes for a lot of characters by doing b.mk instead of just s.lk.


You mean like this?:stuck_out_tongue: