Dhalsim Combo / Tech Thread

List combos and your favorite new tech here.

I see a lot of views on this thread and no posts. Here are some simple combos to get things started:

EX Yoga Flame is where I’m spending my meter.

decent punishing combos:
LP,LPxxEx Yoga Flame (4/5 frame start up)
Back+MKxxEX Yoga Flame (6f)
cr.HP,B+MKxxEX Yoga Flame (8f)

What I’m using out of v-skill and close air teleports:

j.HK,B+MKxxCritical Art

Why not J.HK, B.MK, MP Yoga Flame, Critical Art?

That’s sounds easier and even better. I’ll have to try that when I get a chance.

These are just my day 1 combos to get things started.

Yea, I noticed it worked because it’s the old standard from SF4. =)

bnbs (all Yoga Flames can be replaced with EX)
cr HP b+MK mp Yoga Flame (must be close)
sometime b+mk can wiff if you are too far, same with mp Yoga Flame so dependant on spacing you can
cr HP MP yoga flame or cr HP yoga Flame b+MK LP Yoga Flame.

In the corner:
cr HP b+MK EX Yoga Flame EX Air Yoga Flame

For fun?
crHP ex Yoga Fire Lp EX Yoga Flame EX air Yoga Flame (not worth the meter though)

Counterhit crlp b+mk MP Yoga FLame

Anti Air’s
Not sure if this is the best idea against invincible reversals but back mp to AA in to MP Yoga flame cause them to have to block on landing giving you a bit of chip. Also Spacing dependent.

You can combo out of EX Flame with a TK Gale for added damage. It’s quite difficult to pull off consistently, though.

st.HK crush counter combos into st.HP. Don’t think you can combo into anything else, though.

I haven’t figured out what you can combo out of crush counter b.HP. I’ll experiment when I get the time later.

You can land hk slides on crushcounters, was also able to hit HK CC HK

CH c.hp, c.hp xx Yoga flame works. Might be a better DP punish than trying to crush counter

I can’t seem to TK EX Yoga Gale. The input data says I’m doing it right, but I only get regular Gale. What’s going on?

This is what I have compiled from the board at this moment.

YF = Yoga Flame
YFR = Yoga Fire
CA = Critical Art
VT = V-Trigger

Close / Panic Combos

LP -> LP -> LK Slide xx VT

133 dmg, 279 stun

Punish Combos


153 dmg, 293 stun

b.MK xx MP YF

132 dmg, 235 stun

cr.HP xx MP YF

162 dmg, 285 stun

cr.HP, b.MK xx MP YF

208 dmg, 360 stun, must be close

Out of V-Skill / Close Air Teleports

j.HK, b.MK xx MP YF

208 dmg, 360 stun

j.HK, cr.HP xx MP YF

235 dmg, 405 stun

j.HP, b.MK xx MP YF

200 dmg, 320 stun

j.HP, cr.HP xx MP YF

235, 405 stun

Critical Art

j.HK, cr.HP xx MP YF xx CA

459 dmg, 405 stun

In the Corner

cr.HP, b.MK xx EX YF, EX Air YF

Counterhit Combos

cr.LP, b.MK, MP YF

cr.HP, cr.HP xx MP YF

Dizzy Punish

VS, j.HK -> cr.HP -> b.MK xx MP YF

Not sure if this is known and it is as far as I know completely useless, but Sim has a backwards kara throw with b.hp. Seems to travel pretty far too.

I’ve noticed you can’t do EX yoga gales if you’re close to the ground, like after instant air teleports for instance.
I can’t even do normal gales after perfect instant air teleports sometimes because I keep landing during the startup frames, really tight.

I have to input up then hcb+pp for the EX Yoga Gale to come out the fastest in my experience.

ok here’s what i know
IAT hp >2HP>ex yoga fire >2LK > VT
dizzy punish combo VS > jHK > 2HP> 4MK> mp YFL
if you teleport behind them and they are in the corner you can do IAT jHP >2HP > 4MK > mp YFL
counter hit
2HP > 4MK > CA > HK

In the corner:

Jump In HK/HP, cr.HP, b.MK~Medium Flame/EX Flame 

275 dmg with regular flame, 303 with EX flame

b.HP~Fierce Flame, cr.HP

Have to be as close as possible for b.HP to hit. So far haven’t found something that can link after cr.HP. Anyone?

your frames are all off. bMK isnt 4 frames and how is down fierce 6 frames in 1 combo and 8 in another.

People kept getting hit with IAT into LP Gale so I thought what can I get meaty wise? Came up with this:
Quick tech: As soon as the gale hits take a small step forward into medium flame. Back tech: doesn’t work. No tech: when medium flame whiffs input light flame.

Quick tech option is possible to get more frames if you input faster this was just the only time I was able to get all 3 in a row with minimal input errors and I was uploading from the PS4.

Yea, good point. I just copy / pasted them. Will keep updating things a bit every day.

I wish his C.HP was his crush counter. Standing HK doesnt lead to much for me.