Dhalsim Combo / Tech Thread



what would be the best DP punish ? cr.hp cr.hp yoga flame ? (ex if u have a bar)


The best with no bar is when you block dp: walk a bit to him s.hk(CC) walk again a bit cr.hp b.mk m.flame.
The hardest is against cammy because she gets distance when you block her dp…but still you can dash and do the punish i posted but it requires timing!
Use your bar only for some extra stun or some chunk of damage to kill(ex flame).


Has much changed in the way of Dhalsim in season 2? I’m thinking about picking him up but don’t know where to start.


In a big way man. Now’s a good time to be picking him up.

He’s much more able to keep people out thanks to buffed anti-airs and + on hit limbs now, so you can play the zoning game in a way that he kind of struggled with last season because of unga rushdown. Slower grey life regen is a big indirect buff for him too. 1F throw invincible teles mean he can escape the mika/laura blender a little easier now as well, where in the past you could only pray.

Just watch fchamp, yhc-mochi, and sabin/arturo to pick him up. Try to avoid panic sliding (and relying too hard on v-trigger to get you out on block) and overusing teleport, both will get you blown up.


I thought teleport was still throw able on frame 1? I have no access to the game for another week due to travel, but had a pal test it in training for me. Did he fuck up?


It was working against a gief. I will test it tonight, but i think it’s actually throw invincible.


Did cr.HP becoming 9f instead of 8f make the stun combo of V-skill j.HK, cr.HP, b+MK xx hcb+MP impossible? Or was I just messing it up?


I just checked. It’s still possible, but you have to let the float run out and j.HK as you fall to the ground. Easier to tele or jump into the j.HK.

That said, a better meterless stun combo is j.HK, b.HPxxHP.flame, s.HK. Does 306 dmg and 550 stun instead of 268 and 470. never mind, i’m retarded

j.HK, cr.HP, b.MK is the better choice once you’re prepared to spend meter though (both for 2 bar to do b.MKxxEX.flame, j.EX.flame and 3 bar to do b.MKxxMP.flamexxCA).


Not much has changed. He’s gotten better with the dp nerf; his zoning is a bit better; and he has more mixups on the way.

I suggest you start by reading through the forum and discord chats. learning a few combos and watching pros matches. You can ask here or the discord for specifics as they come up.

His inputs can be tricky for some folks at first, but it gets easier.


Tested reversal teleport against meaty grabs. The teleports DO NOT have the throw invincible :frowning:


It’s bad to know they aren’t throw invincible. It’s good to know my friend isn’t bad.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M4sc0zyKJ0 drill corner mixup, subscribe for more videos would be very appreciated. Live commentaries coming soon!