Dhalsim Discord Chat



To Join The Discord Chatroom Go to this Link:

If you have any general questions, match advice, sharing videos or any resources or just want to discuss the character in general free free to join!

[] Discord is a way for users to instant message group chat, it’s easy and fast to register. It’s kind of like a mix of IRC, Teamspeak/Skype and AIM.
] There is a browser App, Desktop App and Mobile App for Discord.
[] In the chatroom you can have different text channels for different discussion.
] I can always add more channels if needed.
[] You have the option to have avatars.
] Optional voice chat feature if people want to have voice chat sessions.
[*] Any toxic users will be kicked and possibly banned for repeat offenses.

Euro Dhalsim Looking for Chun Matchup Training

is the dischord chat a setback?

nothing is being documented. usually when i pick up a character i can go through and read the history of the character on forums.
i’ve noticed most of the threads on here have died out.


If it’s any consolation, the discord’s dead too.

You can go back and read the history on discord too though. It’s also probably easier to ask specific questions in there if you are just picking him up.