Dhalsim for newbies?

Hey guys, how’s it going?

I just preordered the Nintendo 3ds and the SSF4 with it (primarily because none of the other launch titles seemed remotely interesting). I haven’t really played any of the SF games but have heard a LOT about it. I was looking it up online the other day and finally decided to get in on the action! I’m really excited to say the least and can’t wait to start playing!

I haven’t played a whole lot of fighting games (just a few hours on the MK and Blazblue games). So, I don’t know a lot of the mechanics and such. I have been reading some basic tutorials and was wondering if there are any changes as far as the gameplay is concerned for the 3ds version? I hope it’s the same because I don’t want to have to wait for someone to put up 3ds ssf4 tutorials. Also, any advice I can get on ssf4 in general would be much appreciated.

As far as the title goes, I was looking at some characters and was really jacked when I saw Dhalsim because I am East Indian and we don’t really have a lot of representatives in games! Was pretty disappointed but not surprised with the way he was portrayed in the game. Anyhow, I am thinking of starting ssf4 with Dhalsim and wanted to know if he is any good, for someone who has never played the game, and as a character in general. I couldn’t really tell from videos I watched. In some games he got destroyed, while in others he totally toyed with his opponents.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Oh, and looking forward to playing with some of you guys in the future. :slight_smile:


i dont suggest you learn fighting games with 3DS , you will start completely wrong
best is to have street fighter on console like xbox or ps3

specially Dhalsim is not a very easy to play . and if you insist to play it on 3DS , you can start with some other character that are easier for you to learn the mechanism of the game , like Ken , Ryu and Sagat

but as i said in the beginning , if you want to take fighting games seriously you must not start with 3DS , use console and better if you get an arcade stick

I wouldn’t be dissuaded by playing on 3ds and starting with dhalsim. I started with Ryu for the first 2 weeks of SF4 because I was familiar with the characters and his moves. I switched to Dhalsim afterwards and haven’t looked back(mostly).

Dhalsim is a great character in this game. He’s mid-tier but he does really well against a lot of the upper tier characters.

My advice to you is very general. When using dhalsim you’ll be sticking out a lot of pokes. Standing HP, standing MP, crouching LP, back + LK, back + MK, back + HK, etc.

Here’s the thing… If your attacks aren’t hitting with ONLY the tip… then you’re using the wrong one. You want your attack to BARELY hit the opponent. If the opponent is next to you and you use a standing HP then you were FAR too close. Make sure that when you press a button the limb just barely reaches and hits the opponent. You don’t want the limb to go through the opponent character’s body and you do NOT want to whiff (your punch or kick doesn’t hit because they’re barely too far away). If you whiff an attack a skillful player will punish the shit out of it.

I think SSF4 3ds version is ANOTHER GAME.
Here we discuss about Sim in xbox/ps3/arcade version.

How do you think Sim can zone in 3d mode? Everybody doesn’t know because we are used to see distance in 2d.
If you want to play this game with 3ds in 2d mode, I think it still has too much differences (same frame rate? Same animation? Same frames? I don’t think so).