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The table of contents thread exists to provide organized reference to the most authoritative threads in the SSF4 Dhalsim discussion group.

This thread exists only to index other threads. All discussion should be limited to requests to update the table of contents itself.

This thread is a work in progress. Feel free to post suggestions as we’re interested in doing the absolute best job possible.

The second post of this thread contains a dated / rotating log of changes.

General Discussion

The Dhalsim General Discussion Thread
The Forum Organization Discussion Thread


Top-Player Video Thread
Community Player Video Thread

Official Match-up Threads

C. Viper
Dee Jay
Dhalsim (Mirror)
Evil Ryu
El Fuerte
E. Honda
Fei Long
M. Bison (Dictator)
T. Hawk
Vega (Claw)

Normal Discussion

Discuss Dhalsim’s Sweep

Special Discussion

Trading EX Blast
Fierce Flame Setups
Yoga Tower Tips / Tricks

Super Discussion

Yoga Inferno

Ultra Discussion

Ultra 1 - Yoga Catastrophe
Ultra 2 - Yoga Shangrila

Ultra 1 vs Ultra 2 by Match-up

Changes to this thread

Jul 11, 2011

Made multiple updates to fix the broken links that were caused by the move from vBulletin.

Dec 29, 2010

Added Seasonal Threads section and a link to [thread=260959]Final Round 14 (2011) Roll Call Thread[/thread].

Dec 1, 2010

Added link to [thread=258518]New Honda Thread[/thread].

Added [post=9807138]Calls for Action[/post] section to 3rd post of this thread.

Nov 30, 2010

Added link to [thread=258100]Trading EX Blast[/thread]

Nov 29, 2010

Merged 2 HP Flame setup threads with gore’s being the destination: [thread=234412]HP Flame Setup[/thread]

Nov 23, 2010

Merged the Bison match-up threads. [thread=213636]M. Bison (Dictator)[/thread]
Added thread: [thread=257688]High-Level Play Dhalsim Videos[/thread]

Nov 17, 2010

The Dhalsim forum has just begun an overhaul. The goal is to enhance the usefulness of stickied threads by reducing the amount of them and to create a table of contents thread for allowing people to easily find what they’re looking for. In addition to emphasizing the value of the stickied threads, reducing the number of stickied threads also results in more page 1 real-estate for non-stickied threads. Consequently, the table of contents becomes the primary resource for finding information by reference and the page 1 thread list remains as the primary resource for finding recently added information.

If you have any opinions about the new organizational scheme please post here The Forum Organization Discussion Thread. We’d all like to hear any feedback so that we can do the best job possible.

Sep 12, 2010

Finally completed fixing this thread after Shoryuken.com’s forum software migration.

Calls for Action

A call for action is a request for the development of a specific part of the Dhalsim sub-forum. The goal is to list aspects of the forum that could use some work and then to have Dhalsim forum regulars (you know who you guys are) take ownership of one or more of these items.

  1. New match-up threads for Dan, Deejay, Dudley, Honda, Fei Long, and Rose.
  2. A thread dedicated to Yoga Inferno.
  3. A thread dedicated to itemizing information about Dhalsim’s many normal attacks.

Please observe the highest standards of quality possible while contributing in order to build value for our section of this site.

Just wanted to be the first to send a belated thank you to Shawn for putting this all together for simplistic perusal purposes. Thanks, man! This clearly wasn’t a one-and-done 30 minute compilation, and I’m fairly certain I echo all the visitors of this forum when I say I’m appreciative of your hard work in doing this neglected but long overdue categorization. :tup:

Thanks. MrWizard was kind enough to give me mod status so if you guys can think of really good ways to handle any of these organizational challenges we can put them into action! We don’t have to make our life’s goals to change the forum every 2 days or anything. But, as we think of new ideas or new threads get made let’s just do our best to make this area a good resource.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Shawn for organizing the forum: some of the old threads that were stickied were so incredibly long and unwieldy that it was impossible to find worthwhile information. Plus, a lot of the information was woefully out of date (a ton of posts were over two years old, back from when people thought Vanilla Blanka was top tier!).

Now I find myself visiting the forums more often. Unfortunately I’m probably the worst player in these boards and I have little to contribute, but I’m glad this place is now much more accessible for all Dhalsim players.

^^^ lol @ you being one of the “worst.” :wink: Give yourself some props, dude, you’ve contributed a lot to this board over the past 2 years! :slight_smile:

Btw, lol @ “Juci” under Official Match-up Threads. :lol:

Woops, on Dvorak keyboard r and c are side by side.

You use Dvorak because you’re a programmer, yes? I have a programming friend who also prefers this layout.

For the uninformed: Dvorak Simplified Keyboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Back on subject, do you guys think we should start a Sim vs. Fei thread? I have 2 legitimate Fei threats here in Central FL, and I have a pretty tough time against them. Fei’s excellent focus can get him through limbs easily, as well as his ex chicken wing… plus his corner mixups and pressure can be suffocating. Not sure if there’s really enough information to contribute towards this matchup to warrant an entire thread, just curious what you guys think. I know this isn’t a vid thread, but just watch how tough it is for Sim to keep Fei out:


Fortunately, there’s lots of Mago vs. YHC vids, I just snagged the first one I found, and it shows good examples of what I was talking about earlier. It’s a 5-5 matchup, but not one of his easier 5-5s imo.

Well, I am a programmer, yes. However, for me it’s more about being an input enthusiast. I love identifying new better ways of interfacing with machines and then learning them.

The 3 original posts have been updated to represent a new aspect of the schema.

Post 1 of this thread represents the table of contents for valuable threads in this subforum.
Post 2 contains news updates so that users can easily see changes that have been made.
Post 3 contains calls for action. These are items that need some attention in order to add value to the subforum.

I now have like a million links to update in this thread. Weeee

I’m sure people would appreciate you fixing the links, as do I. I feel like I’m treking a hot desert right now and this little pool of information is the only oasis I can find.

I think against fei you need to be a little more conservative because of the chicken wing and focus. In this match i try to always stay ready to react to chicken wing. BTW I think we should have a match-up thread for everyone regardless of whether the match is in Sims favor or not.

links are dead

edit* soz u already know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yea, sorry. I just moved to the Netherlands and my internet usage is INSANE expensive for another week or so until I get internet in my apartment. I’ll update all of this ASAP.

I just updated all links down to “Juri”. I’ll try to do another batch soon.

I just finished updating all of the character threads. Next, I’ll add the new characters, then finish the rest up.

The OP is now completely updated.