Dhalsim frame data changes from Super to AE



Dhalsim frame data changes from Super to AE (old in brackets)


Damage changes:
s.hp 75 (85)
s.mk 60 (70)
b.hp 60-50 (70-50)
b.lk 30 (40)
b.mk 65 (70)
b.hk 90 (110)
df.mk 60 (70)
db.hp 85 (100)
j.hp 80 (85)
Super 60*5

Damage and frame changes:
EX flame 50-70 (90-90) startup 14 (17)
db.mp 60 (70), startup 5 (6), active 4 (5), recovery 6 (8) block +3 (+2), hit +6 (+5)

I was wondering why he felt so weak in AE… yeah he got raped


Are you saying that he has no frame changes to his standing lk? Where did you get this information? If it is true, I am truly happy, and I dont care as much about the dmg nerfes! He is way better than vanilla dhalsim! Also if this is true: Arturo, Adnan, FChamp… how did you guys miss this?

Edit: Or are you just saying there are no dmg changes to s.lk?


The official guide says no changes at all to s.lk, no frame or damage changes.

No need to call people out, it does looks slower than on console but I guess it isn’t. I guess Daigo put it in our heads from his comment when the game was first released.


It’s different, but not way better:

s.hp 75 --> worse than Vanilla (80)
s.mk 60 --> same as Vanilla (60)
b.hp 60-50 --> worse than Vanilla (70-50)
b.lk 30 --> worse than Vanilla (40)
b.mk 65 --> worse than Vanilla (70)
b.hk 90 --> worse than Vanilla (110)
db.mk 60 --> worse than Vanilla (70) (is db.mk or slide mk?)
db.hp 85 --> better than Vanilla (80)
j.hp 80 --> better than Vanilla (70)
Super 605 --> worse than Vanilla (705)
EX flame 50-70 --> worse than Vanilla (160)
db.mp 60 --> same as Vanilla (60)

All other chars have received that treatment?
If yes it’s ok, otherwise some nerfs are ridiculous. Super, b.hk and b.lk first of all.
What have we gained? db.mp with 5f startup… It’s not as good and fast as I hoped.


Point taken… I didn’t do my homework. I still feel he is better though! As long as the frames on the moves are the same, and some have been improved, that is was matters the most IMO:) He also have the godlike ultra 2 compared to vanilla (which I think is a good alternate ultra)

Didn’t really mean to call people out by the way. I am just wondering how the fact that his standing short is the same has been misjudged by so many good dhalsim players! What can make that move look slower if there is nothing different with its frame data?


So do you feel happy because st.lk is still the same?
I would prefer to have a crappy st.lk and the same damage as SSF4 :slight_smile:

I hope all other chars will have a damage nerfs or this will means that Dhalsim is way WORSE than SSF4, 'cause all his fierce/medium attack are nerfed, so your effort to win a match will be greater.

I hope they’ve AT LEAST changed the db.hp pushback… right now db.hp, db.mp xx flame lp is not a reliable combo.


+4 would have been an important difference, giving the possibility to use b.lk with 2 frames avalaible (no p-linkable) for a true blockstring. We will probably use lk xx flame EX as a blockstring instead.


i think the thing that will mess with me the most is the damage changes to ex flame. i use b. fp + ex flame or cr. b. fp + b fp + ex flame (character specific) as one of my main punishes…

they nerfed the crap out of that. Now you are REALLY going to have to prove your know your matches ups… you can poke the shit out of someone and they will be fine. ehhh… oh well i am still maining the stretchy bastard


well from what i have seen… db mp + m flame should work…

also, i cannot tell you guys how many times i whiffed the l flame after landing a b. mk due to push back. was there anything said about this? this is the reason i switched up to b. fp to med flame… if the fp hits the med flame is GOING TO hit… block string or not.

also, what is your source gore?


Wow! I never heard of that! Can you explain more please?


You must p-link the b.hp limb. Works only very close to opponent, and with those chars:


Wow, Awesome! I gonna hit the trainning mode today!
Can you also db.HP, b.HP, medium flame xx super or is the pushback too far?


No no, it works, but it’s not recommended to use 1-frame link for just 7 more damage (and more stun).

db.HP, b.HP, medium flame xx super --> 100+70+112+245 = 527 dmg
b.HP, medium flame xx super --> 100+140+280 = 520 dmg

Then the second combo works with all chars.


Talk about nerfed into the ground. It’s like they don’t want me to play AE. :stuck_out_tongue: