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I just had one of my crazy ideas, while I was trying to sleep: A crazy cluster OS against Rufus’s divekick/throw pressure.
Now this colud prove to be utter nonsense as I am only theory fighting, but my thoughts where these:

down back lp+lk+mp is an OS that idealy stuffs a divekick and techs a throw at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great to get some distance too? Let’s say you are in the middle of the screen and Rufus is pressuring you and you do db.+tech+mp->down->db.+3xkick: This would result in a back teleport if the c.mp hits as well as tech the throw. Now Rufus can delay his divekick to blow up this OS, so what if you input this: db.+tech+mp->down->db.+3x kick->back+2x kick. This would result in an ex upblast if you neither tech a throw or hit with the c.mp.

It sure seem like a mess of an OS, but it’s pretty easy to input, and if I am correct, it will pretty much get you safely away from Rufus if he doesn’t backdash (not likely) or throws out an invinsible move like ex messiah.

Please give some feedback, and no need to flame, as I am aware of this to be a long shot, and could turn out to be useless. It’s 6:30 am where I live and I still haven’t gotten any sleep!:S

To sum up the OS: :db:+:lp::lk::mp:->:d:->:db:+:3k:->:2k:


It seems interesting, but I think if you hit Rufus with db.mp, it’s a pretty good deal, you can backdash for free. Using back teleport in the corner will not help so much.
It should be great if you could cancel db.mp into a PPP teleport and change side, but unfortunately it’s not safe.

About blast: you need to press :r: :db: + :2k: to get the shortcut, so :l: is useless.


Ye I see the point on the teleport, yet it is something that I would like if I really need the space, as kkk teleport brings you a screen away. As for the blast, are you sure? I agree that I neglected that blast also has a half circle input, but I would assume it had the same shortcut as flame: :df::l:

Also, I believe that instead of continuing the teleport motion in to a blast motion isn’t necessary, but that you could also just do a fast blast motion after the tele motion instead?


I prefer :db:+:lp::lk::mp: :qcf: + :hp:
If cr.mp connects Rufus is pushed away by HP fire.


So OS this: :db:+:lp::lk::mp:->:d::df::r:+:hp:->:df::d::db::l:+:2k: ?


I’d say this would be easy to ex messiah through if you reset out of the air.


The question is if you are able to recover from the fireball. If you are then fine… let Rufus waste an ex meter:)


Sorry I messed up with input. Of course it’s down-forward, back for yoga flame as you said :stuck_out_tongue:
If you hit him with db.mp, and then fireball you’re safe, if he blocks he can always spam and win with messiah kick, cause of its about 100 invincibility frames lol

I’ve to admit I don’t understand why you want to add the blast motion in the input.
You mean if you’re still in blockstun during the teleport motion, do you have a chance to perform an instant blast EX?


Well fire recovery is awful, and if you db.mp out of dive kick you have to assume they’re pretty low, and I think they could beat it.


Have you tested it? I have, and it works like b.mp xx fire HP.


Now Im not sure what to believe, cause I haven’t had the time to test it, but I know that I sometimes gets tagged after a b.mpxxfire, if the opponent throws out a move like ex messiah:o


Filipino Champ vs Daigo rematch


(I’m creating a high-level Dhalsim video thread, it’ll be linked off the table of contents. Feel free to contribute and help collect videos.)


Where are Dhalsim players?
Look at the new threads’ views… it seems nobody is visiting this section.
Ski holidays for all or just people give up this game? :confused:


Active dhalsim players has always been rare on these forums:P I’ll take quality over quantity any day though!

So I just read the changes on the frontpage of SRK, and lets say they are all true: What are your thoughts?

Normals damage revisioned (some must have been nerfed, other buffed, some left untouched)
Backdash buff (same as always, I suppose)
Something about his cr.strong having a stronger pushback (retarded if true), and being able to do it twice in a row (safely, I suppose). Iffy.”

My thoughts:
Normals being nerfed and buffed: I can see dhalsims harder hitting limbs being nerfed, as they dealt quite some damage, but that being said; the longer I use Dhalsim, the more I come to appreaciate his weak and fast limbs, so I’d gladly have standing FP and Roundhouse nerfed dmg vise if limbs like standing mp and crouching lp are dmg buffed!

Easier to get away with airborn backdash.

Crouching mp->crouching mp a true blockstring? Really? And strong pushback? I don’t know what is being said here really… Any thoughts?

Edit: After reading closer, the “pushback” seems to refer to frame advantage, so expect mp->mp true blockstring or link:)




Ahahaha :cool: Deal with it.
I would like to get better weak pokes. More active frames on j.mp, a frame faster st.mp, a little better hitbox on st.mk, although it just mentions damage now that I actually read it. A boy can dream. I definitely agree with trading for a little damage nerf here or there.


If I read this correctly (good chance I’m not) I’m seeing that Dhalsim’s backdash has the same ‘airborn’ quality that they’ve been adding to everyone. I believe this means that low attacks automatically whiff during airborn frames.


It just means that you count as airborne, shouldn’t change the hitboxes at all or make anything whiff.

Among other things, it’s mainly useful when trying to backdash out of crossup mixup or something. Characters with an airborne backdash get hit into a reset state, characters whose backdashes are grounded for a frame get hit into a full combo.


c.mp, c.mp xx flame
be possible in the corner maybe?


Hey here’s an interesting question/discussion starter I was thinking about… OK, Correct me if I’m wrong (seriously, please do!), but it seems like Sim has 4 primary fakes: cLP, sLP, back LK, and back teleport(faking teleport behind). I’m assuming all 4 are designed to provoke jumps (or perhaps in back tele’s case, a whiffed DP or some other kind of action).

The question is: when, where, and how do you think each fake seems to thrive and why? I’ve noticed F. Champ especially, but other great Sims too, seem to use all 4 but at different times. Do certain fakes work better from certain distances, or vs diff chars, or during different situations? There may not be a “right” answer to all this, but I figured at the very least, this could spark some discussion and maybe also expose some interesting stylistic differences between different Sim players. How do YOU like to fake? Discuss… :slight_smile:

PS. A regular ol Sim question to sneak in: is there an ideal distance for the FB - TK teleport trap? Sometimes it seems like the FB keeps me from getting behind them, or maybe hasnt gotten there in time, or whatever. For both LP Fire and EX Fire, is there a “best” way to set these up?