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How does U2 help against Viper? If you can’t get a U1 off then how are you supposed to land a U2??


U2 is great in mirrors. Baits, and punishes. Depends how good one is on reaction. The drill> U2 usually works only once. However, there are often times in mirror matches you will find U2 as a great punish for lots of other opportunities.

I felt the same way about U2 initially about Hawk and Honda, but now find catastrophe is better against the better players. They won’t Condor Dive or non-EX headbutt unsafely. Funny, I usually use U2 vs Akuma, Ibuki and Cammy.

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Off Burning Kicks mostly


Besides what’s already mentioned, I like it vs. gief because he has to jump, even though with better jab spd range that’s not really the case the second you’re in the corner. Also vs. rog because u2 on reaction to a dash punch is better than getting one hit off a reaction u1.


I stopped liking U2 in the gief matchup when he started reacting to the my ultraflash with his U2… It still works well against lariats, but I feel gief’s U2 shuts down anti air shangrila.


Justa bit of an Offtopic (well not really):

JS Master is comming here to Brazil in January, for a tourney and money matches, so I’m really looking foward to have some Sim x Rog international competiion soon ^^. It’ll be streamed for those of you that wanna see it.
On a side note, Tom Brady is also comming here, but since I don’t play MK, can’t say much about it.

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I DEFINITELY use U2 in viper. Teleport -> punish super jumps / burning kicks etc. I mostly use U1 UNLESS U1 isn’t great in the matchup, then I use U2 instead.

Also, it was definitely cool to meet SimSim and Yagami at Red Fight District in Holland. I think Yagami was the highest placing Sim in the tournament.


Hello everyone!

Is a Dhalsim back short still 3framer?


Or its error in framedata?

Cause I read in the changes thats back short is 4fr now.

thank you.


It’s still 3 frames and was never changed. Daigo said it felt slower, and filipino champ and arturo comfirmed that too, yet it was never changed.


I’m just learning sim and at the moment if I miss a single anti air vs a decent player I lose the round automatically. I know how to escape vs mediocre players by using stuff like slide, throw, tower, teleport or drill but vs anyone who knows what they’re doing all the options I think of just get blown up and I can’t figure out how to get them the hell off me.

What should I do?


That’s correct. If you don’t correctly anti-air then you’re put into a terrible situation. Mostly you want to block. Learn how to block, take some overhead hits if you have to, take some throws if you have to. What you DON’T want to do is crouch-tech and get blown up by a hit confirm combo for 30%+ of your life. Throws and overheads don’t REALLY hurt that bad. When you get hit by an overhead just take the damage and continue to block low, chances are your opponent will over-extend themselves at this point because they expect the overhead to ‘open you up’. If they do something that leaves them at frame disadvantage then you can take the opportunity to backdash, teleport, slide into lp yoga flame, slide into light punch yoga fire, try to throw them, jump into immediate roundhouse drill then go for a throw, cb.MP -> cb.MP xx EX yoga flame, cb.FP -> b.FK.

3 main things that you need to do in order to play sim.

  1. only hit with the TIP of your normals, if they’re too close and you hit s.FP you’re going to get hurt, etc.
  2. anti-air everything correctly
  3. block block block block. if you try to escape you will be punished. Only once you prove to the opponent that you can block and that you’re the turtlest mother fucker out there will your escape attempts have a chance of working.


I stole your last advice for my signature Shawn!:slight_smile: Fun meeting you in Holland too!


As we know, in v2012, yoga blast will no longer come out when releasing a kick button (negative edge). Does this negative edge block already apply to any other special moves in the current game? I was just wondering if something interesting might be found in the process of Capcom implementing a new feature to the game engine: Like what would happen if you released Hk button at the same time as you pressed the Mk version? What if you plinked Hk release with Mk press/release?

Basicly, I am just asking if this negative edge block is a new feature in the game engine or if it already exist. Because if it doesn’t exist, I can let my mind go wild with ideas, but if it already exist, I can finally get some peace:P


I was absolutely unaware of this. Now… this is a tremendously welcome change. I can’t count the number of times I completed the BnB only to serve up a whiffed yoga blast into my own death.


does anybody knows if this combo works
or if anyone has tried it

yoga fire > IAT > hp > cr.hp > lk slide XX super


I cant pull that off but all the way up to slide it works… My lk slide xx super isnt consistant enough though

I DID skip the lk slide and found yoga fire > iat > hp > cr hp xx super And it comes out easily… You have all day to pull the super off it seems. Did cr hp xx super combo before? I never tried lol but wow this is an easy 430 pt 8 hit combo.

By itself, cr hp xx super is 415 :slight_smile:


This negative edge removal is so fuckin awesome. Hard knockdown on upflame makes the geif match up a little easier IMO


i played for 5 hours today with friends
and it seems that lk blast is very good anti air now and hard knockdown is very nice


Sorry guys I’m a little bit of a noob here but what does IAT mean??? Thanks


IAT = Instant Air Teleport