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Thanks Man!


Sup guys I am an Akuma player, I got lost on youtube and ended up in a weird video, I found a real life dhalsim, He might suffer from Ehlers–Danlos syndrome



Hi all, To all Dhalsim fans,
I am a new Dhalsim player, can you tell me how to cancel Light P yoga flame into Yoga inferno? I have a hard time doing it. Please help. I have tried it many times but I could not do it.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Tat W


You just have to do it. There isn’t a shortcut or anything. You do the motion and command, then you immediately perform the super. A trick that may help you learn to disassociate your execution from the visuals is to look at your hands in training mode. Just stand next to the opponent and do flame to super over and over. Just look at your hands. It’s not actually that hard, but you do definitely have to move your hands.


What I did Tat was do fierce flame - Super, just to get used to doing the flame motion and super motion since Fierce flame is really slow, once I got comfortable with the motions, I did em faster and faster till I reached LP flame - Super.


Thanks for all your help.
thank you very much.
I will try that at home.



is there a beginners guide to sim anywhere ?


Ryu matchup got soooooooo much harder omg


I agree. i feel its even now.


You have to fight Ryu a totally different way now and if he has super stocked sim can’t do shit. Did you know his fireball game is closer to ST now? That shit is nutz.


Yeah I know…well…I mean we asked for a balanced game and we got it right? That means we have to take the good along with the bad even if Ryu/Sim isn’t at advantage anymore. What do you think the matchup score is now?


Wont lie kind of gave up on sim from aE, and when I first played 2012 I was skeptical, but im in there


This weekend!
JS Master is comming to Brazil and we’ll have the biggest national SFIV tourney ever this sunday! I hope I can rep Dhalsim :smiley:


I still think it’s slightly in Sim’s favor because we can still prevent Ryu to get in. I’d say 5.5-4.5.


What pocket character do you have for the bad match-ups with Abel and dive-kickers?


Ive been picking fei in the matchup, but havent played it since the patch. That is the only match ill not play sim in idk about everyone else


These logs are from AE not from 2012.


I would think so yes, since I posted that on December 13th 2010;) I have posted my opinions about the 2012 changes on several occasions on the last pages of this thread.


I swear i saw this posted as “yesterday”.
God i need to stop drinking lol


Don’t know if anyone else posted this, but db.mp db.mp S.lp xx ex flame is possible

You have to be close. Mostly used as a punish 228 damage.