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No disrespect, what so ever, but is there any reason to use this link (except easier link) over db.mp db.mp b.mk xx ex flame? As far as I have seen, standing lp and b.mk has about the same range?


or even db.MP b.MP xx ex flame if you aer already close


No there isn’t, but it’s there.


OMFG just played a money match against JS Masters (first to five) and only won one round.
Goddamn his footsies are awesome!

Tournament tomorrow and I really got demotivated today lol, well lets keep trying! :frowning:

Edit/Update: Talking about demotivation, I got LAST PLACE on the tourney, just lost winners and losers bracket, and that was it for me. This year is not being good for me lol, guess I choose the wrong year to go to EVO :open_mouth:


Don`t feel bad losing to JS he has a VERY aggressive balrog and he knows the matchup pretty well since we play whenever we see each other.

Tip: If you can use U2 in this match it destroys balrog.


Yup I use U2 against Rog but I’m always too scared to use it and miss it.
Therefore I lose everyround with a whole ultra bar :frowning:



I’m on a quest to dabble into every character to find my “Team” Basically a bunch of characters on different ends of numerous spectrums. I’m going to delve into Sim for a while and see if I like what I see. Expect noob Q’s.


2 things… I agree about the Ryu matchup getting harder. Feels pretty even now.

Second, have any of you incorporated hk.yoga blast into your arsenal, for the juggle factor? I’ve only tried to use it a few times, not once successfully. Sticking to ex.blast for now, but I would like to utilize the new juggle at least occasionally…


One safe way to use HK blast, is to have the opponent in the corner and predict that he will try to jump at you, then HK blast and FADC backwards if you see he is not jumping. It’s not a good use of ex meter however.

Another way, is to cancel your b.mp anti air into light fire a couple of times and see if the opponent starts jumping at you (If you use mp fire, he usually will get caught, but light fire invites people to hold up forward after being anti aired, to get dhalsim in a block string). If the opponent is “trained” to jump, you can cancel b.mp into hk blast, and since the opponent might not see the difference in the startupframes of the two moves (fire and blast) he might jump and get caught. Since the opponent lands some distance away from dhalsim, after being anti aired, I’m sure the hk blast is fairly safe against some characters (without ultra or super) if you cancel b.mp too? This could be checked?


Brilliant, SimSim! I’ll give it a try. Cheers :slight_smile:


Coming back to Sim after a lengthy hiatus. A few questions to get me back into it:

-[S]Has there ever been a reason to use HK Yoga Blast?[/S] Well, I look two posts up, and there’s the answer.
-I know b.MP and b.HK have their own uses as anti-airs. I just want to make sure I have it right: b.MP is good for taking out those overhead jumps, while b.HK is better for right in front of you?
-c.LP or c.MP, which one is better to rely on? Does c.LP even hit low?
-I never actually understood the use of Yoga Mummy. Care to explain?


2 Yes
3 I rarely use c.lp and yes it hits low. cr.mp is your standard far low poke
4 Good move if you want to link it to super/ultra


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Thanks, I actually bought this. Thought it looked nice:P


Hey guys. I just found out that you can stop a regular (non-EX) psycho crusher with a standing LP. I realize that the preferred method, which is also more damaging, is a HK drill on reaction, but just thought I’d share this new nugget of information.


Actually, standing LP stops EX psycho crusher clean as well! Am I the only one who did not know this? Haha.


Any beginner guides on 'Sim? I know how to play ST 'Sim, but this is a bit different. Need some common setups and stuff like that, please. :slight_smile: Meanwhile I’ll do more digging myself.


Some new tech (I guess) against Akuma.

After you get hard knocked down (you’ll be) and the Vortex begins, try to wake up doing a cr.LP (the long reach one). You’ll stuff the palm and the whiff palm. Akuma will even land in front of you if he tries to do the whiff palm crossup into cr.LK etc…
This will also beat the normal palm with the sweep SO (You’ll cr.LP the sweep startup)
Unfortunately it won’t beat the throw because Capcom decided that akuma should grab ppl lying on the floor :frowning:

Of course this won’t beat Palm with OS Ultra, but well, at least you’ll have one more option on Akuma’s wakeup. Don’t abuse it, but try to add it to your arsenal of “oh sh*t there comes the vortex”.


I remember once Seth Killian talked about some very dedicated Dhalsim group in Japan. Anybody knows the name?


After playing Dhalsim since the launch of Vanilla SFIV, I’ll finally drop him (at most keep him as a secondary).
It’s come to a point in this game where everyone (except Guile) has an answer to anything that you do.

The fact that the most played chars are all bad matchups to him also contributes a lot to the frustration.
It got to the point that it’s not even about winning or losing anymore, it’s about not having fun at all anymore playing Sim.

Since EVO is in 2 months I won’t be able to learn a new character (tho I’ll try) so I’ll probably play him at EVO (and get even more saltier lol).

Sorry about this whinny post, but I really love this section of the forums, everyone is so helpful and I learned a lot here, but it’s time to play another char :slight_smile: