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Yoga Strike Backers maybe? They did the 48 killing arts of yoga. http://curryallergy.blogspot.com/2007/03/48-killing-arts-of-yoga-1-10.html

Also, what do you guys do in the deejay match up? Im having some trouble.


I think that was it, thanks!!


New Sim player here.

Was playing a top ranking gief player and my usual tactics didnt work against him. Its like the lairat beats nearly all limbs,
so whats your game plan against good giefs ?


Bait lariat and punish with St.Fierce


This forum is a bit lagging!

I know dive kickers give sim trouble, who else is a horrible match-up? I want to practice those first.

Also what do you guys think about training against hardest computers?


I have trouble with 20,000BP Guy players & Gouken players… also Abel & Adon.

Training on hardest against computer ? Not worth wasting your time… find 4,000PP+ players online.


What normals cancel into yoga flame? The only one I know is b.mk


You mean in a combo? Because apart from b.LP, b.HK, db.HP and db.HK, every short ranged poke from Dhalsim cancels into it or any other special.

If you want to combo, then:

MP Yoga Flame:
b.HP (first hit)
b.MP (counter hit)
b.MK (counter hit)
db.MP (counter hit)
db.MK (counter hit)

LP Yoga Flame:
b.HP (first hit)

EX Yoga Flame:
All of LP Yoga Flame normals plus:
b.LK (counter hit)
db.LK (counter hit)
d.LK (counter hit)

Damage-wise, MP Yoga Flame > EX Yoga Flame > LP Yoga Flame (before arcade edition, EX Yoga Flame did more damage than MP Flame, so a good combo was b.HP xx EX Yoga Flame. Not anymore, it’s a waste of meter if used that way. Use EX if you need a better blockstring or if you are going for a kill in the LP Yoga Flame combos that the LP Flame wouldn’t kill but the EX would)


In some top player videos I notice that Dhalsim uses normals while zoning and keeping out but when the opponent gets in Dhalsim will do a punch, kick or slide into flame. I don’t think he is expecting a combo just trying to create space.

So I guess a better question is what normals can be followed up with safely with flame when you are expecting to get blocked.


No normal xx Flame is safe on a blockstring unfortunately. If the opponent is mashing dp you’ll get hit before flame hits. I think the only exception is b.LK/db.LK/d.LK xx EX flame but i’m not sure of even that


Also I was wondering if someone would to like collaborate on an all in one matchup thread? It would really help newbies like me. I don’t mind working on it and/or just manage and format it, but I don’t claim to be even an intermediate player in terms of knowledge.

On a different note, Im having trouble anti airing s.hk idk maybe I’m not fast enough. Perhaps I should b.hk more?


s.hk only really catches people as they’re just leaving the ground. Go with b.hk. Knee of justice ftw.


Ya in the few matchups I’ve played b.hk seems pretty good.

How often or what situations does everyone use yoga mummy or drills?

And why can’t I b.mk xx lp flame? It comes out but it doesnt combo and when I try to speed it up flame doesn’t come out. Is there a certain timing? Or should I try to be as fast as possible?

Btw a 3000pp Dhalsim destroyed me… It was so cool watching him play


Damn afrocole U2 owns balrog apparently


So if I’m understanding frame data correctly why don’t more people use this combo db.hp -> db.hp -> db.mp -> b.mk xx hcb.lp?


Because after the second db.hp you are out of range


So I just got online and starting to play AE. I’ve really only ever played 'Sim but I really only know him from SSF4. Are best punishes still b.HP xx MP.Flame and b.mk xx LP.Flame? I assume there’s a change list somewhere in this thread I’ll look for, but are there any really major ones that are super important to his play?

Also just started using U2 (I was ALL ABOUT random Catastophes before and I’m trying to change that lol) I know there is a post somewhere that talks about set ups somewhere in this thread too.


I’ve got a few questions for all you kind people!

Does b.mp xx teleport work if it’s used as an anti air?

Also is heavy yoga flame safe after an untechable knockdown?


first question , i’m not sure if you can cancel to teleport on hit from air , need to see that although you have more options to do after anti air than teleporting

second questions, it depends on the distance and timing , if you do it late you gonna be punished, and also even if you do it correctly some moves beats it clearly like EX shoryuken and some command grabs.
but if you mean if its safe on block , yes you 2 frame advantage on that


Yes you can cancel, the same way you b.MP xx Yoga Fire on anti-air (this is not safe BTW)

HP Yoga Flame is safe on block but has a slow startup and no invencibility at all.