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yes but HP yoga flame is a good choice after hard knock down if you do it from max range you can even beat HP shoryuken of ryu, and it has like forever active :smiley:


Hi guys, I’m a new Street Fighter player. I’ve watched some beginners videos and finished some characters challenges, so I have some basis: I’ve decided to main Dhalsim, because even if people say it’s a difficult character I like the fact that I don’t need to learn combos with him. Now, people say beginners should spend most of their time in training mode, but even if I’ve watched a lot of videos covering basics I still don’t know what and how should I train in training mode, apart from combos. Should i register jump-ins and practice anti-airs, for example? Apart from that, I have no ideas. Another question: is it a good idea for a beginner to just practice online to learn mechanics or, again, should I stick with training mode? Thank you, sorry for my English


If you’re playing online you should focus on Anti-Airs. People just love to jump.


God knows, I’m having trouble too. Anyone?


Hard Punch the fireballs, anti air with b.MP mostly (on the b.HK AA range his jumpins tend to win, specially that ridiculous knee-jump).
And lots of block.

It’s like a harder Guile, but it’s not a bad matchup


you have to play dj just like guile…
– cr. strong the dread kicks if they are spamming the light version.
– cannot tower ex dread kick… just block it, its minus 8 or something
– after hard knockdown… safe jump insta air tele works with B RH (most reliable)
– if they throw plasma after you… st fierce after the plasma trades
– turtle your ass off!
– anti airs… rely on ex flame as jump down lk changes jump arc and stuffs sometimes


bc it is not possible


strong = mp?

what do people do against Focus Attacks? Is it just a matter of training yourself to blast on reaction, or do people have specific mental habits to determine when to use 2 x lk versus jumping away versus teleport behind etc… FA is the real death of me at the moment.


FA is kinda bad for Dhalsims to deal with.
Sometimes i just trhow then when they realease focus, but it’s too risky


A few questions because I couldn’t locate a q&a thread.
1.So ummm what is the max damage combo meterless (jump/fa db.mp db.mp fire is the one I see most but why not db.hp b.mk fire? sorry I checked his frame data but with all his moves I am super confused)
2.Can’t people hi/low mixup off of catastrophe? Like hk then u1 when they stand either overhead with b.hp or go low with cr short?
3.Why is yhc-mochi so good? I’m convinced hes top 5 in the world and judging by topanga so far hes the best in japan.
4.Why is sim so awesome? I saw the tele guide by cow and I fell in love.
Thanks for any responses. Hopefully you guys can answer everything.


I thought b.hp xx mp.flame (fire? blast? I can’t remember which move has which name…) was the highest damage. You can combo it out of j.b.hp and j.b.mk, but you won’t land it as anything but a punish from a grounded start. you don’t use db.hp opener much because it’s slow and characters in your face don’t give you that much time, generally.

2 things here: sim’s u1 is almost guaranteed to whiff/trade if the opponent is close, because if they aren’t already in the animation for a move, then they will throw you and your fireball will be wasted. Anyone actually at the right distance to have to block u1 is too far away for sim’s shitty walkspeed to make the high/low any good, you may as well left/right them with teleport…

Also hk in my limited experience is bloody hard to land, unless you’re talking about b.hk, in which case the above applies.

Don’t know, haven’t seen him play.

Personally I like him cos he’s very hard to play and keepaway in general is hard to play.


I meant hard knockdown like forward throw u1 as a meaty or something then either hit low or b.hp for the overhead or even instant air hp. It seems 10x harder to react to than a left right. Am I just crazy or does that seem better than a tele mixup.

Annnnndddd you need to watch some yhc mochi. Hard to find long sets with him recently but damn he is godlike there are like 3 videos of him losing on youtube and 1 is to infiltration.


I’ve been having trouble canceling light flame from d.lk when the slide is at the maximum distance and barely hits. I know it doesn’t combo but flame doesn’t come out for me; up close it does.

And for IATs does every do srk tiger knee’d… i.e. forward, down, down-forward, forward, up-forward?

And why can’t I stop jumping?


Yes sim can high/low off catastrophe after a hard knockdown.

@ Yoga you can only cancel d.lk the couple first active frames.




well I just watched some YHC mochi…omfg


Why don’t people do catastrophe then mummy then inferno? It’s more damaging.


I would assume because there is no left/right mixup involved. Opponents can block the whole thing.


On hit -__-…


Oh I see, I retract my statement :slight_smile: