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Lol. Nice try though :slight_smile:


I’m going to my first tournament to go 0-2

My execution sucks, I can’t really do IAT, hp, b.mk xx light yoga flame. So I guess I’ll be practicing that until friday.

Any tips for my first tournament?


Play as safe as you can. If you are leading in life don’t do stupid shit like teleporting in their face, let they come for you.


Glad to see you taking this game so seriously and advancing asap but don’t you think its slightly premature? I mean please don’t take this the wrong way but from some of your posts you seem very new to this game and as much as playing with better people helps you improve if its completely one sided there isn’t much to learn.
But sorry for being a negative nancy man, I wish you luck. I don’t play sim but I do play gouken and a pretty zone heavy team on marvel so what you must do is be patient. Don’t let them get in and if they are in get out. Also please grind some training mode the least you can do is practice the easy bnbs they are slightly more important with sim than you might think.
I hope I don’t come of as a douche but I only mean the best my dude.


No I appreciate it, I know it’s to soon but the entry fee isn’t much for me and I really want to get into the scene. I think the learning will come from handling pressure and when I get better it would be a totally new experience and hey not everyone knows the Dhalsim matchup right? :slight_smile:

I know this sounds lame but I really have trouble doing IAT KKK version, how many players do you think will notice that I’m only doing punch teleport mixups? I know I know I’m working on it.

If anyone is curious I pounded out some practice time and can do IAT b.hp, b.mk xx light flame… Kinda haha ad it feels so fucking good!


Nice good that you did. Try using the 4th triple punch/kick buttons for me its lb and lt. Might make it easier.


I went 1-2 and had to play my brother which sucked ass, we play all the fucking time.

All my anti-airs were way to early! And I tried to catastrophe and over and over got teleport which was lame.


Is it possible to beat cammy with sim ? :frowning:


No, it’s not possible to beat Cammy or Adon if your opponent is as good as you or better than you.


Best I can figure is he’s a genius. I watched some of his games not that long ago and I remember thinking: “That’s kind of risky…opponent can blah blah blah,” but everytime he did one of these “risks” on the matches he won, absolutely every single one left him at advantage or neutral. So best I can figure is again, he’s a genius lol


Always love to see champ’s sim!
He was hilarious at canada cup!
That one matchup were he was troll-teleporting was awesome.

Being anoying helps sim sooo much


Werd I love watching champ play he’s so godlike considering how little time he puts into the game but sheeyet did you see torimesingo (hope i didn’t botch the spelling) on yogaflame’s last upload?
That combo at 1:30 is godlike. I didn’t know it was possible then I checked the frame data and I still didn’t think it was possible. EX fire is only +4 on hit and b.mk has 5 startup frames but if you do the b.hp from far enough the ex fire hits delayed so you can continue the combo.
Sorry if I’m mad late just surprised me.


Champ was saying he practiced up again before Canada Cup. Considering as how he was one of the best Dhalsim’s before it’d be awesome if he started playing seriously again


One of the best things at CC.

Fchamp actually made me consider sim, but I’m just ass with him lol. I can only play him in ST and that’s probably because he’s cheap.


Played against a couple Cammys and Yuns in a tournament yesterday and it was… discouraging… It’s really sad that we can’t really be a Dhalsim-only player.
We really need to learn another char to beat those 2, they can do wathever they want and it’ll always work, it’s really sad
Thinking of using Honda as a secondary to beat those 2…


It’s doubly sad that it’s Sim who has those 3-7’s and not El “Street Fighter? wuzdat? (here, have some irritation and antifun and skidnoises” Fuerte. : /


Someone tell me that playing Dhalsim is OK and that you can win matches. I just need to hear it from someone.


Playing Dhalsim is like, super ok. I feel happy every time I see someone playing a character that plays Street Fighter. And yes, you can win. Unless fchamp, YHC and torimesingo somehow play some hacked version or something. You can maul me if you want to win at any rate, but I’m super bad still :smiley:


I just feel like it’s all risk and very little reward sometimes. I’m certainly not skilled enough to be on par with those guys, but I don’t think I’m terrible. Still, playing a perfect match only to get knocked down and bullied until you die can get a little depressing. I guess I just feel like I’ve plateaued at this weird place where I have no idea how to advance my game. I’ll have to start uploading matches, lol I need support over anything.


It’s Dhalsim’s lot in life - gotta play perfect for the entire round and some random Rufus gets in you die. I can’t fully symphatize given Akuma doesn’t evaporate up close, but sometimes that low stun is just so stupidly frustrating. Make one mistake, see stars. ;___;

Upload matches if you only can, that helps insanely much in giving pointers.