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Well i gonna show one mine, please point out my mistakes and help me, this matchup blows :frowning:

At 2:14:15


Who do you guys think covers all of sim’s bad matchups? I play rog but he’s getting kinda lackluster so I’m subbing in sim. But I also need someone for sim’s bad matchups so I’m looking at fei.

AND @Harc0re. Dude that was great play. Especially the start of match 1 round 2 but in the end you got cammy’d. All I could say is don’t get caught by ex divekicks because you were pressing a button but blowing up shit like that is cammy’s offense.


Balrog is actually a pretty poor Dhalsim sub - both characters have a horrendous Seth matchup.
If we go by the in progress matchup chart, Dhalsim’s worst matches are Seth, Abel, Makoto, Yun. Fei and Adon cover those excellently. They win against all but Makoto, and go even with her. Ryu seems pretty nice as well, goes roughly even with everyone. Cammy is absurdly good as always. Ken likewise isn’t weak against any of the four. Sagat is a bit soft to Abel (though less so than Sim), and does fine against others.

First round: Your play is amazing. There’s merely the obvious misread with the upflame. At first I thought the Tower might stand to be a smidge later, but seeing you utilize the same timing later it seems to be intentional to stay safe and recover early enough to punish.
Otherwise an excellent first round. Wish I was half that good. Second round is just Cammy being derp as Cammy only can. Nothing to do there but learn to recognize more setups, sadly.
Third, you seem a bit too eager to press buttons and end up eating divekicks as a result.

Second game, not a sim expert at all, but FA=> forward dash just kinda feels suspect. Seems like you don’t end up with much advantage and end up right where Cammy wants you - in her face. Second round, same problem. You press buttons, you end up seeing stars. The drill was clever. But yeah, long story short, you play damn well, just gotta keep your cool and block, block, block. If you can do that you’ll probably win vs. him the next time.


so i was in the lab yesterday and doing IAT -> (j)B.HP -> B.mk xx lp yoga flame and the yoga flame was always just barely out of range, if I switched to b.mp xx lp yoga flame it connects, i always remember using b.mk xx lp yoga flame though, what do you guys think I’m doing wrong? Or has b.mk xx lp yoga flame changed in nature?


Specially on Ryu/Ken/Akuma the lp Yoga Flame whiffs a lot after a b.MK.
With b.MP it always hits, but sometimes the actual b.MP whiffs after a jb.HP.

A good normal to throw in this cases is db.MP instead of b.MP. It does less damage but makes the combo more consistent.

A good second step after this is practcing until you see (during your jb.HP) wich normals will or will not connect.
If you know you’re gonna land too far to combo the yoga flame, just do db.MP, b.MK link to guarantee some damage and spacing. And you can cancel the b.MK into teleport if appropriate.

Edit: there’s also the b.HP xx mp yoga flame that seems to connect almost everytime, but sometimes you don’t have enough blockstun to land it after your jumping attack


I was wondering what other peoples approach to the spacing of pokes are? I’ve read in many places that the goal is always to hit with the very tip of every poke, but I figure it makes you much more susceptible to getting counter-hit (especially with s.lk and s.mp) by normals that alter the opponents hurtbox even slightly. Is it situational whether or not getting the most range for your buck is worth it or not (e.g. Ryu has meter and can OS a super from a counter-hit), or is it not really worth worrying about?


So about the seth matchup, do you just die for free?

I throw a fireball from full screen he just wall jumps j.hk combos me then i get vortexed for free and die. Are there some common things I should know that dhalsim can do in the matchup or does he really just have no answers to him?


I just go nuts!
Divekicks and teleports all over the place! Rush him down! Seth doesn’t play street fighter so i don’t play dhalsim!


The above seems good. Torimesingo at least seems to go aggro to keep Seth from doing things.


It’s basically what you gotta do against Cammy and Viper too.
And Yun… well, that’s a bad matchup IMO, I think it’s worse than Cammy


Is there a list out there of what moves you can juggle with whilst Ultra 1 is hitting them in the air?


i think it’s only Mummy, Yoga Flame, or Super. (After the ultra ends)
Yoga Blast may juggle too but it’s probably too hard to make up for it.

But if you mean during the Ultra, it’s basically any move, but you’ll take them out of the ultra if you hit them.


So all his normals juggle?


Yes but if you mistime then you will pull the opponent out of the Yoga Catastrophe.
Hit the trainning mode and try different stuff so you can get the timming and feeling


Did anyone watch SCR2013 yesterday. FChamp had some hard match-ups. Never realized how tough the Guy match-up was. FGTV got put to shame by the new guys on the block.


guy is not hard… he just doesn’t know it or play a guy on a high level. not to mention the guy player went absolutely crazy. it just happened to work out.

its the same thing as playing the best dudly in the world… no body would know what the F to do. match up familiarity is everything.


New to Dhalsim and SF4 in general ( just picked it up in December x.x I know I’m late). Are there any solid guides or tutorials for Sim? I’ve looked for a little while and haven’t seen much of anything besides videos of the pro sim players. Just don’t want to develop any bad habits before I start grinding. Any advice for a fresh dhalsim player or point me in the right direction?



Understanding proper teleport use is key. It’s one reason I suck with Sim :stuck_out_tongue:
Dhalsim is a fundamentals and spacing character - the most important thing is to understand your normals and what spaces they cover, and being able to apply that knowledge. Thankfully, this means pressing buttons in training mode a good bit (but not really rote practice), looking up hitboxes, and just playing and watching a lot to absorb and figure out proper normal use. So study a bit, think, play, analyze, play. And if you have a patience problem, RUN. Choose some other character. Dhalsim is a patient man’s character.

That’s the heart of Dhalsim. Buttons and teleports. Thought and lots of sheer patience.
(If you ask me anyway, by all means listen to the actual Sim mainers instead of the dabbler if our opinions contradict)


If I wanted to learn Sim, where is the best place to learn how to? I know of the top Sim players, but I need to learn a new char, and my main just isn’t growing, so rather than quit, I’ll try Sim out and see if I can hack it.


You at one of the bes places if you want to learn Sim. There’s experienced Sim players here that can maybe answer some of you questions. There’s match-up info and videos of the amatuers, xbl, and pro players. With Sim it’s extremly important to understand the match-ups and get a grasp of his normals. After you have that down you can learn BnB combos and then Tele set-ups.