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Tele escapes/positioning before BnBs perhaps? Not set play, but getting out of the corner and mitigating the floaty jump and such.


Tbh, outside of trials and just messing around in endless, I never really played any Sim. Ever lol. I like to play rushdown chars, but zoning is foreign and weird for me. But I like how you Sim players can control the screen and keep ppl at bay if you know what you’re doing.

I just saw the video posted by Emperor about teleports and I’m gonna try and learn how to do that and build from there.

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It’s about as simple as just sitting there. Throw a yoga fire or faint with a pulled-back poke, see the opponent do something and put a limb in his way. See what spaces they cover in training mode.

If you fail to keep the opponent out, main close range antiairs are:
b.hk = the knee = god. Big hitbox with ridiculous priority. 6f startup, a lot of active frames, safe to use against grounded opponents, even. Will kill most any jumpin that lands in front of you.
b.mp = upwards chop. Covers the front right next to you, about 45 degree angle up-forward from your head both with relatively low priority, and has good priority right above your head.
hcb+KK = EX Yoga Blast. 4f invincible, 5f is the first active frame. Insane amount of active frames, hard kd so you can escape afterwards.


Been messing with Sim in the lab for awhile now but have never decided to actually play him (but I’m now planning to main him) and I think I might have found some 50/50 unblockables.
I’m sure most of you are probably already aware of this but here goes nothing:

After a forward throw, U1, then during the animation: hold up (which will of course cause a neutral jump), and almost immediately press lp. If the opponent is crouch blocking on wake up, they’re eating sun. So it’s 50/50.

The other being typically the same but instead of neutral jumping after the animation of U1, simply hit 'em with either a lk or mk slide. If the opponent decides to stand block, this’ll catch 'em. 50/50 as well all depending on which way the opponent blocks.

If you manage to AA an ex yoga blast, quickly dash twice and throw out the sun. Then start the 50/50 unblockable.

(all these tested on Gen)

I’m sure most of you guys already know about this, but I’m posting it just in case. I think it’s pretty useful. It helps to study the opponent and see how they’re blocking throughout the match, it’ll give you an idea of which 50/50 to do. I mean hey, that’s what Sim’s all about; STUDYIN’ THAT OPPONENT SON.


One setup that i’m trying nowadays is backthrow, ultra 1, PPP air teleport (around mid air) and LK drill.
If done correctly your opponent will see you crossing him up, but the Ultra will hit after the LK drill, so you are crossing him again (basically ending in the same spot where you did the Ultra 1)
You can mix this with the other drills to not cross them up


You’ve never seen me play. Nothing I ever do is simple lol. But I appreciate the help. I like the idea of him keeping ppl away…I played a high ranked Sim earlier today, and got nowhere near him (Liquid something, but I forgot the gt)

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This sounds great. Can’t wait to try it out. I’ve been looking for backthrow setups.


Excuse my double post guys.
As far as I can tell, the reason we don’t have a combo thread is because most of Dhalsim’s combos are too character specific.
So why don’t we get a character specific combo thread going? I’ve seen other forums do it and it seems like us Sim’s would probably benefit from one more so than the other characters who actually have 'em.
Would anyone like to do the honors or is this just a shot idea?



or you can always combo flame from cr mp or cr mk and it hits everyone put one or two


is there any invincibility on Dhalsim’s Ultra II?

When using Ultra II as anti air, it makes sense to jump BACK and then do a double qcf motion, but it’s just sooo much easier to try and tiger knee it by doing a double qcf and end with up forward.

If there IS NO invincibility, then I guess it’s best to bite the bullet and master the more difficult way.


It has 9 frames of invincibility.

Regardless, jumping back and then doing the double qcf motion doesn’t make any sense. You can tiger knee U2 with a forward, neutral, or back jump.


Is there a guide anywhere that tells you what uses each of Sims normals has?


Dunno. But small pointers:

b.hk, b.mp = your goto antiairs along with EX Yoga Blast
b.lk, b.mk, st.lk for building space
st.mk, st.hk, (I think) j.mp = long range AA

The rest is either a bit more involved stuff I’m not sure about (combos and whatnot) or pretty self-explanatory (this limb is in that part of the screen, hit when opponent is going there). As with fireball characters, baiting opponent reactions with pulled-back limbs is a good way to get them to open themselves up for a smack.

After grokking some of those normals and EX Blast AA, there’s a video on these forums and on youtube that teaches you things about Yoga Teleport. Practice and master it. It’s the key to being remotely effective with Sim.

EDIT: Fixed an embarassing mistake. Of course, The Knee is a kick and not a punch.


I know about all those normals. Im mainly looking for the advanced applications of his short and forward slides. Also if there is ever a need to use his downforward heavy punch?


Alas, my slide-fu is abysmal at best. Need to wait for Playingtowin or someone else who plays Sim actively.


Yeah Im just annoyed I was never a Sim player back when people like FChamp and Arturo were dominating in Super days. Like I know they were doing all this advanced stuff with all of his normals back then and I wouldve taken alot of notes. I could always watch videos of LuckyD or something but I would rather consult a guide or a write up or something.


Another good source for high level sim is Torimeshi/torimesingo. Dude’s godlike with Sim.


Hi guys, I’m trying to make a statistic regarding combos (all characters) and I need a little help. I need 2 combos per character:

  • Best BnB combo
  • Best punish combo
    It doesn’t matter how many bars uses, but it must work midscreen, on at least half the cast, at least standing, and it should be practical. No jump in/counterhit/Ultra/Super.
    Also, if the same combo is used as bnb and for punish, then I list only 1. Thank you

For now I found B+HP xx M yoga flame = 210 dmg. Anything better ?


The best punish is basically b.HP xx M Yoga Flame, but if you wanna work your damage a bit, try db.MP, b.MP xx LP Yoga Flame (a bit better damage with EX Yoga Flame but not worth the bar).
You have to be really close tho

Also, db.HP, b.MK xx LP Yoga Flame