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Agreed, hes a hard character to balance. However even with all the above changes I still think hed have his bad matchups (dive kick characters). With the way he is now you’d have to go really out of your way to make sim broken and I dont think the balancing team at capcom are doing this.

The removal of yoga fire cancel into ultra and loss of hard kd from ex upblast just makes me think they dont understand this character at all. Why not just let him be a zoning and keep away beast? I know stream monsters hate that shit but can we forget the spectator aspect of the game for just this one character.


I’d try just 3f back short and more damage.


just fyi, Sim already has a 3f back short

I don’t know why that old nerf rumor still persists



Wow really ok Im an idiot.


As for this, I don’t think there’s much else to be done than learning to convert as well as possible. Apart from my occasional Sim play, Akuma has the same gameplan and there just isn’t much else to do than keeping Hawk at bay and running away. The zoner has solid control but the required consistency is stupid.


I don’t know much about this matchup other than watching videos and playing random Hawk players online but I think the best way to approach it is to focus on the runaway aspects of sim’s kit more than you would in other matches. Don’t put too much stock into trying to harrass him with limbs at mid/long range because he can condor spire/tomahawk through them. Try and keep him in check with yoga fires outside of condor dive range because he’ll either land on them if he does or you will block the dive in time and can punish. If you do this well enough the T hawk will probably get antsy and try and do weird stuff to get in on you like random light dp’s to blow up limbs (which is why you shouldnt do them), empty jump condor spire or EX dive in the hope of getting a random crossup. Just stay cool and navigate around him and punish him well.

(I by no means have any proper information on this match, it’s just the way I try and play it and see other more qualified sims play it.)


Everytime i try to punish a -3 move with b.LK, it always fails. I can hit them with LK slide everytime tho.
I know the framedata says it’s a 3 framer, but the more I test it, the less I believe in it. It seems to be a 4 framer now, wich is probably why the “rumor” is still alive. Maybe the frame data on srk is wrong on this specific move?


I always heard Arturo complaining about that change and assumed it was true. I echo the thoughts of hardc0re though, as it doesnt feel like a 3 framer.



Gonna try that move on trainning mode, it’s a good move to test it because it leaves both chars right next to each other


What’s everybody’s thoughts on Dual Ultras for Sim in US4? I think that he’s going to heavily benefit from it against certain characters. People will be scared shitless to jump in on him. Just my $0.02… but I think it’s going to make it easier against floaty characters such as Ibuki and Viper.


What were the matchups that U2 was a must for in AE 2012? Im still pretty new to sim so have just been using U1 in every matchup.


I’m thinking in using 2 ultras against the very bad matchups (Yun, Cammy) because U1 is basically needed for corner escaping only, you actually can’t use it as a damage dealer, but you need to use it to escape corner 1 time per round.
And you since they can risk so much in these matchups (like doing DPs just because they can) U2 can help on the damage part to make them respect us a bit more.


If in the final build you can’t use Yoga Catastrophe after EX blast or after a Yoga Fire, I’m definitely going to use dual ultras in 90% of matches.


Oh, there’s also that…
You won’t be able to get a Yoga Fire Jump with U1 anymore, and Yoga Blast will lose it’s hard knowckdown.

So yeah, U1 is basically a corner escape now. Better use both




Dhalsim sucks both at close range and at far away as well :frowning:


USF4 changes, as reported thus far:


  • Standing Medium Kick now hits twice.

  • Standing Medium Punch is now 9f. One less frame of hitstun to the opponent.

  • Standing Heavy Punch does 80 damage. +1 more frame of advantage on hit.

  • Standing Medium Kick does 70 damage (40+30), and 200 stun (100+100).

  • Back Light Kick does 40 damage.

  • Back Medium Kick gives less knockback both on hit and block.

  • Back Heavy Kick does 100 damage.

  • Light Yoga Blast has a smaller hurtbox.

  • Medium Yoga Blast startup changed to 14f.

  • EX Yoga Blast does 150 damage (90+60), gives soft knockdown, forward hitbox increased.

  • EX Yoga Flame does 140 damage (70+70), has a bigger hitbox.

  • Yoga Shangri-La hitbox increased.


Cannot wait to see how much of a game changer his st.mk is going to be. Increased U2 range will also come in very handy. I’m super excited. Sim looks to be getting closer to his glory days.


I got a chance to play a beta build of USF4 back in October at the Capcom offices in the UK and played Dhalsim alot. This build was quite behind the current one thats being shown in Japan/America/Sweden. There were no new characters and and a few other things were different to the current betas. After playing Dhalsim that day I sent this to Dawgtanian and he said would include it in his report. Basically the gist of this essay I wrote was to increase damage for Dhalsim all round, but I specifically said adding 10-20 more damage on anti air normals would be ideal. Looks like they went that direction for this current build where B+HK has had damage increased to 100 now I believe, among other things.


Do you think what I wrote was fair? Didnt wanna come off as too whiney. I hate the stereotype of eventhubs commenters who just complain their character is ass but I think in Dhalsims case a bit of complaining is fair.