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Sorry to disappoint you all but these buff still counts for nothing considering other characters will be buffed as well. Dhalsim will still have many bad match ups and will never be a viable character.

Like Sabin said. Just delete Dhalsim from the roster since the character is useless LOL.


Good write up! Seems like they left ex blast soft knock down, but made it easier to hit with (horizonal range).

I still think they should give Sim something to deal with dive kick chars though. Maybe smaller hurtbox on short slide (On his head as he slides), so that he can successfully slide under divekicks without getting tagged. This won’t make the other matchups harder as he can alredy slide under their jump.

What is this you are saying about canceling a yoga fire in to ultra 1? If this is possible I never knew! I have always waited for the recovery of the fireball to end, then done u1.


Sim’s bad match ups will still stay the same. You are right SimSimIV they need to give Dhalsim something to deal with dive kicks.

Capcom increased Dhalsim’s damage output but it’s really nothing compared to the buffs other strong characters are getting.

I feel bad for you Dhalsim players even Dan is better which is sad.


I think he means like you cannot Catastrophe with a Fire on screen. Similar to Ryu and his Super, he was nerfed (from vanilla to super or super to AE, don’t remember exactly) where he could not do Super if there was a Hadouken on screen.

I hope they don’t do this, it helps zoning when opponents are extra intimidated to jump over projectiles.

I was thinking about delayed wake-up and soft knockdown on blast, looks like we are going to be doing are mix-ups way less. I hope the damage buff is enough to make up from all the mix-up damage we used to get. Thankfully U1 is slow so the opponent will still be in it if they delay their wake-up, though it may be easier for them to block the mix-up. Depending on how good U1 still is for mix-up, I think U2 might be the way to go. No sure about double, I don’t think cutting Dhalsim’s damage in any way is good, even for the extra options.



Sim has been my main chara since sf4, have had almost 2 years brake cause been playing sfxt. Guess it is time to get rid of Sim for now at least… I have actually been playing some Dan after come back :smiley: I’d say Dan feels actually pretty good. decent footsies and great mixup game.

Planning to main him in the future. Just need to do tons of labwork after sooo long brake, but i see that Dan have some great potential.

Did u see that swedish guy against Gamerbee in Jönköping last weekend? His Dan was very solid.


So I’m in the process of trying to pick up Dhalsim. I’ve never played Sim before, never played a character like Sim, never even considered Sim when I went through the character select screen, but I decided to give him a shot and I have to say I love using him. However, I feel like there’s so much to learn! I’m hoping someone can break some things down for me. Namely…

  1. Good long-range poking buttons. I’ve primarily been using s.HP, s.MK, s.MK, and c.MP. Are there any that I’m missing? Also, I’m a bit lost as to when and why to use each normal. For instance, what makes c.MP more desirable than s.MP?

  2. How in the hell am I supposed to use his slide? I know it’s a good option for getting past a fireball and that I’m supposed to use it at the tip of its range, but in what circumstances would I want to use the slide instead of a poke?

  3. Similarly, how should I use his corkscrews? I know they’re another option for dealing with fireballs and can be used to escape the corner, but holy cow, these seem so ridiculously unsafe. It seems like anytime I use one of these, I end up losing way more damage than the other guy.

  4. What sort of situations should I be looking to use a teleport mixup? This really feels like the only opportunity I have to deal any significant damage, but I have a hard time finding spots to use it.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hey guys. Not a Sim player, but I need some Sim exp. If anyone here uses XBL. Please add me at Pangels. Or inbox me beforehand. I really need the help.



Played USF4 today. Yeah Dhalsim is pretty much done in this game. After all the slight tweaks and double hit mk buff, they’ve pretty much just put him back to his AE 2012 self. Delayed Wakeup is pretty much the only thing he has going for him in this version. What a shame.


So all the complaints about his double mk also made Capcom decide to take out his other buffs? Who’s boneheaded decision was this?


Word!? :((((((((((


Usually there’s seomeone from Capcom when there’s a test of USFIV going on, did you tell them that Dhalsim sucks? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I spoke to Dawgtanian. I basically asked him why Dhalsim isnt getting what he needs, and he just didnt have a real answer. He just didnt know why he wasnt getting real help. I think he said he attributed it to no one on the team being experienced with the character and he also said that some characters just end up bad.

One thing he said which was good was that the words I wrote about Sim last year ([forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/comment/8547589/#Comment_8547589](link to post/#Comment_8547589)) apparently made it to Combofiend and he said he thought they were good suggestions. Unfortunately none of that seems to have been taken on board, at least for the final build.


So they gave other characters buffs and kept Sim the same way because they don’t know the character? I don’t get it the game has been out for years. Sounds like a poor excuse to me.


Actually they gave some buffs and then took them away, because Dhalsim can’t afford to have a 8-2 matchup (Hugo)


So, it seems we really lost our 2hit s.MK

So in practice our real change log is something like this:

1 Huge buff (b.HP 5 frames), 4 minor buffs and 1 Huge nerf (EX Yoga Flame damage)
Well, it’s more than we’re used to since Super, so, I’ll take it =/

The most interesting change to me is b.HP becoming a 5 framer, it’s basically the go-to punisher now, because it’s the same startup as db.MP and b.MK, why would you do any of the other ones?
This also means that the close-range to-go punish (shoryuken FADC on block for instance) would be db.MP, b.HP xx MP Yoga Flame. Instead of the previous db.MP, b.MP xx LP Yoga Flame.

With that, and with s.HP getting 5 more damage and b.HK getting 10 more, it seems we’ll be doing a liiiiiiiiiiiitle more damage in the long run.
Ironnically, I think we’ll do better gainst Yun’s divekick, because my main anti air against it at close range was actually b.HP wich will now go faster.

About the EX Yoga Flame damage nerf, I really don’t see a point… 20 less damage and we get 3 less frames of recovery? The recovery is still crap… the only reason this damage reduction would make sense is if the startup was also faster enough to allow it to combo into b.LK/db.LK/d.LK, wich would give us an “okay” punish on -3 moves…

The point is, Dhalsim may not be buffed a lot, but lots of his bad matchups were nerfed and the game comes with delayed wakeup, wich will help us more than it helps the others…
I’m guessing Makoto will be our worst matchup in this version instead of Yun/Cammy, and that matchup will be almost impossible, but when you think about it, Makoto isn’t a very popular character, so I guess we’ll be kinda alright. Of course, not as alright as we were in Super, but really better than we were in AE and AE 2012.

Let’s wait and see :slight_smile:


Capcom should have never taken away the double med kick. It would have been good to counter FA abuse.


I know Dhalsim isn’t really a combo heavy character, but is there a list somewhere for his teleport combos? Trying to figure out how to do them.


The teleport combos only adds a jump-in attack to them.


In the Japanese changelog it says that after EX flame hits, a normal attack can be used as a followup attack. Hopefully with the reduced recovery time a st.hp can be used or yoga sniper. It’ll most likely be st.mp or st.mk. I really hope this just isn’t corner specific like an extra after super in the corner.

EX flame is also +2 on guard now. That’s as good as HP flame.

What really pissed me off is the renerf of b.lk. That 10 points of damage makes a huge difference.

It’d be awesome if they at least moved two hit property to d.hp. I was really looking forward to 2 hit st.mk to fight Makoto and Hakan. I would rather fight Yun or Cammy over those two any day.

St.mp change isn’t use useless. We can punish Akumas sweep with that instead of st.lk.

EDIT for source

SRK user street11 translated the changelog for Arcade Ultra to console Ultra. Just scroll down a bit. [Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread](http:// Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread)

Standing MK: 2 hits changed to 1 hit, Damage changed 40+30 -> 60, Stun changed 50+50 -> 100
b+LK: Damage changed 40->30
b+HP: Start-up changed 7->5f
EX Yoga Flame: Damage changed 70+70 -> 50+50, Recovery changed 16->13f, Advantage on block changed -1 -> +2, Can follow-up with a normal attack after hit
EX Yoga Blast: Does a hard knockdown on hit
U1: Can be used even when a Yoga Fire is active on screen