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Playing2Win confirmed that db.mp, b.mk xx ex flame, b.mk works on everyone mid screen. This can be used reset with b.mk xx back teleport for space, but I think I will use it way more for a b.mk xx lp fireball reset if it leaves enough time to anti air a jump in!:smiley:

Since it says specifically “Can follow-up with a normal attack after hit” I wonder if that means that no special moves will connect. I was hoping to be able to end corner combos in ex blast after ex flame:/

I think this could be a good buff for Dhalsim!


Sweet. That’s really good. Now that I think about it, I wonder if b.mk is the only normal that will connect. His range normals might be too slow. Either way that’s a really good buff.

In a way we got some Super damage back. His new combo possibilities can match maximum damage combos in Super.


Hmmm so you get a free juggle after EX Flame? Now the damage reduction makes sense… we have a decent -4 punish now (s.LP xx EX Flame, juggle).
We still lack a decent -3 punish (apart from b.LK or d.LK, wich can be cancelled into Super) but well, at leat rekkas wouldn’t be as annoying…


So, taking into account everything we have from both lists, then this is these are the current changes? I took the changes from 2012–>arcade Ultra and combined them with the changes from arcade Ultra–>console Ultra.

Or is this wrong?


Db.mp should still have less pushback on hit and guard. It wasn’t mentioned in the Japanese arcade to console changelog.


Turns out they really did revert the db.mp buff. So pissed off.

I am overall disappointed. The EX flame afterhit is garbage. Range normals are too slow, except st.lk, and close normals only hit at certain distances (very unreliable). It only really works in the corner.

He’s the same damn character.


SRM Chat vs CORN Alucard


Oh looks so it wasn’t standing mk the reason Hugo gets bodied. Can we have it back please. Thx


@SRM Chat vs CORN Alucard

Whaddya know, their incessant whining had little to do with what was happening on the screen.

The CapcomUnity forums are impossible. Full of entitled babies that think if Dhalsim isn’t getting a monster struggle then he’s “overpowered” and “unbalanced.”

I wish Capcom wasn’t the kind of group to be swayed by whatever the loudest opinion is, rather than just talking to the top crowd that actually know the game in and out, getting some feedback from polls, etc and just using it as a guide rather than “500 people say Ken’s j.hk should work full screen, and only 5 people said it shouldn’t. I guess we buff ken today.”


Well, damnit. I think I’m going to drop Dhalsim for good (or until Capcom gets the thumb out.) I’ll try some other characters who can zone since that interests me. Any suggestions from you guys? What’s the best character to pick going from Dhalsim? He’s really the only guy I’ve ever used so I dunno who I should try to learn.


Most zoners look pretty bad in this game. Dhalsim, Guile and Sagat all look Mid Tier or worse. Guile and Sagat were looking great at one point then Capcom shut that down quick.

Rose is gonna be my choice. Shes not a hardcore zoner like the above mentioned characters but she is rewarded for turtle/patient gameplay. Shes a great footsies character and has had her fireball game improved. Her Ultra 2 functions similarly to Dhalsims U1 in that it resets the match and gives you free space and time for decision making (provided you activate it safely).

To me she is the poster child for how to properly balance a character. Her buffs have just made her feel way more solid without making her feel cheap at all. I wish Capcom had taken this approach to the rest of the cast. Instead they chose to buff already stupid characters (Yun, Viper, Rufus, Abel, Fuerte) and nerf/leave alone characters that needed alot of help (Sim, Dee Jay, Honda).


That’s very interesting!

I’ll give her a look-see. Thanks, Cheech.


Rose and Poison are promising “zoning” character for this game.
I’m playing Hugo right now, and I always have a bad time adapting to new characters because I only played Dhalsim since Vanilla, so thing like “jumping in”, pressuring, using offensive focus etc is something that I have to learn from zero.


Sooo, what does it take to be a decent dhalsim player? I feel like being completely helpless, once the opponent gets into my space.

Is there really nothing that sim has, to escape?
Teleport sounds nice on paper but is heavy punishable except for IAT, which you cant use on wakeup.
Also teleport is absolutely useless once dhalsim is cornered. His almost unwinnable matchup (yun) just needs to land one combo and end it with lunge punch to put dhalsim in the corner, from almost everywhere on the screen Oo

I have the feeling that i throw out my normals / fireballs exclusivly at the wrong timing -_-


Mashing Super works amanzingly well, because no one respects Dhalsim.

Apart from that, hope you block and tech correctly until you find an opportunity to Teleport out (use instat air teleport).
You’ll get hit by a jab or something but it’s a good trade for escaping the corner.

And yes, Yun is unwinnable, it’s by far the worst matchup. If you want to win, you’ll have to beat or at least trade all of his divekicks. If you eat or simply block one, you’ll be dead unless they screw up.


I always found Makoto harder. She hits harder stuns faster and you cant zone her like yun.

BTW guys: I find Hugo not as easy as it sounds on paper because of his backbreaker that thing has huge range. Also his standing jabs have ridiculous range.
I played this Hugo yesterday, doing great… he hasn’t touched me 10% life left. Then Backbreaker, meaty crossup LK, Ultra 1… Im dizzy and nearly dead.


I feel the same way. I actually like fighting Yun more than any of the other worst matchups since he has low health and I personally just find his stuff easy to read and trade with, and when he gets in, well, it’s just as bad as any of the other divekickers but at least he’s easier for me to keep out. Meh, who knows, maybe it’s because I haven’t played the best of the best Yuns yet.

As for Makoto…Hell on Earth. If she’s not Sim’s agreed worst matchup, she’s at least mine. Free. All the focus dashing and the limb poking and speed…just unreal. Yoga frown :frowning:


It has been a fun ride with Sim in SF IV! Thanks everyone on the forum for the excellent mountain of info over the years!