Dhalsim in Grand Finals of SBO

Iyo made it to top 8 of the tournament with his team and Dhalsim. Quite impressive if you ask me.

Can’t wait for vids to be released to discuss.

Man, I love that.

I often wonder why Iyo’s Dhalsim is so competitive. Is it just Iyo’s playing skill? Is he using Dhalsim closer to full potential than most of us, and therefore it’s a character thing? Or is it that Dhalsim is so rarely seen that alot of players have trouble figuring him out?

My vote goes to all of the above.

I’m really excited to see how Dhalsim develops, and how the character will do a year from now in EVO/SBO/majors-in-general.

I’d like to see a different format for SBO; maybe something similar to EVO, because there’s really no true way to grasp how good a player is in SBO conditions. Supposedly Iyo had to try 11 times before he qualified for SBO. 11 TIMES!!! And the single match elimination process is googly moogly…

single match elimination, make you bring your A game straight away ;o rather than oh i understand whats happening now so i gotta play this way or counter picking nonsense