Dhalsim looking for abel players

This match-up is probably my hardest after rufus, I’m looking for a PSN abel that’s good at abel’s mixups and tricks to learn from. My PSN name is Talnius if anyone is interested

I’ll play you for $20 PayPal.


eye c wud u did dare

I play awesome Abel and chun…get at me psn name is death88wish sucka lol

Are you on WC?
Also, are you only on PSN?

I have xbox live only but would have no problem helping you out.

I am probably “just a tad above mediocre” after getting schooled by some of the other Abels on this forum recently, but I wouldn’t mind playing you. “PlinkTheLink” on PSN, new account.


ill play you, but you have to add me, im too lazy

Iam a guile player also looking for a good abel player to spar with. If anybody want to play message me saying you’re from srk.

I think it would be helpful to also post where they live, or at least what region of the US. Playing cross country wont help much at all

/thread won

ill play you hav for 20 against your abel and my sim

Bet it.

I’m a Vega player (who has recently started playing Guile as my secondary) and I’d also greatly appreciate having a great Abel to spar with. I feel I definitely need some more consistent experience with that matchup.

Why the hell do people say Dhalsim is easy for Abel to beat? He’s my only match up that annoys me cause of his long pokes. I read up on how to fight him and tried so stuff but in the end Dhalsim is still annoying. I still beat him 50% of the time but I don’t think that’s good enough.

hey, not to derail this topic or anything. but i need an EXP abel also so i can know what to do as juri. since NYC seem to be favoring him alot.

location:NYC, brooklyn

any help with this match up is greatly appreciated.

If anyone needs practice against abel add me on psn (sao_87) or xbl (markcamps87) and just let me know you want abel practice.

add me, ABEL player in NYC. message me if any1 wannna set up some matches

oh alright. i’ll definitely hit you up since you NYC.