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I’ve had some success using VSkill off the bat to intercept incoming limbs and reflecting for damage or chip. It’s not bad for an early knockdown for pressure.


Once they get wise to that they can send their fireball full screen and teleport behind you for a full combo if you try to reflect it.


This is kind of situational, but Bison’s CA is amazing at punishing Sim for using an IAT


Yeah it’s not good for yoga fire. I use it randomly against limbs.


would love to just hear about experience on this matchup from you guys…everyone early on is saying bison wins but i just dont see how its so easy, is there a button that will hit dhalsim out of every teleport?


It seems like you can reflect every single thing Dhalsim can do after a teleport other than EX Gale. Although the timing to reflect the normal Gale is slightly slower than what you would use for every other attack. If the Dhalsim player starts tossing those in, it becomes a 50/50 for both players.

If Dhalsim teleports from anywhere higher than just below Bison’s shoulder, almost all attacks after the teleport can be caught with the V-Skill fireball, and if they are in front of you, and you were holding back, keep holding back to catch them with a short scissor after the fireball hits. For teleport attacks that are too low to catch with the fireball, they are still forced to block it, which gives you frame advantage.

As far as full screen fireballs? Simply walk forward. His fireballs aren’t a threat at full screen, and you don’t reflect them.

If nothing else, neutral jumping short stops pretty much everything. Although you can’t really do anything with it afterwards.


Hmm… I’ll have to test out V-skill vs Dhalsim’s teleports. Sounds like a good tool! So far I’ve just been using st.MP on reaction to get the air reset.

Please punish slides! None of the slides are safe, even if spaced at the tip. LK slide can be punished with st.LK xx LK Scissors for easy damage and to maintain a close distance.

Alternatively you can do something like st.LK (or any light really) xx LP Psycho Blast. Get the knockdown and pressure him afterwards.


Good to know about the slides. I kept thinking he was safe and he would set me up for a grab. I’ll have to practice V-skill from the teleports. I find myself chasing dhaslim down a lot. Gets pretty annoying. Also seems like s.hk beats out a lot of his stuff


This isn’t true.
Sim can space his LK.Slide to be between -7 and -2.
His MK.Slide can be between -8 and +2.
His HK.Slide is never safe between -21 and -5.

So best use a light xx LP Blast to be safe if your not sure how negative Sim is after LK/MK slide.

I’m going try using V-Skill versus teleporting sim. I’m currently using NJ.MK when Sim throws a fireball full screen. I stuff 90% of teleports with this and get a reset as well.


I think against Sim we have to play the match up differently from nearly all other match ups.

Axe sets ups are pretty useless midscreen on Sim, he will just teleport out to safety.
Option selects are back in fashion in this match. Combo into MP.Inferno jump at him and OS dash on landing.
Off throws if Sim likes to teleport jump at him and OS slide, its not a safe jump and a smart Sim will be able to AA but you will nail him if he teleports.
If Sim blocks an Axe following a throw, don’t follow up with S.MK at range as his Slide will beat this option. Block

Axe is good in the corner. Sim has a 3 frame jab but it doesn’t hit ground opponents till frame 4, so Sim is stuck in the mix up if you corner him.

As Graham Wolfe points out, J.LK for most characters is a good low risk option to counter Yoga Gale pressure.

Against lower level Sim players you will be surprised how much just doing nothing but NJ.MK over fireballs at full screen stumps Dhalsim players.

Its really hard to NJ over EX.Fireballs and even if you can Sim can counter the NJ. For that reason I like to just negate his EX.Fireball with my own EX Fireball.


How do you throw os slide?


Me I do crLP on wake up and if they TP I do crHK


Teleport is slower now. You can succesfully OS Slide them even with Psycho Axe.

Teleport is 53f
Axe active+recovery is 3+20 = 23
Slide startup+final active is 15+10 = 25