Dhalsim owning my balrog [Video]

My friend requested me to post this video in the Dhalsim subforum aswell
So maybe other dhalsim users could learn from this


Feedback is welcome guys =D

Hey there fellow Balrog user!

I noticed that you did not EX your way through Sim’s fireballs too many times and this is a staple diet for myself verus all fireballers (apart from Akuma and his red ‘double’ fireball).

Also, when Sim teleports it’s somtimes best to just press TAP: at worst you’ll trade or he’ll miss. At best you’ll hit and be safe, and you hit a lot harder than he does).

i dont really get the point of the ex fireballs, why not save them for super?

Nice fight. I’d also save for super.

not bad!!!

charge head butts against tele happy sims that arent protected by fb, free ultra set up plus puts sim in corner

2:25 was pretty funny, you said no to that Flvl3