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This thread exists as a resource for players to meet and exchange information with players who use Dhalsim.

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Rose player looking to play a high level Dhalsim player

Hey, everyone. I’m a somewhat experienced Dhalsim player (main since vanilla day 1) and am training for Final Round. If you feel that you’re an experienced player and are interested in some Dhalsim match-up experience then please add me at Gamertag: ShawnMcCool. I play 360 only, now.


I posted in the old thread, but here I go.

I’m a Blanka player, a pretty okay one I think, but Sim just gives me fits. I’m used to controlling the pace of a match, and Sim just messes me up and I make a bunch of mistakes.

If any Sim player wants to beat me up till I can learn my spacing and everything I would really appreciate. I only play on 360 now. Gamertag: Veserius


Is there a Dhalsim that wants to play a Deejay player? Wants to learn the match-up. Bring your A-game, although I am nowhere near the best.

XBL GT: Cee Dizzy


Any good Dhalsims wanna play FT10 against my Fuerte? I’ll help you learn the matchup as we play too since I wanna make it as hard as possible for myself. You dont wanna get random’d out by a random fuerte in a tourney =) hit me up on xbl: spab rog.


Hey Guys

I’m looking for a good Dhalsim player to play. Im a pretty competent Bison on PSN (over 10k) who is looking for a high ranked Dhalsim to play (10k+ preferably) as I have been struggling against good high ranked Dhalsim’s a bit. If any of you guys need any Bison practice please feel free to add me to your PSN friends list or send me a PM with your gamertag. Im on the european PSN but have a pretty good internet connection so should be able to play most peope.

PSN Gamertag: Muirtron



Need a dhalsim to whack on because i play Cody who has terrible matchups imho haha. i play psn on weekends and my cody is around 4000BP (if thats an indicator of anything). Dhalsim is definitely one of my weakspots using ANY character so yeah i need someone to play. I live in South Texas and my internet is a little whack so southwest region is preferred.

PSN: saiferoth (just add me and put “srk” in the msg; Subs: Ryu y Bipson)


Hey Dhalsimz! (and hello everyone else!) Gen player on the prowl if there are any good sims who want to have a spar add me on XBL SylverWereWolf about 10k. Be happy to play anyone else if they want a game too! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I acquired a copy of the PS3 game temporarily. MSG me on aim (ShawnLaptop) or msg me on PSN (ShawnMcCool) if you want to get some games in.


Any East Coast/SE Sim players on XBL? I really need to work on this matchup but I can’t find anyone. :frowning:


Hey, man… It’s me. You came to Nashville at Game Galaxy and I was the Sim player. We should get some games in. I haven’t played against Rose in a good while. It was good to see you at Final Round again. Good shit on the stream.


Looking to get some Dhalsim experience with my rose.
My Psn is Devilstar22.


Definitely, just add my PSN


I main Ibuki btw


I’m looking forward to playing against a Dhalsim player. I need to learn how to deal with the matchup with Dee Jay.
My PSN is megamonk4.


If any good Dhalsim players wanna play against a Bison looking to get that experience then add me on XBL : The Final Lion and I’ll play you


Hey guys, I am fairly new to SFIV. Started out with Dhalsim and learning to play Blanka, Bison, Balrog, Guile. I want some Dhalsim practice as I am getting eaten alive on PSN. Network on their is pretty shoddy even with my 25MB connection here in Canada. I am new to the stick as well but been slugging away since August on Stick. Let me know if you’re interested in helping hone my Sim skills. PSN : Dharmaboy75


Hi Dhalsim dudes, I main evil Ryu and ANY Dhalsim player destroys me. If anyone is kind enough to kick my ass and help me out I’d appreciate it.
I play on pc. My name is jboyDominato. [edit] I’m in California.


Hey Sim playersm I play Adon and Cammy, and my cammy really needs help getting in on zoners (2 bar guile don’t really help /:). I know its in her favor, but I struggle with zoning characters of all kind. Message me if you want matches later today.


Need good sim player thats rlly good vs dudley.

pm on ThirtyfourEC


i need a good one for sagat pls message me on srk