Dhalsim Team

Hey I want to start using Sim. I also want to definitely make a team with him and Cyke, I just started using Cyke and he fits my runaway like a glove. Just curious who would be a good third and what assists to use with this team. I look forward to the advice :cybot:


There’s some more of Magnetro’s Sim DVD on his page there if you click around a bit.

SEnt or BH or Tron for my money. mabey Mag.
But there isnt any strat behind my suggestions, just what I like to use
But I think Storm(proj) Dhalsim(AAA) sent(ground) is the team suggested by magnetro. dont quote me on that though

I am leaning towards sent because hes a beast and his big defense makes up for dhalsim’s low stamina. Also thanks for the video it will definitely be used alot

If you want Sim and Cyke, I’d recommend Sent second. Team dynamics are pretty good and people are right that sent makes up for Sim’s lacking stamina. Sim should almost always be put first since he builds bar like CRAAAAAAZYYYYYY.

OK looks like I got my new team! Dhalsim Anti Air, Sent Ground, and Cyke Anti Air. If you all know any nasty tricks synergy wise with this team don’t be shy.:cybot:

In the mean time I have some Dhalsim training to start.

Check out the magnetro vids for this team.

Inferno cannot be rolled, so launch, / , d+lk,hp+cyke, slight pause, inferno aim up, (cyke bullet hits, and inferno hits), \ /, then…
hcb+hk,xx,qcf+pp (can DHC to sent, dash, launch, kill)
OTG c.lk,s.mp, / \ … AC
c.lk,xx,/ , ad d/f, lk, \ /, qcf+kk (hard)

Poke strings…
(f)c.lp,c.mp+sent-a,s.hp, sent hits, ff, s.hk, into…
qcf+kk,xx,DHC (not applicable for this team since sent is second)
TK yoga fire (lp or hp) into runaway or to cover your rush afterward so they can’t meet you in the air (don’t do this on Cable or he gets a free DHC)
xx,/ , ad f, (f)hp,hk, \ /…
xx,/ , late ad d/f, (f)hp, \ /… (know your angles vs. their tools and assists
or stuff like…
xx, TK lp fire, airdash, d+hk,xx,fly, call cyke, airdash over…
if Cyke is hitting, d+hk to land, qcf+kk
if Cyke was blocked, d+lk,mk,hk into block string or combo on hit

Sent with Cyke assist is well documented… more than anything with Sim. You can prolly find old threads with tons of stuff.
You can mixup between c.lk,s.mp,xx,qcf+lp,xx,HSF close
j.lp+cyke,mp,xx,fly, fly u/f and cross over, lk,qcf+lp, lk,mk,dp+p

Cyke may be the single best assist for Sent in this game–I certainly think so. He besides lockdowns and great combos starting from flying sent, amibiguous crossups, etc., he also gives Sent some stupid and cool looking combos like…
hk, / , lk,xx,fly, lk,qcf+lp, lk+cyke,mk,dp+p, cyke bullet hits, dp+p

Cyke assist gives Sim an easy qcf+kk if you dash under
or cyke hits from ground, dash, / , hp, ad d/f, lk, \ / then strike or extended combo
Cyke hits from very far/far gives / , (f)hk, ad f, (f)hk into pressure (may need a dash first if very far)
Cyke hits, / , ad f, ©hk, falling ©lk, \ /, qcf+kk (or d/f+hp, / , AC)

After flying screen Sim can jump forward with lp+cyke then airdash
far jumping lp will hit if they’re ducking, and combo to cyke… cyke hits from the back, and any time cyke hits you get qcf+kk free

During Cyke infinite, you can intentionally drop a set and call Sim and throw (whiff the last hit on the way down from the normal infinite so you land next to them… throws into SIM and gives d/f+hk back into infinite).

Cyke actually works better with Sent-g… to be honest, I normally use Sent-g with this team. Dhalsim doesn’t have as good of combos, but has better rushdown, and since he can’t DHC from the easy far c.lp to sent-a stuff with this team since sent himself is second, I’d recommend sent-g.

Sim rushes better with sent-g and you get a lot of cover.

If someone is super jump in, try to call sent-g and dash under with Dhalsim, then strike. If they block the drones on the way down, it pushes them into Sim and on the first frame of block recovery they are throw by the strike…,. on hit, the same happens.

call sent, hk throw backwards into the drones, then easy free qcf+kk. Sometimes you can get a guaranteed d/f+hp off this.

In the corner noogie (hcb+p), f+lp+drones,hk,hcb+lk, they land on drones, dash, d/f+hp into corner combo does massive damage (will kill for one bar and builds the bar it uses, so if you get the noogie in the corner, you will kill them, even if you started with no bar).

launch, / , hp, ad d/f, lk, \ /, call sent~hk,xx,/ \ u/f, (f)lk<mk<hp, flying screen, drones hit, -> extended combo or just normal jump, df d/f, lk, \ /, qcf+kk

call cyke and qcf+kk right before cyke hits makes cyke unblockable, BUUUT strike won’t catch. DHC right when Cyke first hits to get free HSF, dash, launch, / , …

yoga fire against an opponent coming down and strike RIGHT when they’re falling on it and the fire becomes unblockable. DHC to HSF. HSF is usually blockable because of the quick recovery from fire on hit, but sometimes you can get it to link from that unblockable fire to HSF… this is mainly applicable in the corner and when it works Sent gets a full corner combo.

(f)c.lp,c.mp,s.hp,xx,qcf+hp,xx,HSF, s.hp,xx,qcf+hp,xx,HSF stuff works…

Learn launch, / , hp, ad d/f, lk, \ /, s.hk,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp so that you can get HSF stuff… that’s gonna be damage to your DHC.

In corner Sim gets extensions on combos with… relaunch, \ /, lk,mk,d+hp,call cyke~hk, airdash down, qcf+pp aim up, \ /, then whatever you want… relaunch or s.hk,xx,flame or whatever you wanna choose.

Also, it’s important to know you angles and which assist the opponent is using.

Against Psy assist, / , ad f, (f)hp,hk angles work well because even if she hits, other than possibly cable, nobody really gets to hit you. Your attack is at least gonna put their main in blockstun, so Mag for example won’t get the time to dash in and OTG. Also if you see Psy coming out, hit d+hk as soon as you see Psy coming on to cancel to the downward drill and land to psy whiffs. Then you can push Psy with sent assist while covering their point character with Sim (actually, Cyke punish works pretty well with your team and cuts off their point character’s angles).

Against CapCom and Cyke, you want to come in RIGHT over the opponent’s head. You can use / , ad d/f, (f)lp,©hk, \ /… you can get that far lp straight over their head to push back and combo into hk… safe on block and into pressure. Psy can hit you from this, but Cyke goes under you and CapCom tends to be too far forward, too. If you see they came out you can continue your block string into c.mp+sent,c.mp. On hit you can continue that with s.lp,lk,hk to pressure. If you are using Sent-a he can pop them (especially CapCom who is back to back with Dhasim here, usually) over crouching Sim and Sim can do stuff like launch, / , d+hp,hk, call (or sent if continuing just to punish assist), airdash over to the other side, cyke hits them… you just keep hitting their assist over and over… if you caught their main jumping with blocked drones, or hit with cyke, free strike on their main, too… sometimes you can keep their main locked down while continuing to beat the hell outta their assist like this. It’s hardest against cable, but you can keep repping that 2-hit ac cyke, dash if they don’t super jump out with their main… keep hitting their assist with it. If their point tries to punish you, Sim is a master of angles. You might have to let go over their assist, but at least you can cover yourself very easily.

So anyway, knowing which attack angles to use against different assists is key or Sim will die quick (poor life).

Coming in striaght overhead seems to work better against Tron, too. far hp tends to trade with her rings (at least one ring) which is a bad trade. The far lp from overhead can potentially hit tron and stop her rings while not get Sim hit. Sim’s sweeps and slides will also stuff Tron assists that are coming in. With Cyke in your team you can also focus on tron punishing by cancelling jump-in attacks to fly and then calling Cyke to counter tron, or flying dash + cyke to get to the other side and continue to the punish string against the assist and continue to rushdown on their point, or if they point is hit by Cyke, too, drop to the ground and take your free strike.

With poking, you can poke with (f)c.lp+drones,c.mp,s.hp if blocked (to fire if you want or super jump and go in with limbs). On hit finish with standing hk so you can / , ad f, drones cover you and you have time for more free pressure or some mixups.

Sent-a gives more guaranteed damage once you catch them, but sent-g gives more cover, defense, and locks them down better to give Sim more rushdown and mixups.

My two favorite (perhaps the two best) Sim teams are:
Sim/IM/Sent-a (my main)
Sim/Sent-g/Cyke (I want to play more and improve with this team)

They play very differently, but they are both quite good.

Thanks Mura for typing all of that! I will be sure to try them out ASAP so your effort is not in vain. Also, pardon the ignorance but what do you mean by the / \ notation in your move descriptions?

When I take the time to finally nail down ironman’s exploits and learn him completely, I can’t lie that 1st team looks REAL good. And thats just from things I can think of lol.

Also not sure if your on LIVE Mura, but I would love to spar you sometime. I have no doubt you will whoop me but for me its easier to learn from seeing someone do it visually, and it looks like your the resident Dhalsim master.

/ \ is super jump… after launch just hit up, some moves are super jump cancellable, too. All of Dhalsim’s normals except for the fierce punches.

To super jump cancel you need to hit d,u AFTER the hit connects. You cannot cancel to super jump on blocked hits.

Dhalsim has the added (f) for far and © for close. / \ is super jump, and \ / is land. In normal jump I generally label them j for jumping. It’s been a few years since I really posted stuff here, so my notation is a little rusty. =P
xx, denotes a cancel of some sort.

So, e.g. (f)c.lp,s.mp, then tap d,u after s.mp hits will super jump before the second hit’s full animation is completely finished.

You can apply this with stuff like… (requires unfly mode)
(f)c.lp+sent-a<mp,xx,/ , airdash forward (sent a hits), falling ©lk, \ /, [d/f+hp, / , d+hp,hk, (f)lk<mp, \ /]xN…

That’s the Dhalsim unfly infinite starting from a far c.lp! amazing if pulled off–I need to work on my execution of that. Unfortunately Dhalsim’s life is so bad that half the time you’ve been put into unfly, you die, lol.

You only need a couple reps of it for the strike to be within killing range. On your last rep just use falling (f)lk,mk, \ /, qcf+kk… it’ll bounce them and your strike will catch them on the first recovered frame when done right. No need for a wall and is 100% starting over half the screen away!

Super jump cancelling is very important for Dhalsim to keep pressure on after connecting with strings and for some of his combos.

I’m not on live, but on PSN. I’ll try and record some matches showing some of this stuff sometime soon. =P

Keep in mind my execution isn’t what it used to be–especially with strange input and all that online, so I might have to pick out a choice few where I actually execute like I should! =) Also, with school as busy as it is, I apologize in advance if it takes me a bit of time to get something capped and put up. ^_^;

No worries thanks for the clarification

Its kind of basic but I find using sent drones and immediately after an optic sweep with Cyke works well. Also if someone is spamming lasers a la mega man iron man iceman etc… If you time it right you will duck through it completely. The majority of characters can’t trade with you like that.

Although my new fav trick is when they are in the corner cyke assist wait a sec then yoga strike. Im getting pretty good at pulling that one off lately.

Update this team is now scrub proof and about 50/50 at taking out OK players

For me the biggest problem is Psylocke/Capcom assists they are wrecking me

If I remember right dash lp+drones,lk,mp,hk,hk,hcb+k, (drones hit) qcf+lp,xx,qcf+kk works with Cyke.

Also, for pressuring, you can normal jump, d+hk+drones, double jump over, d+hk, drones hit from back… on hit you get combo, and on block the drones cover you for some pressure and you can throw a low in, too. I think you can normal jump d+lk for an instant overhead when you land, as well.

So, expanding on that, you can do stuff like hp, hp+drones, hp, hp, run in, jump d+hk, call drones again and double jump over, d+hk, land, drones are coming from back, mixup between c.lk and j.d+lk (after which you can double jump stright up, drones push them under, come down on the other side with d+hk… etc.) If you can catch them jumping out of bullets, you can qcf+hp to knock them down into the drones and at the least give you a couple more bullets, etc.

You have to be careful with this against them if they have certain AAA, though. In some cases you can keep it tight enough to keep them from jumping out easily, but not tight enough to keep Psy AAA from catching you (they can’t call when in full guardstun).

I am getting much better at breaking their guard but am having trouble connecting with his launcher. Does he only have the one pseudo chop punch?

Right now I am only doing any real damage through mix ups and poking with an occasional DHC from a sweepxxyoga firexxHSFxxSOB. Any tips for incorporating the launcher in without assists? I would like to be able to still be a threat with Sim comboing and such even without an ally.

Also thanks for the help again Mura with all this advice/videos I am improving much faster!

Sim can still be a threat without assists, but less of one. Assists help him in layer and covering himself, and with damage.

With (f)c.lp for example, as himself the best your gonna get is c(f)c.lp,s.mk,s.hk,xx,TK hp fire, airdash forward, come down with hp or whatever…

A little damage and a fire to cover over their heads, but hardly safe against cable and you can eat a lot of assists going in.

As I mentioned before, when in unfly with Sent-a, he can start his infinite and do 100% damage from (f)c.lp.

You will need to work on launch, \ /, hp, ad d/f, late lk, \ /
Once you get good at that…
… ©s.hk,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp (leads to DHC for heavy damage)
… qcf+kk (over half life for this combo)
… d/f+hp, / \ AC

In a lot of cases Dhalsim can take them to the wall, falling (f)hk for flying screen, dash OTG s.lk,s.mk,s.hk,xx,/ , airdash forward (f)lk,mp,hk, \ /, jump forward, lk,d+mk,hk, \ /, qcf+kk
… Dhalsim’s solo damage opportunities go way up in the corner.

Get used to his unfly infinite–this is his best solo damage (you can kill them if they random tag)…
d/f+hp, / , hp, ad d/f, late lk, \ /, [d/f+hp, / , d+hp,hk, (f)lk<mp, \ /]xN
At the corner you can switch up to
[d/f+hp, / , d+hp,hk, ©lk,hk, \ /]xN

Finish with a Strike from that in the corner when they’re within killable range (50 damage from strike)

Mid stage to finish with a strike from infinite, instead of (f)lk<mp on your way down, use (f)lk,mk, \ /, qcf+kk. It’ll bounce them up so the strike catches.

To get REALLY good damage opportunities with Sim and no assist, you’re gonna need to get good at corner stuff and unfly stuff–his damage really is a lot better with unfly combos (since they’ll be 100% damage as long as you have a fresh unfly).

For starting/easy stuff, get used to…
d/f+hp, \ /, hp, ad d/f, late lk, \ /, qcf+kk. Still over half life.

Also, he only has one true launcher, but it can be done two ways. You can It’s his close standing medium punch, meaning you can do it as the second hit in a string (c.lk,s.mp), or you can do it solo with d/f+hp so that you don’t have to throw a jab/short out before it.

**Day 2 with the team and things are going great I probably won a bit over 80% of my matches and some of the players were actually decent. Also got some absolutely lovely hate mail from a few people which always makes me feel good :slight_smile: Though to be fair it was more my Cyke they did not like.

Next up on my Dhalsim to do list is all of these combos your giving me. So far I have only really incorporated one of them into my offense with any consistency and thats no good especially when you already wrote them out for me!

It should make you feel good Mura that 3 people I spar on live with refuse to play in my lobby if I use this team. If it was not for your tips I would still be trying to figure out what Dhalsim’s jumping super actually does lol**

Since posting a lot of this, I’m starting to use this team more as well. It’s really interesting. I can’t take as much off a single hit as with my other team, but rushing is tighter with the drones, and it’s much more defensive overall. I had 3 Yoga strikes in one match. I think I can get more =). My Dhalsim OCVs people a lot more with this team, though. The other team focuses so much on the DHC that once the bars are in place and a hit lands on a particularly difficult opponent char (or guardbreak midscreen), Sim is out to burn that char/assist and Sent has to clean things up.

BTW, I miswrote the combo with Sent drones earlier with Cyke…
dash lp+drones,lk,hk,hcb+hk, drones hit, qcf+lp,xx,qcf+kk

One thing that my other team lacks is a true anti-air. The most the other team has is call IM and jump forward and block. With this team, if they’re a bit in front, Cyke is great, especially with the invincible startup. If they like to come in directly overhead, you can call drones and dash then strike, catching them whether they blocked the drones or got hit by them. =) So nice…

I just realized, though… I can’t record any of my stuff until I get some sort of splitter or unless there’s a program I can run on my PS3 to make a recording. Unfortunately I can’t put the signal out to composite and HD–I have to pick one or the other. My capture card has too much lag to play through. =x

Hey no worries on the video you have done so much already to help me. I actually just ordered a small hd video camera so I will try and start taping my matches for critiquing purposes in a few weeks, I play on a big HD TV so it should be crystal clear I hope. It’s also great knowing there’s another pair of eyes on this team to find some exploits that it can pull off I think it has a ton of potential. Here are some things I found.

Also I am sure you knew about it already, but this team has a great DHC that can go for 50% consistent and with some luck nearly 100% depending on how it hits. Here’s how it goes…

-You quick sweep with crouching HK then immediately cancel to Yoga Fire special. Cancel that to Hyper Sentinel Force and do your best to juggle for extra hits after the special. That includes canceling mouth lasers into rocket punches and hopefully another Hyper Sentinel Force. (Don’t be greedy! cancel into cyke earlier if the drones don’t knock em high enough.) Then Finally cancel into whichever Cyke Hyper Beam you can hit them with. Also if they are in a corner don’t cancel into cyke just launch them with sentinel launcher into an air combo.

The thing I love about this move is there is no penalty if you mess up the sweep, it has almost no recovery time. Also even good players will get caught by his sweep now and then so it gives you a bit of a break against them.

-Also a lovely tip for punishing Capcom assist is as follows, first draw him out. Then if the opponent is not gonna rush you or tag you with a super hit capcom with a crouching lp,lp,hp combo. While not flashy damage it is safe if the opponent stands back, and it will give him a lot of red damage if Capcom gets thrown out alot stupidly.

-If the opponent is baiting a Capcom assist to rush you afterwards say with Cammy, I watch for their charge and simultaneously slide with Dhalsim and throw out my cyke assist. With rushing characters like her and Jill I am all too content to play safe and not push my luck.

-If the team you are facing has no anti air on it at all just fly above them with Sim or Sent and poke em all day. If they get uppety use Cyke assist to put them down again. Its not likely this will happen, but abuse it like hell if you get this advantage.

I realize this stuff is way more basic than those awesome combos but it has helped me a lot nonetheless

Update Played an excellent MSP team 10 times yesterday and while he beat me everytime, I don’t think it was easy on him lol. I had his Storm down to less than a quarter health 3 different matches but I just could not finish the job :frowning: It sucks because Magnetos don’t scare me at all, its just that bitch Psylocke! I am always shocked when she pops out even when I have his point character Mags or Storm completely locked down even with my specials. I really got to learn how to take her out so I can have a fighting chance against Storm later in a match.

Man Cable and anti air is absolutely killing me right now!