Dhalsim Thread



Soooooooo… Idk if there is a Dhalsim thread yet, but here it is.


Chracter History:

Dhalsim made his debut in the originalStreet Fighter IIas one of the game’s original eight main characters. In his backstory, Dhalsim is characterized as a pacifistwho goes against his beliefs by entering the World Warrior tournament to raise money for his village. In his ending, Dhalsim wins the tournament and returns home on his elephant Kodal. Three years later, Dhalsim’s son, Datta, discovers a photograph of his father from the tournament.

First Impressions:

He seems like he is somewhat of an annoying character. He has TK teleports to help him mix-up. His combos are short, basic and they look like they hurt like a bitch. His juggles after a tag in combo are pretty straight to the point. Etc.

He has long limbs and specializes in ranged combat.

He looks slow and probably gets blown up by anybody not named Hugo.


I haven’t see much Dhalsim play. If you got more videos of Dhalsim, please post them.

Reveal video:

Dhalsim gameplay at 3:00 mins till the end:

Move list (all out of assumption):

Yoga Fire- QCF+P
Yoga Flame- HCB+P
Yoga Blast- HCB+K
Yoga Tower- D+PPP
Yoga Teleport- DP+PPP/KKK

Super Arts

Yoga Inferno ( HCB+:3p:)
Yoga Volcano ( HCB+:3k:)

[LEFT]Some notes/observations about Sim[/LEFT]

Shoutouts to Dev, Doopliss and ShadowNinja64 for info


Super Arts are Yoga Inferno ( :qcf:+:3p:) and Yoga Volcano ( :qcf:+:3k:) which is an upwards version of Inferno.


I might play him cuz this game will probably be much faster than sf4, and I like chars with reach.


One thing worth noting is that they changed how his far and close normals work. In previous games, neutral on the joystick plus a button got you the far version of the normal, whereas back plus a button got the close version. In SFxT they’ve changed it around so that you only get the far version of his normals by holding forward (or down/forward) and pressing the button.

Also, he cannot chain the far versions of his normals.


Edited. Thank you


Yoga Blast is in, and is super-chargable to Yoga Volcano. And d3v, sure it’s QCF and not HCB?





I’m excited to see this dude’s potential. It’ll be fun figuring out ways to full screen juggle. Most likely he’ll keep relative frames on stuff like st.hk which means he likely won’t be able to do it on his own unless he trades. So you might have to tag cancel it into something like hk tatsu or spiral arrow, and trying to figure out max damage for that will be interesting. I’d like to see him have enough time to juggle after b.hk or even upflame. I’m excited for people to think that you can full screen tag safely against sim. I’m just excited.


Dhalsim’s been my boy since II so I will play him here. Probably team him with Yoshimitsu.


I can’t wait to use him in SFxT!


I predict Dhalsim is going to be a strong character in this game.


At first I don’t like him in this game but if he is a great surprise like in mvc2 he’s welcome.



I think Dhalsim will be smack dab in the middle like he has always been in the fighting games he was in. I don’t remember when this guy was absolute lowtier.


He has TWO super arts?


Yeah that’s weird. Got footage of both?


It’s the same damn Super Art, the second one just aims the flame upward.


I had some time with Dhalsim today and I’ll try to write down some of my thoughts.

Overall feel:
Dhalsim seem to be pretty strong in this game, since he has a more options when he is trapped in the corner: He can roll out after a knockdown and he can alpha counter. Also, his raw ground teleport seemed to have less recovery for me, but I am not sure about this. He also seem to be doing better when it comes to pressuring the opponent himself, which I will come back to.

Normals: As has been mentioned, his stretchy normals are all command normals now. This is really annoying as I am used to his sf4 version, but I guess I’ll get used to it! This also leaves Dhalsim’s yoga sniper nerfed. You can still do it by jumping back/up, and immediately pressing forward + FP, but it seems to be way harder to hit with, and it’s easy to get mummy in the air (down-forward+FP=mummy).

As for his anti airs, back/neutral mp seems to be his go to normal anti air now. It seems to have a better hitbox infront of Dhalsim and you can cancel it into yoga fire that will juggle the opponent, and probably juggle with super too. You can also anti air with mp and juggle with dhalsim’s slide sweep. Be careful to delay this slightly though, as you will get dhalsim’s short version sweep if you are too fast, because mp chains into the short sweep.

The yoga knee, that was godlike in sf4, doesnt seem to be as good anymore. It was beaten cleanly on several occasions from ranges that should be really good for dhalsim. This might be because of the other character’s jump in normal that was very good, but this also seems to be the case for a lot of the cast (especially the tekken cast): They have a lot of air normals with tons of active frames and beastly priority. You are able to juggle with slide (mk or sk) after anti airing with hk knee, but I didnt test if you could cancel the slide into flamo or fire and juggle (this brings me to the next point)

Dhalsim’s stretchy roundhouse is ok in this version, but seems to have less active frames and range, and doesn’t seem to be as good for pre emptive anti airs anymore. You can anti air with it juggle with standing mp though, so that is fun:P

Dhalsim’s standing FP, seems to go under certain fireballs now, so it might be even better in a fireball war now!

All you guys that played Dhalsim in sf4 will be very happy to hear that his short slide is veeery good now!! You know how annoying it is to do short slide to fire or flame, only to have it not come out because you are too far away to cancel? Well, now you are able to cancel the slide to fire or flame from max distance!:smiley: Also, dhalsim’s heavy flame seems to come out much faster, so short slide to heavy flame is a good trick once in a while. I dont think slide comboes to flame or fire in this game either though, but I didn’t test it very well, so I might be wrong (short slide counterhit comboes to ex flame though).

Yoga Tower is in this version too, and the only difference I could notice is that it now has more startup before it can dodge fireballs. This makes fireball wars harder for dhalsim, but if his standing FP goes under all fireballs, this might be a good trade (I need to test this better)

Special moves:
Yoga fires seem to be about the same as sf4 (ex travels full screen)
Yoga flames seem to work the same too, but you can charge them until super. Also hp flame seem to come out faster.
Yoga blasts seem to be much the same too, and they seem to be pretty useless as anti airs still (except for the ex blast, that seem to be even better than in sf4, but doesn’t cause hard knock down anymore). You can also charge the blasts until super, but it still really hard to anti air with them, even with the light version.

His teleports seem to be very similar to sf4 too, but the recovery on ground teleports seem to be slightly faster, and it seems to be harder to get LIAT’s (low instant air teleports)

His drills and mummy seems to be very similar too, and they are punishable if you don’t hit around the ankle area of the opponent.

Dhalsim’s front throw seem to be the same as sf4, but his back through throws the opponent farther away. This is good if you need to tag in your other character, but you can’t do the fireball -> FP trick to punish the opponent for trying to jump over the fireball anymore:(

I didn’t like his supers tbh. the anti air super seem to have about 5-6 frames of startup and does minamal damage. The normal super can’t be comboed after flame anymore (I think) so you have to go straight from air hp->b.mk->super now (BnB). I’d rather save the meter for your other character or for alpha counters or even limbs-> tag (you can press tag(focus) as you hit(makes the opponent block)with a stretchy limb to send in your other character pretty safely for one meter)

That is all I can think of at the moment. Please leave questions if you want to know anything specific, and I will do my best to answer!

PS: I only used the pre set defencive gems for dhalsim, and they seemed to be very good for him!


Standing fierce going under fireballs is niiiiice


More Dhalsim play today, and I’ll try to write down some thoughts, even though I don’t have them organized in my head as i start writing:

Dhalsim’s normals are way worse for anti airing than in SF4. They seems to be particularly bad against tekken characters, because they have amazing properties and active frames in the air. Dhalsim is still pretty good against sf characters, but seems “meh” even against them. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I think b.mp is his best anti air normal now, and I could juggle ppl into mp flame (on counterhit?)

I feel like a lot of characters has fast and short jump arcs too, which makes it hard to anti air for dhalsim. You can’t trip guard with sweep slide most of the time (atleast against tekken chars) because they have normals with active frames almost til they hit the ground, so sweep gets blown up.

The Cross arts super (both characters) is really fast, so Dhalsim can use short slide and buffer in to cross arts as an OS for major damage. Be carefull though, as dhalsim’s short slide can be canceled at any length, so make sure not to hit your opponent even with a toe (if he is blocking) if you want the OS to work.

EDIT: I just had an idea. I am using Hwoarang as my second char, and he has ex hunting hawk that is a great wallbounce move. I have noticed that a lot of characters has super arts with long animation, while dhalim’s supers are very short lasting. Now, my thoughts were the following:
If I can hitconfirm into hwoarangs ex hunting hawk, and as the opponent is bouncing of the wall, activate pandora mode, dhalsim will come in with infinite meter. Remember how dhalsim could juggle opponents with super, infinitly in training mode in sf4? Now imagin if dhalsim can get the pandora boost and do the same? I imagin dhalsim could pull of 3 or 4 supers in a row before he dies from pandora. Might be enough to kill a character with quite a lot of life. Will test today or tomorrow!:slight_smile:

PS: feel free to ask me to test stuff with Dhalsim. Kinda sad that nearly noone cares about Dhalsim, but I can kinda see why. Zoning won’t make Dhalsim top tier in this game. We will have to find some damaging comboes/team synergy/set ups with him to keep him up there IMO.


I care!

what about speed gems? sim with a decent walkspeed should be good IMO
still hope to team him up with blanka…