Dhalsim tri jump?

How do you make htis work?, whenever i try to tri jump i either get one of the diving moves and get hit or i get a really short kick, is there any way to do a trijump with range?

i like sim in the other games but in this one i just can’t seem to make it work.

if you tri-jump low, use lk… you can combo c.lk offa it just fine.

If you tri-jump a little higher, you can use HK… this HK range works fine with the far version, too.

when tri-jumping, make sure you let go of down before you hit the button (otherwise you get the drill)…

though if rushing, you can mixup between tri-jump lk, and tri-jump to whiff drill (cancels and you hit the ground), into either c.lk and combo, or noogie and combo… works best if they don’t have an AAA assist to mash… also, if you get the throw, assists can’t hit you while in throw animation. =) … you now have a overhead/low/throw mixup.


dhalsim is fun, thanks murakumo, any general strats to share?

Usually you want AAA assist if they rush down.

If they have no good aaa, you can rush down. If they do, try to zone with his longer hits…

the stuff in my combo vids mostly comes offa stuff from close range, right? but if they have AAA, you can’t just rush down… either go for it after baiting assist or something, or do something like… when hitting, c.lp+storm,c.mp,s.hk,xx,/ , airdash forward, hp, \ /… you can do the same with Sent drones (but storm helps cut through their assist if they call one, too). The assist and hp are not part of the combo, but allow you to come in close and follow with something… if Storm does hit, your hp connects and you can finish to combo. Or you can get some combos offa far c.lp+Sent-a<s.mp,xx,/ , airdash forward, d+lk,mp, \ /, then either qcf+kk, or hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp

my main teams are…

Sim/Cable/Sent-A,G (far c.lp+3 bars = near death… Sim is good assist for Cable)
Sim/Storm/Sent-A (for combos and against non-rushdown)
Sim/Sent-A/CapCom (against rushdown)

A lot of people like the Sim ground assist, I myself prefer Sim AAA.

Umm… I guess that’s a rundown on teams and stuff. Sim CAN be top tier… some teams look slike they rip through him be default, but the right assist can also counter that (I always thought Sim+2 top tier = good Sim team, but I found Sim/Sent-a/CapCom was by far my best for dealing with rushdown.

A lot of Sim’s game agaist people trying to rush is to stay airborne. If they land where you are, they can follow and rush, right? But sim has longer limbs… coming down, he can effectively strike at like 1/2 the screen. Keep positioning ranged, try and land with hp or something at far distance, then the long strings+assist if applicable, if drones or storm, maybe another string or small rush (dependant upon their team too), then take to the skies again if they get to close or you can’t range them anymore. You shouldn’t have to risk CapCom as much since unlike using someone like Storm, when they can’t hit you, you can still often hit them. Feels almost like a really good Cable with CapCom assist… annoying. =)


nice take on it, i guess i see what you mean.

i mean with sims long limbs , against someone such as psylocke or capcom that becomes a liabilty.

it’s always seemed like a shame that i can’t tri jump with those long limbs. It seems to me it would be easier to tri jump with lp since it is the only button that does not turn into a dive.

but it also has the least range close up.

it seems real cool that he can keep away , rush down, zone.

he doesn’t seem to take damage all that bad, i think if you keep this stuff up you may make dhalsim give storm a run for her money as best all arounder (although i think cyclops should get that :P)

thanks for the strats man,

good luck with this char

  • Jin

You CAN tri-jump with stretchy limbs. You just have to still be far enough away during the trijump to have stretchy stuff come out.
Mainly, doing a backward trijump with HK will give you the stretchy version. It’s very good as a keepaway maneuver, since the landing gets rid of the recovery time on the HK.

You can’t do as many combos off of it, though. Mainly just 3 hit chain into a frame kill. Unless you Sent-A that shit.

EDIT: Also, if you use a projectile based rush, you can use some stretchy stuff like (call assist that covers), TK Yoga Fire, sj.hp XX airdash wherever.

flying (far)hp,xx,unfly, (far)lk,hk, \ /, dash, far c.lp+sent-a<s.mp,xx,/ , airdash forward, d+lk,mp, \ /, finish combo one of many ways… = dumbest looking thing ever.

Hahaha, wow… I’ve made both Dhalsim fastfly and unfly combos!



how do you do dhalsims long air combo?

mid screen?

c.lk,s.mp, / . hp, airdash s/f , d+lk,mp, \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b (close)lk, (far),lk,mk,hk

thanx man.:tup:


whats the best assist to use with Sim?

ghetto sim combo - call storm proj. sj airdash straight sj.hp, sj.hk land dash in launch hp airdash down sj.lp land Yoga Strike

i think thats it?