Dhalsim Ultra 2 ( Shangrila )



Hey Guys , how is every one

i wanted to make a thread dedicated to Ultra 2 , i dont know if this has been made before

i have been using this Ultra for the last 2 weeks, and i was amazed by the possibilities of this Ultra combo, you can punish so many things that you couldnt with Ultra 1 and it deals good damage, and its a perfect anti air.

so this thread is for us to share way of using it more and more , and to know exactly when to use it and what you can punish and what you cant.

i would give some examples

some empty jumps you can punish , which you couldnt with Ultra 1 they were blocked
you can punish neutral jumps ( lets say after a yoga fire your opponent neutral jump the ultra here is 100% guarnteed )
you can punish wiff shoryukens you couldnt do that from a long distance with Ultra 1
you can punish wiff air Tatsu
you can punish zangief lariat (think of possibilities to escape from the corner here)
you can punish fireballs on reaction (its not so easy you must have a good reactions)
and many many more…

i am currently making a video with almost all important ways to use this Ultra and some setups also

my friends say that after started using this Ultra they feel like the matchup with Dhalsim have slightly changed. and the more i use this ultra the more things i discover .
its really amazing tool for Dhalsim now that Dhalsim match up is exposed and his Ultra 1 setups/mixups are exposed even n00bs know how to deal with it .

i would like to see how you guys use this ultra and things you have discovered and ways to punish a character specific moves, or any new setups

i am really taking this ultra seriously and i will keep searching it and i will update this thread each time i find something :slight_smile:


Well, you basically can punish anything that leaves the opponent at -9 (or -11?? forgot) :stuck_out_tongue:


There is thread for this ultra but it is old, it might not even be for 2012.

I really like this ultra against fireball throwers, especially after learning that you can qcf qcf up-forward PPP and it comes out instantly.


we are not talking about punish on block only situations
this ultra has more options than you can imagine , i will try to finish with the video soon and you will understand what i mean


In general, Ultra 2 it has so many more uses than Ultra 1. One nice thing in particular, though, is you can just throw it out as a f-you every now and then against high pressure players when you are cornered or on wakeup.

A few of the offensive setups I use with it: After a max range medium slide, after a meaty fierce drill, after a Super (blocked), after a meaty fierce Yoga Flame (blocked). Against players who jab you out of the instant air teleports - do iat then wait a split second before doing it, and you can catch them mid attack. Against people who neutral jump too much, throw a slow fireball then do a medium slide and maybe a quick slide followed by u2 to AA their jump. If you think they will jump back vs fireball, do a iat in front and higher off the ground than normal followed by u2 to AA. If you think they will jump forward over the fireball, iat behind and you can AA with u2.

I could probably write a book on this ultra. There’s so many situational things you can do with it.


You might want to check the old thread. There is already pretty extensive discussion on it there. Better to merge new findings into it rather than reinvent the wheel.

Most of us experimented with it really heavily when super first dropped. I favor it heavily in many matchups.