Dhalsim unblockable?

I was watching the DJ-B13 dhalsim (# 35) vid on youtube and the last two combos show the dhalsim unblockable.

What exactly is the unblockable? It looks like the Yoga strike > DHC, but im not positive.



because the Yoga Strike Dhc doesn’t cause block stun, if you do Yoga Strike Dhc Proton cannon, it becomes unblockable, but you have to do it withen a 2-3 frame cancel.

For Unblockable assist, the rule is that it has to be a fast hitting assist, same as 2-3 frame hit like cyc AAA, cammy AAA, psy AAA. if you get the chance when you knock them down, and your close, call your assist before they get up so that it becomes meaty on wake up, but do yoga strike 2-3 frames when they wake up, the Assist becomes unblockable.

then you can dhc to something, this works well with Sentinel HSF dhc after the Assist unblockable.

Also fire and xx to strike and DHC makes fire unblockable for some reason… but only if they drop onto it, so I’m guessing it fucks up the hitbox or something. This won’t work with instant supers it seems.

Basically, in corner after you kill someone you dash back, qcf+lp late cancel to strike, and right before the next character lands on fire, DHC to HSF… fire becomes unblockable and then HSF combos… dash launch gg. Works with hail, too.