Dhalsim users are noobs?

I juz played this zangief in an arcade who rly couldnt get in on my dhalsim. he was happily on a 8 win streak b4 i took him down in 2 straight rounds. He got so frustrated he smashed the buttons and left saying ‘‘dhalsim users are noobs. All they could do is juz to press the fierce button.’’ Have you guys met with such criticism b4 when using dhalsim?

I have. I can’t remember whom he was playing as, but I effectively kept my opponent out of range between fireballs, knees, and teleports and afterwards I received a message stating something along the lines of “Dhalsim is the easiest character in the game to play as”.

I invited him to a private player match afterward in order for him to prove his own statement (I agreed to use a character of his choosing), and he promptly refused.

My reply message was, “Welcome to SFIV.” I couldn’t be mad at a guy like that.

so many gief on psn said that too lol. gief with 36k bp (anacondaq000) always avoid me on championship and said my sim suck lol

yeah there are always gonna be haters, but hey, the ladies love the stretch right :wink:

That’s right son!


I don’t play with Dhalsim but Dhalsim-users are definitely not noobs. If you’re playing against a Dhalsim then you know that that Dhalsim-user must know what he’s doing and what’s goin’ on. I rarely ever play Dhalsim’s both online and offline but everytime I play one, they’re usually very experienced players.

Yeah, it’s not unusual to get messages of the “fight-like-a-man” sort. What those idiots don’t get, is that Dhalsim has absolutely no chance against Gief upclose. Perhaps that’s what they want


wy do i have the feeling that you really spammed that fierce

nothing wrong with that it if kept working on him

If you don’t press fierce 100 times in a gief match, then you’re a noob.

gieffs always lariat my fierce p=/

Your mind must expand, it must be you that fierces the lariat.

yeah, gets pretty scary tho wen they short jump use the super man punch and stamp on my limbs =/, if they get in on me once they pretty much know i wanna keep away even more =x >.<

I main Dhalsim and I would say he’s one of the easiercharacters to use. Just as many mindgames as everyone else - any need for hard comboes.

I get the same crap from Giefs when I use Akuma. Yeah, a real man would just get right in his face, despite the fact his ultra does almost 80% and goes through all my moves, lariat goes through most of my moves, you can grab me out of anything…

but arguing with these idiots is pointless, not like you can convince them.

I also get messages in the Live calling me cheap, telling me to fight like a man, and usually comes from gief players…

funny that they begin the fight jumping back :smiley:

but that’s dha’s fighting style… to evade and to do zonning game

sim sucks

you suck

was i referring to you, NO i was talking about the character. but you probably are terrible. :slight_smile:

I suck.

Sim is pretty GDLK though.